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Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 6th 2006

We finally left the hotel 10 days after arriving in Multan, recovered from the harrowing experience with the police and buoyed by our success at managing to cycle the section we had been forced to miss. The police had, however, left a nasty surprise with the hotel staff who physically tried to prevent us from leaving the hotel. Apparently they had instruction to call the police should we leave, in order to ensure we had an escort again!!. We phoned the police ourselves to report that the hotel staff were holding us hostage, but they just laughed at us. We then bullshitted the hotel staff that he police had told us to go to the police station and take the escort from there. They couldn’t argue with this so let us go, and we got out ... read more
Punjabi paths
Flavourings with Pesticides

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore July 8th 2006

Crossing over the border was a less ardurous task than imagined and all went rather smoothly until a very commanding voice demanded we turn over our passports. Turning round we broke into smiles, it was Arnaud - and they were offering us another ride all the way to Lahore! The ride down was even crazier than the drive the day before. Once we crossed over 'roads' disappeared and instead Arnaud had to negotiate dirt tracks that went up, down and roundabout... avoiding trucks, buses, bicycles and donkeys laden with all sorts of materials. The poverty was quite startling after the relative prosperity of the Indian Punjab, and all around it seemed dirty, dusty and chaotic. As we neared the city the chaos continued and traffic came from all directions at mindblowing speeds. I am still not ... read more
The Badshahi Mosque

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 22nd 2006

The train left at 11:25am while Shahid Afridi was tearing the Indian bowling attack into pieces at Faisalabad. Everyone at the train station was glued to the TV's. It was quite an effort to get into the train like in India there is no queue and people just don’t give a damn about the people trying to get in. They will bulldoze their way through and get in. After much difficulty I got into the train and wow it looked very clean. Now the Jaffar express I believe is the Rajadhani / Shatabdi equivalent in India. Cannot make a comparison between them because I have not been in the Indian equivalent nevertheless it was much cleaner than the Indian trains. People aren’t spitting or throwing things anywhere at least temporarily. As I saw later on, the ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 21st 2006

These are images of Regal Chowk area....nearby you get Regal Internet the famous guest house where most backpackers stay....the people there are really friendly and the owners two sons are great.....I copied a wide selection (8 CD's full of MP3 world music, buddha bar equivalent) from them. They also speak very good english.... read more
Regal chowk 2
Regal chowk 3
Regal chowk 4

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 21st 2006

Here are some pictures I took of people while walking about in the city....... read more
Pakistan People 2
Pakistan People 3
Pakistan People 4

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 20th 2006

Pakistan Railway gives discounts to foreigners and students !!!! To get the discount you got to go to the train station area and take a left turn towards the Railway reservation office. Half way between the reservation office and the train station you get the accounting office also known as the DS office. The people there are extremely friendly. All foreigners get a 25% discount. All students get a 50% discount. So if you are planning to travel that “ISIC” (International Students Identify Card) is a useful thing to have. They will ask you to get a photo copy of the following: Passport details page Pakistani visa Student identification card With this they will fill a concession form and you got to go to the railway reservation and ge your ticket. I have not heard of ... read more
Bicycle taxis !!!
Pakistan buses 1
Pakistan buses 2

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore January 20th 2006

Early morning went to the Lahore train station with the Japanese guys as I was told that foreigners get a 25% discount on trains. Afterward I finished at the railway station I met Amina at 11am and went all over Lahore. We went to Anarkalee Bazaar, a few other bazaars. The Anarkalee bazaar is the Pettah equivalent (Pettah is a large wholesale shopping area in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka). Went to the Mineri Pakistan. This is where the resolution took place to separate Pakistan from India. Lahore Bad Shahi Mosque Lahore Fort Area Masjid Wazir Khan While walking in the Bad Shahi Mosque area this guy came upto us and offered me a guide service and I refused saying that Amina will show me around. When we went to the Lahore fort, I went ... read more
Anarkalee Bazzar 2
Other Bazzars 1
Other Bazzars 2

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore April 29th 1987

ENTRY 46, April 29 1987 Hettie’s Gift The valley was a wonderful place, with numerous legends and stories to titillate our imaginations. We enjoyed being shown around by Mrs Fox and came to realize the valley was far bigger than it appeared when we first arrived. The widow Fox talked and talked about Nigel: she told us of how they met, his early life in the Catholic Apostolic Church and his years as a Episcopal preacher. She also told us about his missionary work in South Africa. He, with some Methodists, had set up a mission about 90 miles north of East London near a place called Bawa Falls. Unlike most whites, he had lived and socialized with the Xhosa people. We also learned that Bawa Falls had been home to Sipho Mnyapi. Mrs. Fox went ... read more
Looking down from above
Bread-baking operation

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore April 6th 1987

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1945 ENTRY 41 -- The Opened Scroll The Viceroy's other Boundary Force, in the Punjab, was not faring well. Nearly 60,000 soldiers, well trained and equipped, were totally unable to keep the peace. In Amritsar, Sikhs slaughtered Muslims en masse. Muslim women were violated, then herded, disrobed through the streets. After being thoroughly dehumanised, the frightened women and girls had their throats cut. In Lahore, things were the worst. Train load after train load of corpses arrived at the station. Each compartment contained a mass of human bodies with an assortment of arms, legs, and other body parts strewn along the corridor. As a train arrived, a member of the Boundary Force would call out: "You are in Lahore. We are Muslims and Christians. ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore April 5th 1987

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1945 ENTRY 40 -- The Seven Angels Lahore was the most marvellous city the world has ever known. In truth, it was that magnificent pearl in the Royal Crown of Empire: a metropolis rich in culture, art and music, tied together with a certain prosperity. The Old Fort, the Badshahi Mosque, the Hindu temples, the Cathedrals and churches, each glorious in their own way. Above all, Lahore had been a city of love and peace. The population was forty-nine per cent Muslim, forty per cent Hindu, ten per cent Sikh, and one per cent Christian, yet the various groups functioned in harmony. All loved to talk religion and philosophy well into the wee hours of the morning. Educational standards were high, as high as ... read more

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