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April 29th 2009
Published: April 29th 2009
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for the comments! And I'm really sorry about the pictures but its not that easy to upload them as my files are huge and there is no way to convert them and bla bla bla....! But yeah i am having a great time spending one more day on Ko Lipe and then moving to another Island Basically starting all way south and gonna island hop our way up! Sounds fun ey? Anyways its gorgeous here everything is magical except for the mosquitos which just hover around you waiting for the insect repellent to wear off haha! Anyways thats it from me! Love you all! xxxxxxx


29th April 2009

Ko Lipe
Ko Lipe sounds amazing. No worries about the pictures, just keep us updated and send me that number! I know you're probably sick of hearing this but do watch out for the swine flu. Wash your hands, avoid crowds if possible and do buy a mask if you can. It's spreading fast. x
29th April 2009

hippedy hoppin
Sounds fantastic, But u cudn't be more vague If u're not gonna upload pictures at least describe more what you've been seeing, DOn't u have like a billion little stories to share...like stories about monkey's drinking from your cocktails or how you fell into a pile of elephant turd? Come on get a lil' more colorful will ya But that hoppin thing sounds great, what are the places like u're staying in? miss u love u lots xx

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