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Circa 1945 - Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal Entry 33 -- Ikveta de Meshicha Thanks to Mr Baldwin, my fortune and personal affects had been preserved. Many fond memories were stored in my portmanteau. Yet in London an aura of gloom seemed to hover over the city like a dung-coloured haze. Devastation was everywhere. Poverty and hunger were etched on faces of the children. It would be fair to say that the brightness that keeps us going in normal times had gone out. People found their existence toilsome. There was even a sense that the once great British Empire was coming to an end. Feeling the pain of so very many, my spirits had reached an exceptionally low ebb. I was definitely down in the dumps. This particular day I browsed ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore February 5th 1987

ENTRY SEVEN - February 5, 1987 The Undercroft At first both Miranda and I found the heat of the Punjab unbearable. Whenever possible, we took refuge under the ceiling fans. The coolest hours for work were between four and ten a.m. This necessitated that Miranda and I retire at about eight in the evening. Our sleeping arrangement was a little unorthodox: we slept under open umbrellas. This, our handyman Yusef warned, would bring ghosts, evil spirits and bad luck. I explained to the superstitious Punjabi that I was a priest; God would protect me from any ill effects. But why on earth are a clergyman and his bride slumbering under an umbrella, one may ask? This unusual arrangement was dictated by the fact that the Vicarage ceiling was crumbling down around us bit by bit. ... read more
The Vicarage, Lahore, Pakistan
 THE VICARAGE, Lahore Cathedral
The Bishop speaks

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