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Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 16th 2019

Sleeping at: Ali Camp Sleeping Altitude: maybe 4800m, maybe 5000m Trekking Distance: 12 km Day: 18 The sky is blue, the sun is out and today we are heading to Ali Camp. We have a last breakfast as a whole group- Danny, Gen, Lynton, Anthony, Ian and myself are proceeding with Juma and some of our porters. Mary, Chisato, Fernando and the horses are staying another night at Concordia in the hope that the helicopter will pick up Chisato and Fernando today, if not they will proceed back towards Askole on horseback. Chisato can now weight bear on her ankle but obviously can't walk any distance or climb and jump down from rocks as we have on the way up here. Originally the plan had been that Mary would leave today with the horses, Ali, the ... read more
Scree and Ice
Walking Up and Over Ice Hill

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 15th 2019

Sleeping at: Concordia (Rest Day) Sleeping Altitude: 4590m Trekking Distance: 18.7 km Day: 17 There were 2 big events today, the first reduced our party by 2 members, the 2nd could have taken out 2 more of us... Event 1 happened within an hour or so of leaving Concordia enroute to Broad Peak base Camp (4600m). Chisato, Fernando, Anthony, Gen, Danny, Lynton, Juma, Ishpak (our kitchen porter) and I left at 0700, we picked our way along the moraine, the French group were ahead of us so we watched their progress with interest. Juma chose a similar route to them, reading the safest way to traverse a non existent trail. It wasn't massively difficult but you had to set carefully due to the ice and moving rocks. After we had cleared some challenging parts of the ... read more
Glacier Moraine
Cloud Lifting

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 14th 2019

Sleeping at: CONCORDIA!!!! Sleeping Altitude: 4590m Trekking Distance: 21.8 km Day:16 06:30 departure in noticeably cooler conditions, grey sky. We're putting in another big day to make up time and will reach Concordia this afternoon- this is a major milestone and the most scenic of all of the campsites to date. The morning is dominated by glacier moraine and ice, the afternoon- more moraine and ice, some very speccy ice formations and some small flowing glacial streams to cross. It isn't as difficult as previous days despite the consistent altitude gains and we make good time. Lunch is at 10:50 and we are actually in camp by 13:40, so 7 hours including lunch. Coming into Concordia is exciting, I'm really pleased to have made it as there have been moments of real doubt. All of us ... read more
Glacier Trekking
Super Large Ice Towers

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 13th 2019

Sleeping at:Goro I Sleeping Altitude: 4160m Trekking Distance: 16.5km Day: 15 Our planned easy day of 6km to Urdukas has been reworked to try and make up time lost with the rains at Paiju. The new plan is to walk through Urdukas and aim for Goro I, a 360m altitude gain. It is quite a spectacular walk along rocky/sandy undulating trail on the side of the Baltoro Glacier. Two feeder glaciers to cross as well, ice is on the ground for the first time. Make quite good time having left at 06:30ish and arriving at Urdukas around 08:15. The hike into Urdukas is very steep but sandy and switch backed. Really out of puff by the time I reach the others (fighting the seeds of doubt!). Urdukas is a bit of an oasis- a big campsite, ... read more
Glacier Hopping
Anthony- Typical Pose
The Back To Rocky

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 12th 2019

Sleeping at:Khoburche Sleeping Altitude: 3795m Trekking Distance: 16.6km, Ascent 640m, Descent 220m Day: 14 The trekking days have a rhythm to them (no matter where the trek is really, there are just the subtle differences). Up early, try to leave early, get more than half of expected kms under your belt by lunch time to allow for a shorter afternoon. Arrive into camp, say hi to everyone who is in ahead of me (most of the group), be greeted by our porters and shown the tent for the night, clean up as much as possible and meet for an afternoon snack and hot drink. Relax for a while and then have dinner, a chat and an early night. Today followed that plan, but the scenery....... WOW........ we got onto the Baltoro Glacier, we trekked through massive ... read more
Me and The Trango Towers
Baltoro Glacier

