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Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Angeles City March 9th 2017

After four months of hiatus, we're back! This time, as a newlywed couple. ♥♥♥ So, we're a bit settled now in our new house. We currently live in the city, but we will still build our dream house near the mountains. And we have babies (puppies) that we're raising. It's fun! The past few months were a roller coaster ride. - A week before the wedding, we got our first baby, a black Labrador. We named him Moses. He was only 2 months old when got him. He was pretty sweet and overly active. He'd actually chew on anything he sees. He completed all his vaccines. Unfortunately, he still got infected with Parvovirus and gave in just a month after the wedding. - We went to Anvaya for a road trip with friends. It was absolutely ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark November 18th 2016

We only have a month before the wedding and I am really excited! ☺ We were not able to share our (mis)edgeventures recently as we were quite busy with the wedding (and family life) planning for the last few months. We're also done with our prenup photoshoot. I never thought it would be that tiring (haha ☺). I can't wait to get hold of our prenup album! ☺ We're still working on a few details for the venue, but we'll surely share more about our travels soon. ☺ ♥ Gel ♥ ♥♥♥ Edward and Gel ♥♥♥... read more
zoom it in :)
Kanana Coffee, Clark
our favorite coffee shop in Clark

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark August 18th 2016

It was just another regular day at work for me, until he called and told me to go downstairs as he was waiting for me to have lunch with him. How random! He brought me to one of our favorite restaurants in Clark, House of Chops. ☺ We ordered Slow Roasted Beef Belly with Peppercorn Gravy, Cheesy Broccoli Rice and Parmesan Creamed Corn and Spinach. One word: delectable! Happy tummy indeed! ☺☺☺ ♥ Gel ♥ ♥♥♥ Edward and Gel ♥♥♥... read more

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark August 3rd 2016

Hi ☺ This was supposed to be posted days ago. However, wedding preps and work took most of our time for the past few days. Anyway, here's the account of our mini field trip on 18 July, 2016. We were feeling a bit lazy and wanted a leisurely stroll through the freeport zone. We didn't want to go to the Parade Grounds as we wanted a place that's more private (although we'd surely go for the free Wi-Fi there haha ☺). We first thought of going back to Green Canyon Eco Art Resort, but was dissuaded by the PhP 500 environmental fee per person (that's consumable at the hotel's Palette Restaurant). We didn't want to spend that much that day as we were saving for something else. And so we settled with Picnic Grounds. We got ... read more
empty grounds
Dinosaurs Island entrance
Clark Land

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark July 20th 2016

My fiancée surely loves taking photos, but dislikes the idea of tinkering with a camera. So, I got her an action camera and she was ecstatic! We tried it recently on a road trip just around the freeport zone. And I bet she had a blast. ♥ We're posting pictures soon! ♥ Edward ♥ ♥♥♥ Edward and Gel ♥♥♥... read more

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark July 16th 2016

I love writing. There's no other way of expressing my thoughts. I love travelling. There's always something wonderful out there. I love taking photos. There's no other way to capture the beauty of life. And so, our EDGEventures begin. ♥ Gel ♥ ♥♥♥ Edward and Gel... read more

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark July 17th 2014

To narrow down my bucketlist in finishing off my Extreme Adventure commitments, I went to Magalang Pampanga to experience their Ultralight Plane, I went to the safest and famous agency that offers this and it is in the ANGELES FLYING CLUB. Their Introductory Flight only costs 1,650 Philippine Pesos and "with a twenty minute absolute feel of being above the World, just like Superman floating in the air, 1,000 Feet above, colliding your body through the wind and overseeing everything that GOD had created for us, it just feels like Heaven…" Now, I could fully understand what the privilege of Birds and Eagles have… Ultralight Flying is a better encounter compared to Commercial Planes because it is open, you could actually feel the wind bumping into your face. Having to do this in an Extreme ... read more
Armie Yuson 1b
Armie Yuson 1c
Armie Yuson 1d

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Angeles City April 27th 2013

After the high of swimming with the butanding, I was unceremoniously brought back to earth by the looming necessity of another extended bus ride back to Manila. This time it would prove to take some 14h, in a budget, non-AC bus, "cooled" by the dusty air from without. From the southeastern tip of Luzon back to the capital, this definitely was the longest bus ride that I'd taken in a while. Though duration-wise it still pales in comparison to the 20h+ one I took in Vietnam from Danang to Dalat, a large part of that one was in a relatively luxurious sleeper bus, so I approached this ride with some trepidation, with memories of the rather painful non-AC train ride in Myanmar last year from Mandalay to Katha ... read more
Yuchengco Museum
Long Road Back to Manila

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » San Fernando March 29th 2013

It’s blistering near the hill in the clearing of the town. Even in the scorching heat of the sun, a macabre atmosphere seems to emanate from the sound of bamboo-laced whips hitting the wounded backs of penitents whose feet drag across the blood-splattered roads. Blood glistens on the backs of the supposed conscience-stricken men, as they continue to whip themselves, face hidden behind cloths tied on their heads, while people continue to look on. The town of Cutud in San Fernando, Pampanga usually doesn’t have enough attractions to draw tourists but today, just like any Good Friday, throngs of people are starting to trickle in. A staunch Catholic country, the Philippines features numerous re-enactments of the Passion of Christ in the form of plays. However, none are more so graphic than the senakulo held here. Every ... read more
Never Too Young To Whip Your Elder
Carry Your Cross

Asia » Philippines » Pampanga » Clark February 25th 2013

It excites me the most seeing the eyes of AJ filled with joy and surprises. and this visit to clark field was not an exemption for both of us!... read more

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