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Asia » Taiwan » Keelung April 22nd 2015

Gray skies today as we headed out for our excursion but luckily it never rained. Apparently we missed an earthquake a couple of days ago. Pretty common here so we have been told. First stop was the National Palace Museum which houses all the treasures that Chiang Kai-shek took with him when he left mainland China. It houses some beautiful artwork. The place was totally mobbed mostly by Chinese coming to visit what used to be theirs. Went to a Michelin-rated restaurant featuring soup dumplings in the basement of the Taipei 101 building which was the tallest at one time. They make the dumplings right out where everyone can see them behind a glass partition. There was a market in that building and Jerry managed to buy a case of beer. He was the hit of ... read more
Tapai 101 Building
Making dumplings
Finished product

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung March 8th 2013

We cruised into Huang Pu one smoggy morning. This is the port city for Canton which is now called Guangzhou. It is a huge industrial port and Huang Pu is all business. The Academy Awards were going to be broadcast on the ship that morning so we decided to stay on board to watch them instead of taking a tour into Canton. As it turned out the signal wasn’t very good…maybe we were being jammed by a certain government. So we went ashore for a walk about and to grab a bite to eat. Most of the restaurants were already closed for the afternoon but we found one Chinese restaurant which was located in a parking garage, of all places! The food wasn’t bad and we were the only gringos in the joint. The local officials ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung August 27th 2008

So after my whirlwind tour of Taipei; which will be continued later, Amy and I headed out to Keelung. Keelung is a port city and it's a cheap hour train ride outside of Taipei. The college student at the Information Desk in Taipei booked us a room and then wrote down the address in chinese so that we could tell a taxi where we needed to go. Not speaking any Chinese was pretty difficult on this trip. I haven't been to a place where I didn't speak the language for a while now, so it was interesting and sometimes frustratingly funny to communicate. As we arrived at our hotel we were pretty confident until we got to our room....our room with only 1 bed. Amy and I just shrugged and went with it, dumped out stuff ... read more
great sign

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung May 29th 2007

Keelung  Asia » Taiwan » Keelung By BennybMay 29th 2007Hello all hows it going out there ? Well this from our final port in Taiwan. Taiwan has been an amzing place for me. The people here are very nice and I had the chance to chat with lot of diffrent people. It has been a busy county for us. People here really like to take photos with us so it has been quite intersting. Anyways enjoy the pics !! BEN ... read more
Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall2

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung August 14th 2006

They shadow our every movement, and surround us with their ethereal presence. Ghosts, according to the Taiwanese, are everywhere and you should neither fear them nor be frightened, for these ghosts are the relatives, long unshackled of their corporeal form, who are revered so greatly in Chinese culture. For one month a year they come forth from the unknown and walk the earth - unseen, unnoticed, but ever present. During this time, food is left in public places and temples as sustenance for these hungry ghosts, and prayers, incense and other generous offerings are frequent - for these ghosts are watching. As with everything in the span of life, all eventually passes - and the ghosts must halt their earthly peregrinations and return to their rightful place in the cosmos. In order to attain this, the ... read more
The vibrancy of the parade
The burning lanterns drift into the night
An image of immense seriousness during the Dipper Lamp Parade

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung August 17th 2005

  以為可以坐一下長途火車,豈料來往台北與基隆的列車和地鐵沒有什麼分別。白撞了大半天。   全程焦點:拜會誠品書店,竟然發現"Before Sunrise/Before Sunset"「劇本」,二話不說立即據為己有。   穿著Torsten Frings走在台北夜市很是愜意,因為台北沒有人會穿球衣,四天行程內我只在路上遇見過一件巴塞隆拿。走進百貨公司,我覺得有點像日本。... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung May 25th 2004

Wednesday 19th May – Taipei – Hualien Our train leaves Taipei at 1030am, so we arrived at the station at 915am to ensure we didn’t miss our train. The scenery on this three-hour journey was lovely, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Taiwan’s mountainous interior on the other. We arrived at Hualien just before 2pm and were whisked away by a very happy taxi driver, who took us to the Dashhin Hotel for NT105 ($5). The hotel is fine, we have a double bed and a multi coloured bath that looks like it is made of a thousand guitar plectrums. It cost NT600 ($25) a night and has a small menagerie consisting of three cats and one yappy dog. After checking in we went to the Hualien Travel Service to arrange a tour for ... read more
Taroka National Park
Marble Gorge

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung May 12th 2004

Saturday May 1st Lhasa – Chengdu I woke early as the taxi to the airport is coming at 730am. It was another restless night’s sleep for me, I woke in the wee hours and had trouble breathing, nose all stuffed up I look forward to our return to a lower altitude and fewer red corpuscles! The taxi arrived at 715am but we were ready, Tony was concerned as there were two men were in the taxi, one of the golden rules of travelling is to never get in a cab with someone other than the driver, as the hotel had arranged this cab, we hoped it would be okay. It turned out fine, especially as the other guy slept all the way. It was a beautiful morning in Tibet, blue skies everywhere that seemed to bounce ... read more
Huangguoshu waterfall
One of China's few natural highlights
Ruth crosses the gorge

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