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May 31st 2013
Published: May 31st 2013
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Hey guys.

First blog entry.

Just a quick one to let you know we're very much alive and kicking.

We landed in Manila 22nd may, stayed one night, ate fish soup and then got the hell out!
Jumped on a 4hr bus to the coast (thankfully air conned). Then onto a wee boat (who's motor cut out in the first 20m) to Mindoro, white beach. White beach was ok. The accom was a total rip off but we witnessed our first thunderstorm and fork lightening on the horizon which was pretty cool. They also did fire poi and lady boy mime shows on the beach.

We left white beach 3 days later via epic journey: 2 hour jeepney at 6:30am followed by 4hour van ride (the white girls got the front seats so they didn't melt...we got the blowers) followed by a 4 hour ferry. Some interesting sights along the way. We dominated the top deck of the ferry and watched the islands go by. Saw loads of flying fish.
Arrived in boracay bedraggled, knackered and extremely sweaty. Couldn't find the hostel we wanted.
Got ripped off for a night then found this place the next morning. God send! With beautiful puppy!

Since we've been on boracay we haven't done a lot but beach and cliff dive. We bought snorkels. Hoping to head down to see the famous whale sharks next week...holly thinks we should go by glass bottomed boat rather than snorkel!

Hoping to go sailing tomorrow.

Hope this instalment works! Will try to keep you updated as poss.

Peace out
H&K x x

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31st May 2013

Hi Gals Looks real cool, you take care and watch the money Loads of love xxxx
3rd June 2013

holiday virus!!!!!!!!!!!
have plenty of fun girls then settle somewhere warm so i can ruin your fun and move over :P mwahhahhaaha xxxxx
3rd June 2013

message in a bottle
fine here,Antonia comes tomorrow,hope Holly .is feeling better
21st June 2013

Hi folks, I sent dad an email a while back, can you email me so I know I have the right email address, also I've sent a Skype request so I an Skype whilst I'm away but dad you've not accepted. We are having a lovely time but I've not been able to get in contact with you which makes me sad.
5th June 2013

Hey guys, loving the blog! Keep em coming. I especially like posts about food! Missing you lots at home, think it'll be even worse when the rugby season starts! xx

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