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Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo January 17th 2017

Today we were happy to leave Castlereigh a day earlier than originally planned. We packed up and after a leisurely breakfast we set off to Colombo. En route Basil pointed out the largest bamboo trees which had been imported from Thailand. They are not so much tall as thick - very thick. The train journey on Sunday was very straight as trains don’t like bends and the line which had been laid by the British went through the mountain range. Not so the road which was very winding and full of S-bends and hairpin turns following river runs and mountain terrain. My knitting needles clacked faster and louder! The road was lined with tea plantations including the Carolina Tea Estates. So, being total tourists we stopped to take a photo of Caroline at the sign. Basil ... read more
Carolina Estate Tea Plantation
approaching Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo
Fountain in roundabout by the Kingsbury Hotel

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo December 30th 2016

The day awoke clear and hot. We didn't have a lot on our agenda before catching the train at 3:55pm so we decided the National Museum could be a good introduction to the history of Anuradhapura where we were destined. It proved to be awesome with a good coverage of the history of the various ancient seats of power in Sri Lanka's history. The omnipresent Buddhist faith scattered in amongst various rulers and races controlling the country painted a clear picture on how significant the religion is to most of the country. From the museum we went to an upmarket shopping complex that had been recommended. Shelley needed a couple of new tops as the Indian laundries had almost destroyed some of hers. Nice to sit down and order a flat white and a long black ... read more
Banyan tree outside museum
Bhudda's in museum
Men urinal exhibition

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo December 28th 2016

We had a midday-flight booked and luckily we left early for the airport because we spent 20 minutes in a nose to toe traffic jam. Apparently some government official was heading to the airport so lots of streets blocked to allow them passage. As with all things in India sitting and watching life go by thows interesting scenarios your way. As we were sitting in the International departure area a customer of the coffee shop wanted to use his credit card to pay for his breakfast. The coffee shop owner used his cell phone to contact his mate in the domestic departure area, separated from the international by some closed glass doors. The card was passed through a gap in the doors and taken to the other shop which had a window that could be seen ... read more
Beach Wadiya web site
Restaurant entrance
Fresh fish prior to consumption

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo November 14th 2016

Geo: 6.92747, 79.8484... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo October 8th 2016

I think the last time I wrote a blog was from Malang in Java when i'd turned up in a place that i'd arrived in and had realised there was not much to do. I was wrong. Oh my gosh, was I wrong! I had an awesome time.. in fact I had so much fun meeting people, climbing volcanoes, hanging out, eating great food, that I didn't have time to go back and update you all! My apologies. I didn't even remember to add photos such was the degree of my busy-ness and fun finding! Anyway. That holiday proved to me that I can still go off and travel round these amazing places on my own and meet great people and have breath taking adventures, but I can also stay in nice places rather than the ... read more
Nish let me get behind the wheel!
Breakfast: Colombo style
Ceylon Tea... in Ceylon!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo March 10th 2016

Colombo : airbnb - Ocean View Suite £24 p/n. Breakfast available ?We enjoyed our time in the apartment. It was tricky for our airport taxi to find but following instructions from Sashee to turn directly into the lane after the Colpetty MacDonald and continue down to the apartment block it should be no problem. I could easily identify the apartment from the road as I had Google mapped it previously. ?As a starting base I felt the apartment was a good central point, Tuktuk rides by the meter were very cheap. Without the meter the price was silly so be strict and confident and only take one you are happy with. Tuktuk drivers have there own territory and there is a guy running outside the apartment who is good enough. ?Having the use of the sitting ... read more
Pettah Market, Colombo
Pettah Market, Colombo
Pettah Market, Colombo

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo February 11th 2016

Geo: 6.92747, 79.8484... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo February 4th 2016

Geo: 6.92747, 79.8484Depart Heathrow at 2:15, very comfortable superior economy seat on a dreamliner. Two movies, two meals and a short doze later disembark at 23:30 body time, 5 in the morning Tamil Nadu time. Still dark. Immigration - completely unfazed that we are only staying 4 hours or so in their country. Change some money at rip-off airport exchange desk (£100 for 8,840 rupees - should be 10,000) walk in the dark past sleeping figures curled up on the ground to the departure terminal where we check in for our flight to Colombo. Much confusion because they want to see the credit card used for the booking, but there was a booking and a subsequent charge and different credit cards used, beyond their system's comprehension. At one point we had 5 young men staring at ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo January 30th 2016

Geo: 6.92747, 79.8484Although we left Kandalama at 8.30 am it still took us till 4pm to get to the Mount Lavinia Hotel in Colombo. The distances do not look huge on the map but roadworks, traffic and the usual dogs,cows, buses etc make the journey longer. Our driver has been fantastic at taking shortcuts to avoid road works that he heard about from other drivers. We only stopped once for lunch and that was at a very local restaurant which had a curry buffet. We both tried a bit of all the curries which were good but not that hot. Every one in the restaurant was eating with their right hand even our driver ,but thankfully we were given a spoon and fork! The traffic in Colombo was horrendous but we finally arrived at the Mount ... read more
Saying goodbye to Sanjeewa
Cocktail by the pool
Happy hour

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo January 21st 2016

Geo: 6.92747, 79.8484We had two days at sea between Phuket and Chennai. We continued to go to the quizzes and one time we managed a win. It was on a tie-breaker where we were asked to guess the age of our hostess. She is a tiny, French-Canadian called Karoline. I guessed 25, one other guessed 21 and a third 29. She was actually 27 so gave prizes to both myself and the third group. I like the way they always tell us we are competing for fabulously average prizes!! We won a key-ring with a light built in but at least here they give one each.Fletcher also entered the paper plane competition. The object of this was to make two paper planes and then try to fly them through a hoop held above one of the ... read more
Fletcher launching the plane that missed by centim
Waterfront at Chennai
More from the Chennai waterfront

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