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Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas March 31st 1987

An Excerpt from the Travel Journal of Nigel Fox. (c. 1945) ENTRY 35 -- Valley of the Blue Moon Enoch and I received a more-than-proper welcome. The Valley of the Blue Moon was a most extraordinary place, filled with lovely things. At the same time there was a magnificent simplicity about the well tended gardens, spacious colonnade and beautiful stone garden-benches. James Hilton who had resided in the area for several years had captured the essence that is 'Shangri-La' in his writings. Soon after our arrival we were introduced to our rescuer, Sister Hephzibah Wilkes. I was still in my English dress, with a sun helmet on my head. Here, I... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas March 30th 1987

An Excerpt from the Travel Journal of Nigel Fox. (c. 1945) ENTRY 34 -- As Lightning From The East The train ride to Rawalpindi took us through some rather dry countryside. Red dust rose in swirling clouds as we clattered past simple mud-brick houses. I thought of Hans who used to say that it is only from the East, that true Christianity can emerge. Enoch continued to pontificate upon his favourite topic. "The Mahatma is the most Christ-like figure in history: We Christians say: 'love your enemy', he does; Christians say, 'turn the other cheek', he does; Christians say, 'give to everyone who asks', he does and Christians say, 'give up material wealth', he does." At this point I was becoming fairly weary of the subject, an... read more

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