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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 27th 2009

OK, so we arrived feeling quite spent, and I'm probably not the right person to write this entry, but I'll do my best. Even prior to the food poisoning incident, I was feeling a bit under the weather. After being up all night and following a four hour car ride, I was downright exhausted. I decided that the best course of action was to skip lunch, skip dinner, skip the movie, and skip anything else that didn't involve looking for 1) mammals in the jungle or 2) birds in the jungle. That just left the driving safari in the afternoon, which I managed to make it though. I was sort of able to enjoy it, especially when we saw two species of Hornbill, which look kind of like a toucan with a shoe glued on top. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 20th 2009

I decided to get a package tour to Chitwan instead of trying to get there on my own as it worked out cheaper in the end. It cost $50 which seemed reasonable as it included all transport, food and lodging and park fees. My trip was delayed for a couple of days as there had been a bit of an uprising by the local Tharu people and they had killed 7 tigers and closed the park to visitors. This was a real shame as there weren't many tigers as it was, I think 80 at the last count. When I arrived at the bus station the driver asked me if I wanted to ride on the roof as it afforded a wonderful view!! I politely declined and chose a seat instead, there were some crazy swedes ... read more
Chitwan at sunset
Elpehant bathtime
Going for a dip

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 10th 2009

We left Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park the day after the famous Holy Day, a celebration that can be kind of compared to what in other parts of the world would be “carnival celebrations” . The people play with water and colours, and everything is permitted! We came out of the hotel and got splashed with water balloons as soon as we walked 10 meters! People were already on every roof top with their hands full of water balloons. Then we got coloured from a local shaman and afterwards we made it back to the hotel to have our own little celebration with pizza and drinks on the terrace of the guest house where we were staying! So we took the early morning bus to Chitwan National Park. Passing for the third time through the same ... read more
Finally going to Chitwan!
Holy Day colours 1
Holy Day colours 2

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 9th 2009

March 7th 2009 Where do I begin? I am not even sure of the day today let alone the date. It’s been three days now and we have not been able to leave Sauraha. The main Road connecting us to the next town has been cut off by protesters. It’s a Tharu Bandhr that somehow managed to spiral out of control, reminiscent to the troubled history of the region. A little piece of heaven smack bang in the middle of the Terrai, the village of Sauraha in the Chitwan Region is all about calm. Andrew and I have enjoyed our jungle walks, canoeing and bird watching (luckily we where there for the limited time in the year when migrating birds of summer and winter season are at the same place. The summer birds just arrived and ... read more
it is impossible not to find that cute!
Chitwan Jungle Magic!
chitwan 3

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 8th 2009

When we woke up the next morning we were hoping for some news that would let us get back to Kathmandu and catch our flight to Delhi, which was the next day. Unfortunately the problem had gotten worse which left one local man dead and fifteen sent to seriously injured. This was not the news we were hoping for. Our guide, Gopal, informed us of a route that might work to get us passed the road barricades, but it wasn't a guarantee and it would be a lot longer. With a flight looming and trying to avoid changing all our trains back in India we decided to take a chance. We hopped on the bicycle rickshaw that would take us through the jungle for five hours on a road made of rock and dirt. I had ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 7th 2009

We arrived in Chitwan later in the day so there wasn't much for us to do, so we went for a village walk and got familiar with the town and the people. The next day we woke up bright and early for our elephant trek through the jungle on the hopes that we will see some wild rhino. We were very fortunate to see a couple of them, and they are bigger and scarier up close then at the zoo. After our trek Sarah had the opportunity to ride an elephant barebacked through the town to the elephant bath where I joined her. Bathing an elephant is probably one of the most exhausting, amazing experiences we have ever had. The elephant will keep dunking you under going side to side for 15-20 min and you better ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 6th 2009

BE Warned !!- this one is a long impression and reading it might result in an uncontrollable urge to promptly book a flight to Nepal, next February. When I started my no-planning-stage to Nepal, I fantasized about the Himalayas, about Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, about long tracks in thin air. Right of the bat in Kathmandu I realized that I was unquestionably "Templed-Out", and that if i see one more statue of Buddha I'd become a Born Again Christian with a Jehovah-Witness-Behavioral-Disorder. Just think of a light consistent knock on your door, one unsuspecting afternoon, and here is Mr. Travlin Z packing a Bible, covered in crimson colored lacy cloth, and offering you a word of pseudo-brotherly-compassion in a futile attempt on your soul. So I wandered about aimlessly for a couple of weeks. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nayapul, ... read more
Fresh Tiger Tracks
High grass in Tiger territory
Mrs. Rhino hiding

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 3rd 2009

Howdy people, gotta say I am really looking forward to finally having this thing up to date at some point in the near future! Took a crippling, no suspension bus to Chitwan with a mega low roof so you repeatedly bash your head! This was of obviously on a Nepali road, which are amongst the scariest in the world too, around valley and clifftop rims, cornering at speeds not meant to be reached by buses with little in the way of functional brakes. On the bright side, it was a pretty interesting set of sights on the way, including a proper Nepali service stop where will filled up on veggie burgers and saw two bushes which (for one reason or another) had been covered with egg shells... Landscape-wise, on leaving the Himalaya's around Pokhara, we travelled ... read more
Croc Spotted on the Jungle Trip
Following the Guide
I Spent One Morning Being Attacked by Puppies

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 3rd 2009

The journey from Pokhara was by bus, and not just any bus - it was the most rickety ramshackle bus that we have ever seen. It looked like it had been sitting in a bus yard for decades. There were a lot of tall people on the bus, and they kept whacking their heads because the roof was so low, and dad was one of them, in fact every time he stood up he hit his head. We left Pokhara at 7:30AM and the journey took 6 hours - but it felt like 2 days. It was soooooo boring, there was nothing really to do. We even made up menus for a pretend cafe. As soon as we arrived in Chitwan we got a taxi to our camp and the driver was called Chris, he was ... read more
Pinky the Elephant
Half ton twins..
The really cheeky chappie

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 27th 2009

OK, I realise I still haven't even finished writing about the trek, but here's a link to a video of the elephant baths at Chitwan National Park. Ciaran is on the front, Gareth in the middle and me flailing at the back. PS, back in Kathmandu, canyoning tomorrow, rafting day after! ... read more

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