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 11th 2019

Sleeping at:Paiju Sleeping Altitude: 3450m Trekking Distance: Rest Day Day: 13 Today was an unscheduled stop- another day at Paiju due to the potential for landslides after the last 24hrs of rain. Juma was apologetic but said it was too dangerous for us, and to be really honest, it would have been more dangerous for the porters who are the ones lugging all of the supplies and equipment- loads of 20kg and loads that aren't tidy back pack shapes but are tables and mats and stoves, etc. It was advantageous for Ian - gave his feet another day to heel, also looking at it in terms of acclimatisation another day at 3450m would be beneficial to everyone. The downside- less wriggle room for the rest of the schedule if there were more delays. I think Juma ... read more
The Horses
Low Cloud Looking Back to the West (I Think)
Alternative Toilets

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 10th 2019

Sleeping at:Paiju Sleeping Altitude: 3450m Trekking Distance: Rest Day Day 12 The Sky is Falling I’m going backwards on this day as the most significant thing happened after we’d gone to bed for the night. You know that feeling when you’re tired but relaxed?- it’s been a good day and you’re almost asleep listening to the raindrops on the tent roof. Well, that was how it was. Until.... All of a sudden there was a massive whoosh, to me it sounded like a fire had started. Except that there was no fire light or burning smell and the noise kept getting louder. Neither of us could work it out and the next thing was Gen, fully dressed in wet weather gear, saying not to panic but to get packed up and into wet weather gear and ... read more
Overcast Morning
Our Goat
Our Camp

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 9th 2019

Sleeping at:Payu/Paiju Sleeping Altitude: 3450m Trekking Distance: 22.8km, 580m Ascent, 335m Descent Day 11 Up with the sun rise. Wake to the sound of frenetic activity and the low hum of the river nearby. it's like being in a beehive. Very mild headache this morning- quickly resolved with Panadol. Breakfast and on the trail at 06:50. Lynton and Owen are both better today which is great news. Another hot day ahead of us- lots of water to carry (the kitchen porters boil up water for everyone each night and morning). The river is with us for much of the time and the walking is on sand and limestone like track. Up and down as the sun gets higher. We are all strung out along the route and meet every now and again, this is a perfect ... read more
Braldu River
Riverside Walk
Rest Stop

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 8th 2019

Sleeping at:Jula/Jhola Sleeping Altitude: 3200m Trekking Distance: 22.8km, Ascent 530m, Descent 410m Day 10 Average sleep, up before 6 for breakfast- the dining tent is set up with a very hearty amount of cereal, chappati, jam, nutella, eggs, tea and coffee. The aim is to be on the trail by 07:30. It's pleasantly cool and we're raring to go. We have already got our duffel bags that the porters will carry packed up and left outside the tent. I think my duffel weighs in at under 10kg. Our day packs are ready, everyone is carrying about 3L of water as it's going to be hot. I've snaffled one of the empty coke bottles to fill in addition to my other bottles (cool drink bottles are great because they weigh nothing). Owen (Irish guy) is keen to ... read more
Leaving Askole Campsite
Road Out
The Valley

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Gilgit-Baltistan August 7th 2019

Sleep in Askole Sleeping Altitude 3000m Day 9 Up early with the sun and really excited to be leaving. Today is a 140km jeep drive along the Indus River that becomes the Baldu and Basha Rivers as we home in on Askole (our campsite for the night). We are all ready after a last breakfast seated indoors at table and chairs for the next couple of weeks. All manage to be on time and deposit our spare bags with reception before heading out to see the jeeps being loaded and loaded some more. We are taking some porters with us from Skardu, they ride on the supply truck with 3 newly aquired and trussed chooks and a goat (!!!!!!), it is not going to end well for the goat... We bundle into our jeeps- Mary and ... read more
First Suspension Bridge
Indus River
Indus River

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