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Asia » Philippines » Boracay June 3rd 2013

Today we are due to leave Boracay on a 5 hour journey across land to Kalibo where we will stay the night (in a room with air-con!!) before our flight tomorrow morning to Dumaguete followed by an hours boat ride to Siqueuor which is known by the Filipino people for being the island of witches and healers. Holly has woken up with stomach cramps and has been sick, I've drugged her up and hydrated her but I am not sure she will be okay to travel today.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay June 2nd 2013

We leave the Hostel for the Airport (P170) after a lovely breakfast – M treats himself to a local avocado to go with it. As its Sunday we get there in double quick time for the 11.55 am flight. As we are about to check in C notices a counter with Senior Citizens written on it. She goes to check if we can jump the queues and the PAL Express folk ask if we would like to go on the earlier flight (10.30 am) which is just about to board. Yes please – as this will save 2 hours hanging around and get us to a tropical island earlier – a no brainer! The Flight is in a small plane and takes about 1 Hr to Caticlan, one of 2 entry points for Boracay. Having travelled ... read more
Boracay Beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay May 31st 2013

Hey guys. First blog entry. Just a quick one to let you know we're very much alive and kicking. We landed in Manila 22nd may, stayed one night, ate fish soup and then got the hell out! Jumped on a 4hr bus to the coast (thankfully air conned). Then onto a wee boat (who's motor cut out in the first 20m) to Mindoro, white beach. White beach was ok. The accom was a total rip off but we witnessed our first thunderstorm and fork lightening on the horizon which was pretty cool. They also did fire poi and lady boy mime shows on the beach. We left white beach 3 days later via epic journey: 2 hour jeepney at 6:30am followed by 4hour van ride (the white girls got the front seats so they didn't melt...we ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay May 7th 2013

After a 9 hour night bus from Banaue we arrived in Manila at 4am. We jumped in a taxi and headed to the airport where we waited for 11 hours for our flight to Kalibo. Once we arrived in Kalibo we caught a 2 hour coach ride to Caticlan where we caught a boat to the island or Boracay. Finally, at 930pm, we had arrived. We had a drink then went straight to bed, best sleep ever! There isnt much to say about Boracay other than its a paradise beach resort that needs to be seen to be believed. The sand is white, the ocean blue, the sun shines and the food and drink flows. The beach is littered with palm trees and sailing boats and has to be the most beautiful beach I have seen. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay April 11th 2013

Carabao A notre arrivée dans les Philippines, 7h du matin, dès la descente de l'avion, c'est le bordel (pardon, le capharnaüm): les règles de circulations sont complètementent inexistante (ou ignorées), c'est soit le bon sens, soit la loi du plus fort, ou plus gros, ou plus rapide. On a aterri dans la petite ville de Caticlan d'où de nombreux touristes partent pour l'île de Boracay, tout près et réputée pour une ambiance de folie et des fêtes toute la nuit. C'est là qu'on devait se rendre pour assister au mariage d'une amie de Corinne, mais on avait encore quelques jours et il n'était pas question qu'on les passe sur une île bondée de touristes! Sauf que pour les locaux, un blanc qui aterri à Manay mais ne va pas à Boracay, et surtout qui se déplace ... read more
Le "bangka", bateau traditionnel
Cueillette de noix de coco...

Asia » Philippines » Boracay March 25th 2013

Boracay is a little Island and has 2 sides. The West side is paradise , long never ending white beaches and sun galore , the other side is rocks , no sand and very windy . It is so windy in fact , it is one of the best places in the world to go kite surfing due to the high constant winds and high waves but not the place to take a holiday. So guess what side my hotel was ? yes due to lack of re search here I was in the middle of a tornado , I did wonder when I got to the Hotel why they asked where my kite was ! But not to worry the walk to the West side was only 10 mins away and it was kind of ... read more
Middle in a mini jungle
I wanted to steal his pink hat
The ferry terminal

Asia » Philippines » Boracay March 7th 2013

26 February - 5 March The name Boracay conjures up dreamscapes of talcum powder white sand beaches, crystal clear sapphire waters, swaying palm trees and relaxation. The reality is quite different. I think this will be the great disappointment of Andrew's Asia trip. He has always wanted to visit this island which has been touted as having the most beautiful beaches in the world. It regularly gets awarded such accolades as "island of tranquility" " whitest beaches and clearest water in the world" "worlds best beach" etc. etc. by travel magazines and agencies. But this turns out to be a marketing fraud. To put it bluntly, Boracay is a cesspool - literally!! The oxymoron that is beautiful Boracay:Rampant and unbridled over-development has left what must once have been a paradise in a state of abject decay. ... read more
Algal bloom
Algal bloom
White Beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 26th 2013

The flight from Puerto Princessa was pretty uneventful which is great when it comes to flights! We made it back to Manila to catch the connecting flight which was delayed getting to Boracay by a couple hours for some reason. So there we sat on the floor like little kids playing card games to pass the time until our flight finally was called to board. We had to catch a 10 minute banca boat ride from the jetty port to the actual island and on the way we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sunset as it dropped below the horizon. Boracay is famously known for it's sunsets and we wanted to experience them every night we were there. Coming into Boracay on the main drag was not something that I had pictured ... read more
White beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay February 21st 2013

When telling fellow travellers who we have met along the way in recent weeks that we were going to the Philippines, most ilicited the same response, 'You have to go to Boracay', and so many times we have looked at pictures and thought 'we really must go there, it looks amazing' etc, yet it was with mixed feelings that we made the long journey to our final destination of this Philippines sojourn. Why mixed feelings when we had heard so many positive things about the place? Well, if our time here has taught us anything, it's that we love to find secluded beaches and our own little paradises, we enjoy undeveloped places and peace and quiet, we like to mingle with locals, eat authentic food, not get ripped off by tuk-tuk drivers and not actually see ... read more
Having a few drinks with friends
This could be Boracay, or anywhere..
Beautiful beach in a rare sunny moment

Asia » Philippines » Boracay January 28th 2013

Finally we have said the magic words ’I do’ to each other on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world surrounded by our dear family and friends. Almost five years ago we met in cold Vilnius and decided to explore the world together, and one thing led to other and here we are! For the wedding it was difficult to decide on our destination so it would be fair for both sides as our families which are living on either side of the planet. The best solutions we could think of to have a wedding in between. Already two years ago we searched on internet for the nicest beaches in the world as we wanted to have small beach wedding. We were choosing between Mauritius and Boracay but soon found that the easiest reachable ... read more
Sunset from Estacio Uno
Boracay Island

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