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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jamsil September 15th 2012

It was Saturday and today me and Sandra went to a small city called Lotte World with an amusement park, folk museum, ice rink, pool/waterslide park, restaurants, shopping centre and a hotel. We went to the amusement park and tried some rides and enjoyed the day there. We took and taxi and travelled to Songpa-gu, Jamsil dong. Since it was Saturday, it was more crowded with families and couples everywhere. We entered 'Magic Island' of the amusement park and I felt like a kid again. It was slightly difficult to go on a ride straight away due to the long lines. So instead we went to get something to eat before going on rides and exploring the park. We stopped at the Lotte food court to get some food. It offered a wide range of cuisine, ... read more
Gyro Drop
Lotte World Ice Rink
Waikiki Wave

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu April 19th 2012

I woke up at 7 today and went down to eat spicy rice cake at the store I went to before. I got back after eating and cheacked out of my hotel room. I caught a taxit to the airport. My flight was at 10:15 but i had to check in at 8:30. I arrived at the airport at 8:00. Even though it was sad leaving Korea I did really want to get back home after all home is the best right.... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » COEX Mall April 15th 2012

Today I took a bus from the bus stop near the hotel to Dongdaemun market. It was a 10 minute ride. When I got to the market I ate kimbap for breakfast. kimbap is like the Korean version of sushi. The rice in kimbap is not seasoned with vinegar like the rice in sushi and the seaweed in kimbap has a little oil. At Dongsaemun market there is everything you need from food to clothes to shoes. The things are very cheap as well. I bought some lots of clothes and it was very cheap. I also ate a lot of food. I ate everything that I haven’t tried or if it looked good. After I finished shopping from the market I decided to go back to the hotel and put the things I bought in ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jamsil January 10th 2012

Wow. Even just finding a location for this blog was complicated. Seoul is a biiiiiiiiig place! Sunday morning, David, Teresa, Griff and I met up after breakfast and went into Seoul. We took the bus to Jamsil station. Before going on the subway, we decided to have some tea and coffee at Starbucks. After that, we walked into the station and took the subway to City Hall station. David showed Teresa, Griff and I which direction to head, and then left to meet up with his friend from a previous year of camp. We checked out the skating at City Hall. It reminded me very much of the skating at Nathan Phillip's Square. Then we walked over towards Deoksugung Palace. We decided to stop in for more caffeinated beverages and snacks at Dunkin Donuts next door ... read more
Eat Your Heart Out, TTC!
Namdaemun Market

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jasmil Baseball Stadium September 4th 2011

This past Sunday Shauna and I, spent our afternoon at the ballpark in Jamsil watching fifth place LG Twins take on second place Lotte Giants. With a month before playoffs, every game counts for LG. To date this is our third baseball game. The one common denominator is the Lotte Giants. It seems every game we are destined to watch the Giants are playing. Although this is partially my own fault or was it? I was pretty certain the game was suppose to be Twins versus Eagles. But wherever I obtained my information was tainted. Either way. Today's game we ended up sitting in right field. Tickets 8,000 won. Can't complain. Before we located our seats, we spent a bit of time outside the stadium killing the hour before the game started. We wandered into the ... read more
Pre-game II

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jasmil Baseball Stadium May 25th 2011

It's baseball season once again and this weekend we are attending the Doosan Bears versus Hanwha Eagles at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Game time 5:30pm meaning we need to be there around 4:00pm to purchase game day tickets. The best thing about Korean Baseball games is the prices to attend. Starting price 4,000 won ($3.58 CAD) puts you in the upper decks of the 25,000 seating capacity stadium. On our two previous days out to the ballpark we spent 12,000 won ($10.67 CAD) at Jamsil to sit along the 1st baseline just above the away teams dugout. But on this day we learned all the action in the stands happened twenty rows up behind us where the cheerleading stage exists. Plus there are taiko drums, a guitar or two and guys with whistles encouraging fans to cheer, ... read more
Pre-game tailgating
Pre-game autograph session
Chicken Sales

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jamsil May 25th 2011

The best things in Korea are nearly free! If traveling to Seoul between October and March then grab the green metro line #2 to the Sports Complex station to pickup a schedule for one of the hometown teams, SK Knights or Samsung Thunder. Both teams play out of the same arena, Jamsil Student Gymnasium. The gym built in the early 1970’s holds 7,500 people without a bad seat in the house. The farthest seat off the court is thirty-rows back. About the same distance as a club suite at Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado! Because the seating is limited arrive early to acquire better seats. Game times are usually either 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm; occasionally they will host a late game at 7:00 pm. Once off the subway, at the station locate exit number eight ... read more
Jamsil Student Gymnasium
Mobis Phoebus bench

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jamsil February 5th 2011

For months now all Shauna has wanted to do is attend a Korean Basketball League game. Over the past couple of days we've lounged around the apartment putting photographs together, reading, talking and traveling a bit around where we live. Nothing to big for the one-week Lunar New Year but relaxation. Then I started talking about Chinatown out near Incheon International Airport. How I wanted to go see it, How I needed something to write about and then she opted for a trip to Dandemun Market area instead. One just doesn't pass up a chance to hang out around dandemun market. There is just too much activity going on for someone to pass up on this opportunity. We decided if the day we awoke to was cloudy then we'd go to the market instead of Incheon's ... read more
Jamsil Gymansium
KT Sonic Boom Fans
Snack Shack

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu January 27th 2011

Day 1 Baggage claim at the airport takes forever, but the airport is so streamlined it takes me about 20 steps to get from baggage claim, through customs (which consisted of a glance and stamp and nod) and to the airport bus terminal. There are no trains that run to Spencer and Jessica's neighbourhood (Jamsil area), but a bus runs to Lotte World, an amusement park about a kilometer from their house. The bus is $10 from the airport, reasonable considering it is a 70km ride. After some yelling at me by a bus porter who was trying to ask where I was going and we figured it out, I was on a bus. Once on the bus, the driver yells something in Korean, and we all put our seatbelts on. I know why as soon ... read more
Gyongbukgong Palace
Gate detail

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jasmil Baseball Stadium January 27th 2011

The Air Canada Flight YOW is its typical sterile self. Don't get me wrong, it is a great airport, but something lacking... Security takes the typical 5 minutes in line with zero resistance at the scanners. I'm pretty much an expert at not setting off metal detectors. I expected more from the x-ray guys, because I've got a laptop, external hard drive, cables for the phone, camera, chargers, granola bars, Air Canada issued hand sanitizing spray (as a tiny amount *25ml* of undeclared liquid), etc. etc. but they didn't even look in the bag. The flight was pretty good, a bit bumpy over Northern Ontario, and there was an unfortunate pregnant lady two rows up who looked panicked the entire time and spent a good long time in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure she was deathly ... read more

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