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February 6th 2015
Published: February 5th 2015
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So.... I finally had the time to get this up and running so here it is. I will post here as often as I find time for and am able to, figured this might be a good way to share my experiences and look back on them, whilst not taking up everyone's Facebook news feed and the people that are interested can read this. The first month has been great... WOW!! I just typed the first month, already the time has flown!

I have been busy while here and I am pretty well settled finally.. I have an apartment and my room is put together and looks kind of like home now. Put one on the board for me. Next line of business, is beginning work; still two weeks out from the start of training so I have a little time yet. This was a little unexpected getting here but there were some change of plans in employment, and I am definitely happy with the outcome.

I will still post pics and updates to Facebook as well from time to time, this page will be more fun, adventurous, and humorous, because let me tell you this place cracks me up daily. There is nothing more interesting than traveling around the world basically, and seeing the differences or what excites people that seems like every day business to us and vice versa. I can say I am not missing the temperatures of that lovely white stuff that is gracing your presence at the moment... I just don't miss it! Maybe after a while.. for now I will leave this short and sweet, I just wanted to let it be known that this exists now, and I hope to see you all here following my adventure!

So far, the support has been great and I see all of the continued virtual eyes on Facebook keeping up with me.. I appreciate that and it means a lot.. Lastly, Let me know what you guys think of the name of the blog or if you have any better ideas!

Until next time.. I'm out



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