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Asia » Nepal » Annapurna July 1st 2005

Walking the annapurna trail during the monsoon season, we had the mountains and tea houses all to ourselves. The signs outside closed cafes teased us with empty promises of apple pies and cakes. Even the rebels had left their posts, and our worries of meeting up with gun-toting maoists politely asking for a donation - sometimes negotiable and always issued with a receipt - were needless. Instead we met up with leeches dropping down on us from the slippery trees, shared our beds with famished fleas, came across stampeding yaks, long lines of loaded donkeys, the unforgettable himalayas, and the ever-friendly and varied faces of the Nepalese. ... read more
watching the day pass by

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna June 22nd 2005

After meeting a lot of other backpackers who had recently been to Nepal, our decision to come here was made easy, especially because we were now up for some serious trekking. Once again it seemed like the city of Delhi always had a way of luring us back in, so we had yet another two day stop here in 40 degree heat to get things organized. We went to see Star Wars episode III and hung out with Steve and Gemma, a couple from England. They took us to Delhi’s revolving restaurant and we all agreed that the food and Delhi’s night time view was nothing to rave about. But none the less we had an enjoyable night and ended up in a slightly polished English style pub to while the hours away. Erik and I ... read more
Mountain villagers
Cold mornings
Cute Nepali girl

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna May 11th 2005

(part 2) Each day we would hike from about 7am till 2pm. And every night I'd basically just read, and read and read. Then go to bed around 8:30. I truly cannot remember the last time that I went to bed at 8:30 on a regular, any ideas? The first night out was probably the most eventful. We stayed at a tea house where a really drunk Nepali guy hung out...which actually ended up being a good thing because he got the "dance party" started. That night my guide (Jaya), the drunk guy, grandma (from the kitchen), a few other tourists, and a couple of the cooks all danced (to the same song over and over again) for hours and hours. It was pretty fun learning how to do the Nepal dance (i'll give a ... read more
local kids
More mountain photos

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna May 10th 2005

Well everyone. I am back safe and sound. I didnt run into any Moaist...but I have to admit I was looking forward to a little action..oh well. So the trek; phew, where do I begin. The trek was a ten day "hike" up up up up up the Himalayan Mountains to the basecamp in the Annapurna Mountain range. I have never ever seen as many stairs has I have on this hike....i mean, things really got out of control. And it messes with you a little. For example. Sometimes, at home, during normal life, if you have to go up or down a flight of stairs, and are running a little late...or just want to get them over with you can hustle. you know, maybe skip a step each time or double time down the stairs....this ... read more
Nepalies boy

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna August 20th 2004

Salut a tous... Rendez-vous etait pris entre nous pour la derniere partie de la "Trilogie" de mes aventures au Nepal : le Trek dans la chaine des Himalayas, autour de l'Annapurna... Que de "coincidences" m'y ont amenes... et notemment la rencontre du pote Maurin, a Delhi (mail precedent)... Pour ce trek, nous sommes partis de Pokhara (a 6 ou 7 heures de bus de Kathmandu), ou nous avions passe 2 jours au bord du lac, le pote Maurin et moi, a nous preparer mentalement pour cette grande aventure... Moi, j'avais que mes fringues Goannaises, c'est a dire des fringues legeres, et j'avais laisse au Kashmir les habits qu'on m'y avait prete. J'avais un peu peur de ca... En fait, on allait monter a 5416 metres precisemment !!! Plus haut que le Mont blanc !!! Dans les ... read more
En fond, les Himalaya..
Dans l'Annapurna...1

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna April 24th 1997

Friday 25/4 – Shell: We left Bangkok and caught our flight to Nepal. It was only a 3 hour flight but unfortunately we didn’t get to see the Himalayas as it was too cloudy. It was a pretty bumpy flight – a little bit nerve racking, made more so when descending through the stormy clouds there was a huge bang and a blinding flash of light. No cause for fear; only lightening hitting the plane!! We finally landed safely and instantly fell in love with Kathmandu and Nepal. As we got off the plane and were crossing the tarmac, we looked around there was an old man dressed ‘Nepali’ style sitting crossed legged in a field just watching us... Cool! A tout dragged us into a ‘taxi’ (a ’74 Toyota, no seatbelts) and drove ... read more

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