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Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do March 30th 2013

We left from Suwon Station around 8 am, doing a couple of pick ups at different stops in Seoul, and another one in Incheon. The drive to the ferry wasn't too long, and we got there just after ten. We had just missed a ferry so had to wait twenty minutes for it to return. Whilst waiting there was a lot of war talk about North Korea, maybe the West Sea Islands weren't the best place for a day trip in the current climate. Also the islands are right next to Incheon airport, so we constantly heard planes taking off. The journey on the ferry was very quick. It only took about ten minutes. We arrived in Sin-do and split into two groups hikers and bikers. We set off on our hike, stopping at a massive ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do October 23rd 2011

Sunday has arrived and the packing is done. Just about got the weight down to our allowance. Looking forward to lunch at The Aubergine with Jo and George then it's a final check of luggage before we head off to Eden Park for the final... Sitting in the departure lounge in South Korea trying to catch up again! The pre-final lunch with Jo & George was great fun. Then it was back to Jo's before George and I headed off to the Horse and Trap in Mt. Eden to meet up with Marshall again. Made it to the ground in time to see all the preliminaries (video follows later) The score line of 8 - 7 would suggest a boring match but it was anything but. The French could've just squeaked it in the end but ... read more
Jo, Linus & George
The Final

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do September 30th 2011

10 hours and only half way! No sleep and head feels fried but v nice bottle of sauvignon blanc pre-flight. Transfer leaves in an hour. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do March 16th 2008

We are on our way. Today we began our day just like any other day. We began by sewing our patches on to our packs. One for Canada and one for South Korea. Our plan is to collect patches from each of our destinations. Giles has become an expert craftsman at the art of sewing. The packs are stiff and shiny because they have not been used for any other function than sitting in our closet. Last night we celebrated our departure from Korea in a big way. We started by having dinner and drinks at a local pub in Seoul. We ended over tears and a few Polly's Kettles. For those of who have not had the luxury, they are Soju and Kool-aid cocktails served in halved two litre bottles. Yum, yum... We just got ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do August 7th 2007

So the monsoon season has finally come, bringing flooding in North Korea, and many days of Wellies and umbrellas here in Paju. Between the rain and the dentistry, it's been far too long since we had a proper weekend away, and time is starting to pass really slowly. So, instead of being driven mad by another weekend of emails, pancakes and TV, we packed up the regular camping gear plus two small umbrellas and caught the bus to Incheon. From bus terminal we caught a subway out of incheon, and then another bus out to Jeongjongdo, the semi-artificial island that holds Korea's huge international airport. But due to a lack of funds, we were not heading to the airport, rather to a small pier, where we were just in time to catch the last ferry to ... read more
Landing on Si-do
Looking for a campsite
Our spot on the sand

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