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May 23rd 2009
Published: May 23rd 2009
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Hey so now in Chiang Mai been here for a couple days and must say its the city i prefer so far, its more easy going and also its very pretty! Yesterday we rented a taxi for a day it cost us 15 pounds each but its great because you choose where you want to go, you have an AC taxi and the taxi waits while you visit the places and there are no time constraints. So we set off with a plan to visit the queens botanical gardens, the orchid farms and the butterfly farms turns out we came in the wrong season so the orchids weren't really in bloom and there were no butterflies which is weird cause there are loads in the wild! Anyways still got to see the largest and the smallest orchids in the world and quite a few different breeds =) Anyways when we finished that we still had plenty of time so we decided to go to a temple which is up in the mountains, the location of the temple was decided through the sacrifice of an elephant, the king said the temple would be built wherever the elephant died and basically thats it. The view from the temple is absolutely amazing it is so high up you have a view of all of Chiang Mai super super cool! Anyways thats all we did, we then ate off one of the street stalls which is where you find the best food ( go where the locals eat 😉 ) Anyways thats it for now xx


23rd May 2009

This is great!!
Btw I studied the cameras and can now give you a hand when you have time ;) Bisous, Michael
25th May 2009

What's the weather like?
Sounds great. Good idea getting the whole-day taxi. You finding the weather easy this time of year? Heard from dad that just further up (in China) the weather was super-humid and uncomfortable. What's it like there?
25th May 2009

Hey! Yeah the climate is really hot and humid and quite horrible sometimes especially when trying to concentrate on taking pictures. We are completly wet within mins of getting outside! But its cool in some way just because of all the trees plants and animals that live in this type of climate! Bisous
26th May 2009

That Taxi thing sounds cool, lucky it's got A.C seeing as how uncomfortable the weather is. TOo bad u were there for the wrong season but that temple sounds beautiful..too bad an elephant had to die for it. Mucho love X.x

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