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Asia » Philippines » Luzon June 11th 2019

The title is the story of our Philippines trip. Juxtapositions of loveliness and horribleness. We were in the country to visit Magdalena’s sister who lives in Manila and I somehow managed to convince them that we ought to visit places that I hadn’t visited on my last trip to the Philippines. Example 1: Under the sea off of Sabang vs Sabang the place We went to Puerto Galera only for the diving. Magdalena and Agnieszka wanted to learn to dive and I would do the Rescue course at the same time. Sabang itself is quite nasty. The “beach” is mostly chunks of concrete, the restaurants spill onto it with pipes emptying unknown liquids into the sea, behind this are narrow smelly alleyways, and the bars are inhabited by aging overweight white men each with their own ... read more
Maligcong Rice Terraces
Hanging coffins, Sagada
Taal Volcano crater

Asia » Philippines » Luzon June 6th 2019

Jeepney You can find these colorful graffiti-splashed Jeepneys in every town and city! It’s a form of local public transportation. Jeepney is something like a small minibus mixed with a Jeep. Believe it or not, an incredible amount of people can squeeze in one Jeepney. Or not just IN, even on the roof! There are no paper tickets. You simply pass the money to the passenger next to you and he or she passes it again and again until money reaches the driver. If you don’t have an exact amount, the driver passes you your change the same way back. The journey within 5 km will cost you 0,15 $. Tricycle The whole Luzon island in Northern Philippines is full of Tricycles everywhere. Tricycle or so-called “trike” is the most common transportation in the northern Philippines. ... read more
Water Bufalo

Asia » Philippines » Luzon November 18th 2016

Geo: 14.6007, 120.982Very easy transfer in Taipei. China Airlines printed our boarding passes to Manila for us, and we had a coffee while waiting. Easy security, and flight on time to Manila.Upon arrival, no line at all for immigration, and we had our own bags. We found the Raffles person, who called our car for us. And so for the long drive all the way around the airport. It was about 30 minutes from airport to hotel, even at 11pm at night. Traffic was at times very bad. Not surprising at all, for Manila's reputation.We love Raffles. Luxurious room, massive towels, welcome drink and great service. But it was late, so we went to bed soon.... read more
Manila Raffles
Manila Raffles

Asia » Philippines » Luzon February 10th 2016

We arrived in Manila airport, always a treat lol and went outside to meet our taxi guy Roly who Dad's friend had organized for us to be brought to Angeles city! Now we had read a bit about Angeles city in the guidebook and so we were aware of what kind of tourist it normally attracts and all that but I was still shocked when we arrived there at night and drove along near the walking street! There were so many working ladies everywhere we looked and so many older men (visiting for one reason and one reason only!), many of whom did not look you in the eye and many of whom gave me the creeps! We arrived at Dad's friends place and his girlfriend had cooked us a wonderful meal of salmon and delicious ... read more
Cutesy sweet shop
Pool time
Pretty IBA beach

Asia » Philippines » Luzon July 29th 2015

Geo: 14.6007, 120.982... read more

Asia » Philippines » Luzon » Metro Manila » Makati City February 15th 2015

Asia » Philippines » Luzon January 8th 2015

I have to admit, there really is something that feels different as a minority. I forget all about it until I go somewhere like Cleveland and suddenly discover that I'm the only white person on the bus. I felt it again as I came into the lobby of the airport here in Manila last night. A sea of mellow-toned faces awaited, pressed against the glass walls that funneled arrivals into a smaller, easier-to-guard exit, perhaps in anticipation of visiting family members coming from any one of the many parts of the world that some 12 million Filipino people have spread to. Once I got past the intimidation factor, however, there was a certain joy I felt in the inescapable fact that I was now in a foreign country. My Grandpa helped prepare me, I suppose, in ... read more
View From Manila Room
Man Ignoring Sign on Piano

Asia » Philippines » Luzon November 26th 2014

Geo: 14.6007, 120.982... read more

Asia » Philippines » Luzon November 25th 2014

Asia » Philippines » Luzon November 24th 2014

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