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Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore July 31st 2008

From the border until mid afternoon in downtown Lahore, I had not grabbed much to eat. By two o’clock I sought anywhere in the downtown area with a functioning generator and preferably with a chilled dining area to offset temperatures over one hundred degrees. Within the first three minutes of scanning for an eatery on Regal Chowk I confirmed (by my own standards) that Lahore was truly the cultural capital of Pakistan. I saw the sign behind a row of trees across the median-divided boulevard. The letters were on the standard yellow background inside a brown oval. I followed each one left to right to make sure there could be no trickery at work: S-U-B-W-A-Y. I made a bee line for the front door, disregarding the deadly vehicles that simply drove around me like any other ... read more
Bring Your Visa Card
The Mark of a Pro
At Bat

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore July 30th 2008

The halfway point of my time on the Subcontinent is the first reminder of my journey’s mortality. No longer is it acceptable to extend stays a night or two in a given village or hill town without earnestly pondering how my limited remaining time will be spent. The days now dwindle downward to a finishing point. As I sit on the apex of my travels, I am at once rejuvenated under the realization that time is not limitless and that there is much left to do and to accomplish. From this day forward when each day passes, I will look back and think that my arrival in Delhi and first nights in rough and rowdy Karol Bagh were such a long time ago. Only weeks have passed. Given what I have collected in my mind about ... read more
From When I Have Come

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore June 5th 2008

Lahore, Pakistan Photos... read more
View of Mosque from top of Minaret
Market stalls
Colourful Minaret

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore June 5th 2008

Thursday 5 June Ventured out in my salwar-kameez. Certainly a lot cooler but it is still hot - in the 40'sC. Visited a few more bazaars. The roads were very busy as some routes were closed for some reason, possibly visiting VIP's other than us! I'm just going for a dip in the pool but I will try to get to the business centre later to upload some photos. It started to rain shortly after I got to the pool so I uploaded some photos - see next blog. We went out to a local Suni Moslem Shrine which was very busy because Thursday is their Holy Day. They were singing/chanting Suni songs and there were a lot of beggars as people tend to give more on the Holy Day. We felt like we were in ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore September 8th 2007

L'obbiettivo primario e' ottenere il visto per la Cina il piu' presto possibile, per cui ci rechiamo di tutta fretta ad Islamabad solo per scoprire che il sabato le ambasciate sono chiuse; non ci resta quindi che aspettare fino a lunedi'. Il nostro hotel e' a Rawalpindi, citta' gemella, ma molto diversa, della capitale: tre grandi bazar che si fondono in un unico groviglio di negozi e banchetti, un traffico infernale dominato da piccoli e veloci minivan Suzuki riccamente colorati e decorati in ogni singolo spazio di carozzeria disponibile; questa e' una caratteristica che riguarda tutti i veicoli pubblici qui in Pakistan, dalle piccole carrozze trainate da muli ai grandi bus e camios che circolano su e giu' per il paese. Passo due giorni a combattere la mia flora intestinale deviata e a guardare interminabili match ... read more
Taxila: moneta antica, un gran bel cappello!
Lahore: moschea Badshahi
Lahore: traffico e smog

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore March 1st 2007

Apologies - currently unable to restore. If you have a backup please edit this entry and save/publish. There is a small possibility that this entry will be restored - only small. ... read more
Punjab Parliament
Lahore Fort

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 22nd 2007

I was warned by many people to not go to Pakistan, which is precisely the reason why I decided I must go. Granted, I was a bit uneasy about what I would encounter in this conservative, Muslim nation but I, nonetheless, got to the border crossing and marched my way across the border- Yes, I literally, walked the 500 yards that divides India and Pakistan by myself as I once again encountered many peculiar glares. It was amazing! Saqib, a 26-year-old Servas host, greeted me at Wagah border. Saqib was accompanied by his best friend, Faheem, whose English was a little less broken than Saqib. I was Saqib’s first visitor through Servas and it was my first time using Servas while traveling. Luckily for both of us, we hit it off immediately. It was clear that ... read more
The Kings Mosque
Pakistani Border

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore December 4th 2006

LAHORE Arriviamo alla stazione di Lahore che e' mattina presto, stanchi ed affamati, ci fermiamo quindi qualche minuto prima della "caccia alla guest house", giusto il tempo per un buon chay che qui e' proprio il caso di dire che ti rimettono al mondo! Grazie ai consigli di una simpatica ragazza giapponese incontrata a Yazd (Iran) riusciamo a muoverci con destrezza prendendo al volo il bus n.3 per scendere alla fermata di Regal Chowk, dove a pochi metri troviamo la nostra "Regal Internet Inn Guest House". Si respira India gia' da qui, nella cucina, nell'abbigliamento delle persone, nelle strade. La prima cosa che ci colpisce salendo sull'autobus e' che e' diviso in due zone: 1/3 riservato alle donne (davanti) e 2/3 per gli uomini, ben separati da una grata di ferro, dalla quale solo al controllore ... read more
La mitica sufi night
Pistakkia nell'Old Fort di Lahore
Tramonto sulla moschea Badshahi

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore November 18th 2006

We warn you now we have loved Pakistan and that can be seen by the forthcoming verbosity! Since you last heard from us we've covered some ground. From Osh we took the 24 hour bus journey back over the Irkestam pass to China with the same one-eyed driver who had somehow managed to get us there. This journey was uneventful except for the fact that the driver unloaded our bags at the border and left them there. This incurred a 4 hour trip and $50 taxi fare back to the border the next day to collect them. We spent a couple more days in Kashgar trying to extract a police report out of the reluctant officers and wandering around the old town. We spent an evening with Kashgar's local drunk - former musician Mohammed. He introduced ... read more
Passu, Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Dressing up at Baltit Fort
Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 6th 2006

On October 2nd, I decided to leave my cell-like room of Islamabad's Youth Hostel, probably the most soulless hostel I've ever been. Before leaving, as I was still sick, I popped an immodium in the hope that it would last 5 hours. I took a cab to the nearest bus station and got a ticket to Lahore. The bus left immediately and it took a whole 5 hours to get to Lahore, through the Punjabi plain. The land seems very fertile, it is no surprise that the majority of Pakistan's population live in Punjab. The bus station was at the outskirts of Lahore so I had to take a rickshaw to downtown but he got lost and we got stuck in traffic so it took almost an hour. First impressions of Lahore: HOT, very polluted and ... read more
Street life
Inside Badshahi Mosque 2
Ranjit Singh Mausoleum

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