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Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 23rd 2017

We are on the way from Romblon, Philippines to Papua New Guinea and stopped in Manila for a day an a half to get rid of the landscape gear that we will only need in a month we we return. We rented a locker for 33 days to store 2 medium sutcases for about US$40 a much better alternative to paying $400 at the airport for storage. Something to think about if you need to make a station to unload some weight and travel around lighter. Also I wanted to go on a little gastronomic adventure as there are a Restaurants in Manila that have made the list of Best 50 of Asia... but first, my belly hasnt been feeling well and second we didnt have fashionable clothes to go to a fancy place so I ... read more
Lemon Pepper Salmon
The Intramuros Hotel, Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 22nd 2017

Fortunately Super Typhoon Paolo, packing 240 km/hr and gusts reaching 296 km/hr veered away from the Philippines towards Japan and we were able to board the overnight Ferry to return from Romblon to Batangas. As the storm was approaching we got heavy rain that flooded some streets and wind that destroyed bridges in islands south from us. Luckily on the day of our departure from "The Three P" Dive Resort in Romblon, Philippines the storm started to turn away and we had a fairly smooth 8 hr overnight ride. Just in the middle of the crossing it got a little bumpy but and I heard a few people waking up but later I heard that the bumps mid way are quite normal. The ferry gets cancelled only in extreme weather conditions so hearing that it was ... read more
Last view of the area
Last dinner at The Three P Dive Resort
Super Typhoon Paolo track

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita January 18th 2014

That old saying if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything is dancing around my mind as I write this. Quartermaines blog that went viral and suffered a vitriolic attack from outraged Filipinos has been one of the reasons I have struggled with do I write this blog or don't I? This is a rant at Manila, not the Phillipines as a nation or Filipino people. Why do i even write travel blogs? So when I go senile my great grandchildren can read me them and I can say...oh? really? I was in a Cambodian brothel? how sweet pass Gran a lolly. So here goes. Manila, when I arrived it was 4.20am and I was on the first bus to the Batangas at 5am. So I saw you fly past out of a bus ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita December 24th 2013

Nikos Kazantzakis, one of my favourite authors, wrote what he called an “intellectual autobiography” – it was the tracing of his intellectual thought through the telling of his life story. This is the first blog I’ll write in that vein, which is less about the travel I’m doing and more about my personal and spiritual development. As I’ve explained before, I came to the Philippines originally for humanitarian work. It didn’t turn out that way, so I arranged to check in with my dad’s friends who run a Christian based NGO out of Baseco. It was very eye-opening and my trip has been very positive, but one downside is that I spent two weeks in Manila dividing my time between essentially partying and holidaying, and visiting Baseco doing church work. Here’s what I learned: a slave ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 22nd 2013

A travel adventure to the Philippines is never complete without jumping on one of their traditional public transport vehicles – theJeepney. The price of each Jeepney ride differs depending on your origin and destination, but for most basic connections it is a mere 8 Filipino peso. Unlike other modes of public transportation, the payment system is quite unique for first timers. Here are the steps you should follow in order to pay for a Jeepney ride in the Philippines. 1- Step onto the back of the Jeepney and choose a space on the long bench seat to sit on. Shout the name of your destination to the driver to confirm. The route is also usually painted on the side of the jeep. The final destination is displayed on the windshield. 2- As the Jeepney carries on ... read more
Jeepneys in the Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita April 5th 2013

Back on the road again! And after a relatively short 3hflight from Bangkok I arrived in Manila, the capital city of the 7000-island archipelago known as the Philippines. Pretty much the first thing that hit me about the country was what others had warned me about -- the ubiquity of guns here. In short, they're everywhere. Not just guards with the Remington pump guns at the banks, but even those in uniform with their revolvers standing at the doors of just about every other shop, including fast food joints and convenience stores! To borrow from Dorothy's quote from the Wizard of Oz, "I don't think we're in Bangkok anymore". Or any other normal city that I've visited on my travels so far, for that matter! It's impossible to ... read more
The Ubiquitous Jeepneys of the Philippines
Vendors on the Streets of Ermita

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita March 9th 2013

7-10 March Manila Manila is the tenth largest city in the world with a population of about 21 million - not counting the people who live on the street, I imagine. It would be interesting to see statistics on those numbers. They must be very high. Manila is also not your average South East Asian city. Actually it feels more like a Latin American city. Probably the mix of Spanish and American influences. The Philippines was a Spanish colony for 300 years before becoming an American colony and it is the only country in SE Asia (besides the new East Timor) which claims Christianity as its "official" religion. Also, unlike other SE Asian cities, the cuisine is just awful. A little known fact is that much of Manila was laid to waste during the Second World ... read more
Fortified walls
Andrew on the wall
Manila Skyline from Intramuros

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita March 6th 2012

There are tons of great things about the Philippines, but by far away the best of them is the fact that inhabitants are called Filipinos. I like the fact that they thought ‘Well, the Philippines is a nice name but Philippino would be a bit of a bugger to spell. Let’s just settle for Filipino.’ It makes things a lot easier for writers like me. The Philippines isn’t part of the traditional backpacker’s route. The country, which consists of over 7,000 islands, lies to the west of Vietnam and to the north of Indonesia. Its location, and the fact that the country is only accessibe by plane has to be the reason that most backpackers stay away, because the Philippines offers plenty in terms of sun, sea and nightlife. Unfortunately, while the Philippines can offer breathtakingly ... read more
...And Beautiful Filipino Girls!
A travel bag is more than just a suitcase...

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita February 15th 2012

I wake to the thud of the air plane landing. Total shock, I went to sleep in Amsterdam mildly sedated. 12 hours later, I'm in the Philippines. I would be lying if I told you that I know exactly why I'm here - I don't. But what I do know is that through some random psychological process I decided that the Philippines is my destination - I can't believe I didn't think about coming here sooner. A $5 and half hour cab ride later, I'm at the hostel in Ermita. After 28 hours of traveling, time for some pampering. Hair cut, massage, nap and socializing with peeps from the hostel. Later, dinner, drinks, and some live music. Tomorrow - climbing a volcano at lake Tal.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita January 19th 2012

Estimados amigos, no os he podido mantener muy al tanto de mis andanzas por falta de internet y demasiadas horas al volante. En Tailandia creo que la media debio ser 5 al dia y unos 2000km en 4 dias. Eso si estuve en lugares increibles, ruinas de templos budistas que te hacian volver en el tiempo y hacia dentro en el alma encontrando esa paz que anhelamos, arrozales y comunidades que viven una vida mucho mas tradicional, con una paz que rodea sus pequenyas aldeas al atardecer y por supuesto la megalopolis de Bangkok que es mas multicultural pero igual de poco anglofona que el resto del pais. Tengo que decir que perdi mi avion a filipinas porque me confundi entre vuelos, pero como una insistencia educada llega muy lejos y mas en estos paises consegui ... read more

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