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Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an July 17th 2018

Rano problem opat najst neake ranajky v okoli. Tak som zas obehol cely blok a nakonec skoncil v 711, kde kupujem po dlhej dobe jogurt a k nemu banan. Vsetko zjedene v lobby, kde su dva tv. Ludia oproti minulajsku su tu neni az taky druzny. Prakticky som zatial neprehodil s nikym ani slovo. Akurat som tu videl chalana z irska co bol v predoslom hosteli v shilin. Ale tez moc druzny neni tak ako minule. Clovek fakt musi opustit taipei aby nasol priatelskejsich ludi. Dnesny plan ist do parku Daan. Podla ludi z predosleho hostela vraj parada. Mam na vyber pesi abo mrt. Vyberam si prvu moznost. Ide sa vyklenkami v budovach tak tien je, inak slnko pece a je okolo 35C. Prichadzam do parku, tak teda prvy dojem nic moc. Slabucky park, dost veci ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an March 11th 2018

I always tell people that China is my birth mother because I was born in Shanghai, Taiwan is my adopted mother because I grew up there from kindergarten through college. USA, on the other hand, is my mother-in-law since that is where I married ray and raised a family. I took both LL and DD to Taiwan several times when they were young to visit my parents. Their fondest memories, in addition to the love of Gong Gong and Po Po, were all the delicious foods they ate, especially in the night market. Now that Kaanan (61/2) and Kavi (4 1/2) are old enough to travel long distance, my whole family is going to Taiwan to celebrate DD's big birthday and to share my childhood home with grandchildren. We will see my old hometown through the ... read more
Kindergarten girl
4 year old
With my Mom and brother Kelchen

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an March 8th 2015

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an March 8th 2015

We have had a lovely time spent here in Taiwan. And seen some amazing things and ate them too. We have enjoyed living quite normal. We are known locally as every one wants to practice their english, and are very curious. Letting us know the local delicacy and were to buy them from. We have learned that if their is a queue for food get in that queue as it will be very good. We have travelled south east to Jiufen to the old street, wandered around, sampling the regions food such as stinky tofu, which is just a horrible smell like rotten socks but much worse much worse.potato and taro balls in a soup. Taiwanese take on peanut brittle. Shaved peanut brittle with ice cream wrapped up in a crepe. Then on to Jinguashi, which ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 25th 2015

Well Folks before I start this weeks blog...........I would just like to say to you all just how we are so happy that everyone weathered cyclone Marcia. I know every one would have some kind of damage and I also know just how terrifying it would have been, we were with you all that day. We had our own cyclone day, feeling helpless and worrying about you all. Its been nice to read Face Book to see that slowly the electricity is being restored and things. It's good to know hat slowly things are returning to normal. Yeppoon community is strong and I am sure it will take a long time to rebuild life's as well as homes. But it will happen and it will be more beautiful place to live. We travelled to Donsol from ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 25th 2015

Our latest map, not weekly now, only when we do it ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 23rd 2015

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 6th 2015

Welcome! So.... I finally had the time to get this up and running so here it is. I will post here as often as I find time for and am able to, figured this might be a good way to share my experiences and look back on them, whilst not taking up everyone's Facebook news feed and the people that are interested can read this. The first month has been great... WOW!! I just typed the first month, already the time has flown! I have been busy while here and I am pretty well settled finally.. I have an apartment and my room is put together and looks kind of like home now. Put one on the board for me. Next line of business, is beginning work; still two weeks out from the start of training ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an December 3rd 2011

GOBBLE GOBBLE ‘MURIKA! Late happy Thanksgiving(Gan’En Jie) everyone! Last time I celebrated a national holiday overseas (4th of July) I went all out by studying Chinese non-stop. We’ll have to see if I get Thanksgiving right or not. Reviewing last week, I battled sleep depression, educated the world on the best president in US history (Teddy Roosevelt – LuoSiFu), and started learning Korean! Alright, lets see how I followed it up. Nov 23rd: Yup, next to no sleep, which meant me being basically useless in Chinese, and lucky to be sitting upright in Chinese Philosophy, a class I’m not really getting anything out of anymore. I then went to the hospital and got my medical forms for my visa – and to no ones surprise, I didn’t have HIV (which I mention because me not having ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an November 22nd 2011

Hello everybody, so last time I posted on my weekly blogs, I educated my friend on higher comedy, I went to war with mosquitos, and my sleep schedule got all out of whack (spoiler alert, that didn’t change this week!). So while I’m high riding the sleepless-color dream coat, lets see what I remember. Nov 14th: Well I spent most of the night being awake studying for a Chinese midterm, and was pretty dog gone tired when taking it, but I think I did well. I finished faster than most (which is only good when I’m taking Chinese tests – oh look, I was taking a Chinese test!) and the oral was a freakin’ joke. We were given a small passage (maybe 10 lines?) and were told to read and summarize, and could refer to the ... read more

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