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Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu August 7th 2016

Left Mokpo and headed to Boseong Green Tea Plantation. We had a taste of the tea grown on this plantation, both in hot tea and ice cream form! The landscape is gorgeous! Our first view took our breath away. After lunch, stop two was Naganeupseong Folk Village. We toured the village which has a town castle. JoSo were disappointed when they didn't see the castle they were used to (aka English style). The village actually has a town castle and traditional Korean style houses ("hanok") where about 100 families actually currently reside. Stop three was Suncheon Wetland. The tour guide took everyone on a 1 km walk through the wetlands. As he spoke only Korean, Halahbujee went with the tour group and RoAnJoSo chose to walk around on their own. It is a beautiful conservation area, ... read more
Pouring tea for each other - awww, so nice.
Green tea ice cream
Unusual tree at Plantation

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu June 12th 2013

This was mostly written in the Yeosu bus terminal so I am on my way outa here (to where? You will have to wait and see). Spent two nights in Yeosu cos getting here was such a trial – what could go wrong did go wrong (the trials of travel – one of worst ever but you have to just grin and bear it sometimes). Had got some info at main Busan station just up the road from hotel but I think only the fast KTX services. Was directed by station staff there to go to Bujeon train station (10 mins away on same subway line) for train to Suncheon, change to Yeosu. So far so good there. I got there and had about 8 mins to get a ticket but the old pensioner dear in ... read more
Yeosu Dolsando (island) bridge
Yeosu harbour nite
Yeosu more changing nightlights

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu April 6th 2013

6th Apr: Up at five and out the house by half past. Onto the bus to Seoul by about ten to six. Got to the Express Bus Terminal and the bus left there around 7:30. The traffic was heaving as usual, but we didn't get stuck in any major traffic jams. Had a rest stop at Cheonan. We got to Nonsan around 11 ish. Of course the bus driver got lost once we got off the motorway. We dropped some people at the festival area and the rest of us stayed on the bus and headed to a farm about a 15 minute drive away to pick some strawberries. The weather was crappy, it was misty and raining. It had been raining when I'd got up and hadn't let up eventhough we'd driven three hours south. ... read more
My Delicious Strawberries!
Strawberry Mask
Art From Rubbish

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu November 23rd 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Wednesdays are usually a good time for me. There are only three classes and I'm done by lunch. This day was much like the rest except that I had to fill in a double class of after school students, which was brought to my attention in the morning. So, without adequate time to get a lesson planned for 80 minutes I did what my coteacher recommended and put on a movie. Overall the school day was pretty good. We even had a decent lunch, bibimbap. For those that have never had it it's basically a bowl of rice topped with various vegetables and an egg. You mix the bowl together and and load on as much red pepper sauce as you like. It's the pinnacle of school lunches. I don't eat it ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu November 20th 2012

I've been putting this one off for a long time but I suppose now that I'm in the last week of my twenties I might as well get this one out there. It has nothing at all to do with changing a 2 for a 3 but rather daily life in Korea. I think because I've been hear for almost four years that I've become numb to some of the things that would be really interesting or tough to deal with for somebody entering this place for the first time. So this entry will be about what a normal week is like in Yeosu for us. I'm going to be splitting it up in parts because We're away this weekend for my 30th and I want to use this week as my subject. Last year after ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu September 12th 2012

While starting my post about my vacation in Indonesia, I realized that I never got around to posting an entry about the Yeosu Expo, which would be a grave error because it was absolutely amazing! We had a three-day weekend, thanks to Buddha’s Birthday, so I headed down to Yeosu (southern edge of Korea) for an international expo. The theme was “The Living Ocean and Coast”. We left Friday night (BIG debacle because a couple of us had to miss 10 minutes of our last class and even though we found people to cover for us, it still went over poorly). We took the slow train down (about 5 hours) because it costs half as much, which means it costs $25 to cross their entire country the LONG way. Takes about as long as it took ... read more
Wall of Repurposed Trash in Singapore Pavilion
Just Riding My Bike Around Singapore
Eating Lunch in Peru

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu August 10th 2012

10th Aug: Met up at the express bus station in Seoul, a little after 11. Since it was a small group, only 16 people, we had a mini bus instead of a proper coach. Tried to get comfortable and get some sleep. 11th Aug: We arrived at a beach near Yeosu around 4:30 am after a couple of toilet stops. We all got off the bus to inspect the beach, however it was a bit dirty and grotty looking, so most of us got back on the bus to sleep. Woke up around 6:30. Had breakfast sitting by the beach. Stocked up on ice coffee from a little shop nearby, as it was going to be a long day. Headed to the public bathrooms to try and make myself look presentable. We left just before eight ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu July 12th 2012

We had been avoiding the Expo for the past two months. Our first visit left a bitter taste in our mouths and reports from the Expo haven't been very good. Recently they've dropped the enterance fees because of low attendance. I read somewhere that they had hoped to get 100,000 people a day to visit this small town at the end of the mainland but reports are that they've been actually getting around 20,000 to 30,000 a day. The city is obviously trying to make it's money back by slashing the prices and this mixed with a strong desire to eat something that wasn't Korean food is what led us to going last Friday. Since Friday was also the last day of school before the summer break my school was allowed to go to the expo ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu June 22nd 2012

Last week I didn't post a blog because there was really nothing to post about. The last two weeks have been pretty quiet around here and other than the night that I thought I broke my toe not much else has happened. With our honeymoon trip coming up, along with a friends wedding next weekend we've been trying to save our money and just staying local during the weekends. Last summer we used to spend some of the warm nights in a favorite restaurant of ours drinking makoli cocktails, a fantastic mix of makoli (white korean rice wine) and fruit blended up until it resembles a smoothie. At the end of last summer though we were sad to see that the place had shut down and thought that our remaining time in Yeosu would be makoli ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu June 8th 2012

This past Wednesday, Korea celebrated their Memorial Day. Usually our weekly routine can get to be a bit boring. We go to the gym, have dinner, watch a show or read a little, but with it being warmer at night we've been able to get out more and more. Tuesday we decided to head down to the Ocean Park, which is near the Expo and near my school. Everday on my way home I ride through the park where stalls are set up with vendors selling touristy type goods and food stalls. It recently came to my attention that there was a Turkish Kebab stand here and Jen and I were eager to try it. Yeosu isn't very accomodating to foriegn foods so when you get the chance to try something that is different from the ... read more
Bike Lights
Slow Cooked

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