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Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore May 12th 2009

A Typical Day Not really, so let’s make one up from lots of other days with all the best Alarm goes off at 5.45 giving me a bit of snoozing time while the temperature is still pleasant. Getting Geoff out of bed is just as hard here as at home!!! Luckily we have a good bathroom with a shower and a western toilet. Plus geckoes and fireflies and cockroaches!! But we think that problem may be solved for abit due to nasty chemical spray, try not to stand on crunchy nearly dead bodies when visiting the bathroom at night in a power cut! Early morning is a good time to do the washing again due to cooler temperatures. I have a big plastic bowl and we put the clothes in water overnight -the soak and hope ... read more
tea and biscuits!
garden view
mending the pump

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore May 8th 2009

Dear All Just a quick blog to pass the news on that V.S.O. have descided to stop international volunteering in Pakistan until the political situation becomes more settled so we will be coming back a couple of months earleir than intended. We now plan to leave at the end of July ready to go back to work in Coventry in September. All volunteers are to leave by September. This is sad news for many reasons--we have never felt in danger in the area where we are placed and we our having some good success in our work which will now have to be curtailed. However it will be lovely to see everyone again and bore you all with even more photos and stories of 'When we were in Pakistan..........' Good news--we are getting some monies from ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore April 23rd 2009

Bits and bobs blog! Lots of stuff happening here in hot and getting hotter Sydenwalla! Geoff and I had another visit to India! This time we walked!! Not all the way--- we are close to the Wagga border crossing. {Yes, the one where the trainee police academy was attacked!} so we took a taxi to the Pakistani side {there was little evidence of the previous trouble and I had made lots of phone call and enquires to make sure things were OK now!} and we walked across to India! The Pakistani side was very modern and posh but lacked electricity and the India side was rather run down but did have power! Our names are now written in many huge ledgers as they still want physical proof as well as the computer records! We then took ... read more
Back in Pakistan

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore February 27th 2009

School blog 2 As I write this I think you are all looking forward to half term, what ever the weather!! The holidays here do not seem to be so well defined---some depend on the phases of the moon and others on the decision of the government or who ever runs the school. Any how it means that sometimes Geoff and I are surprised to realise that there is no school today! The weather also plays a part in if school happens or not---rain is a problem, even just a little, as the ‘roads’ turn to mud very quickly, the class rooms are dark and the outdoor option not possible so few teachers turn up and even less students. Infact today is a wet day so we are home early and I am writing this sitting ... read more
advert for the high school
teachers bring their babies to school
working in the high school

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 27th 2009

Winter wedding blog. Winter is the wedding season here is the Punjab—probably because of the cooler weather and we have been involved one way or another in a number of village weddings. We have attended the Mhendi ceremony at one wedding and observed others from the roof of the High School . The Mhendi ceremony was great fun and took place on 23rd December. We were collected from our room by a group of giggling girls from school looking very grown up and pretty in their sparkly outfits and taken down into the village. It was pitch black as the power was off but as we turned a corner to the wedding house the power came back and the house was covered with lights---just like many of the houses back home would be at that time ... read more
bhangra dancer
Little Bhangra boy
Candle procession

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 1st 2009

Christmas at the fruit farm 2008-12-30 Thank you to everyone who sent Christmas messages. We had a much better Christmas than I thought but missed our family and friends a lot and needed tissues at times! We came to a place called Renala Khurd, where 2 other VSO volunteers are based. They live in one of the guest houses located at Mitchell’s Fruit Farm , a well established business that has been around for years hence the feeling of old colonial times!! The guest house has 4 big en-suite bedrooms, a lounge, huge entrance hall and a kitchen with a 2 burner gas stove and 1 electric ring! A fridge and a sink! And a beautiful veranda and a garden with a lawn and roses! Most of the volunteers who came out with us in October ... read more
the bungalow
christmas tree pancakes
carols by candle light

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore December 18th 2008

Wow, it’s nearly Christmas and I can’t believe that on Christmas day we will have been away for 2 months! We had an official review meeting today with VSO, AIE and the people we work with and the result seems that we are doing OK!! I am pleased and surprised as things get so frustrating and seem to move so slowly but according to the boss-man we have done well to make the relationships we have with 4 out of the 6 schools we are working with and in the New Year we will actually be able to get them some real resources!! White boards/pens/tables/chairs/paper/pencils!!!! Then perhaps they can start some better teaching. Things are changing here in our accommodation as well. A lady doctor has been appointed to run the new maternity and child care ... read more
And the ox and the ass were there
little donkey!

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 5th 2008

This time Iwould like to post only the route that I follow since Katmandu... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 2nd 2008

This tense was written on the board of the Regale internett Inn Hotel in Lahore two months ago. I'll come back in Pakistan for sure one day, especially in Rumbur valley.... read more
Chitral tea shop

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore August 13th 2008

At first it is a contest of which side can be louder, prouder, and more patriotic. When it is all said and done, citizens of both nations crowd at the locked gates that separate them. They cheerfully and curiously speak to each other while clasping the painted bars, knowing full well it is the closest they will ever come to setting foot on what was once a singular India sixty years ago. After proceeding through broken-down metal detectors (or simply stepping to the side of them to get through), the Pakistanis segregate their public by gender. The men occupy one section of the curved grandstands to the left; the women go the other way. If there is any advantage at all to witnessing the border closing ceremony on the Pakistani side, it is the VIP seating ... read more
His Purpose in Life
Looking Across

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