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April 20th 2018
Published: April 20th 2018
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I never sleep well before a flight so by the time I got up I was so tired. Kym and Star were the same. Leaving Adelaide I had all the essentials packed; mermaid tail, EMF device, flushable bum wipes, bubblewrap and a pack of Allen's Killer Pythons.. you got to have snakes on a plane..
So I have to say that Malaysian airlines are pretty high up on customer service.
After the seat belt sign was turned off staff went through the cabin with a juice or water. Taking an obligatory drink we did wait a while for the food service, being at the back of the plane that was to be expected. Our two choices were a frittata or coconut chicken rice.. for breakfast. Star and I chose the rice dish and Kym the frittata and without a doubt Star and my meal were definately the best choice (So DON'T choose the frittata if flying Malaysian airlines, (unless of course you like slightly under cooked potatoes, peas and eggs in a tasteless combo with sausage and baked beans.) So I was winning...
The drink service is not advertised, however the staff were more than happy to oblige more than generous shots of alcohol and if there is one thing I can say is that the staff were amazing. They knew mine and Kym's drink choice by the second (third, fourth and fifth order)
Okay so I may have ordered five vodka shots (and probably double and combined with air altitude.. triple..) So I was .. um.. happy 😁.

Initially wanted to focus on my novel, I did write around 500 words but the tempt of movies I hadn't seen called my name. Dismissing the bad reviews and Kym's poo poo of superhero movies I chose Justice League and relived my childhood imagination role playing days, thoroughly enjoying the action packed movie. Moving on to I, Tonya, another movie I enjoyed I kept pausing only for the important task of getting another vodka (or bathroom breaks, in which I may have taken a spare toilet seat cover or 2 .. ok 3) Flying as high as the plane, my third and final movie for the flight was Ferdinand.. a children's cartoon .. (I honestly love Disney and other cartoon movies and am not afraid to tell anyone, they friggin rock!)

The flight seemed to go by so quickly, a quick snack to which I had no idea what it was but was delicious and we were landing.

G is what we were told to collect our luggage. That's it. So for those that are traveling to Malaysia, immigration and bag collection are one train stop away so we found out after asking several airport staff after arrival.(It's a free train)

Kym's bright orange bag greeted us, however Star 's black and white suitcase and my leopard print luggage case did not make it on this round. I was thankful I packed a spare pair of knickers but wondering how my bra and knickered body would be recieved by Malaysian people at the hotel in the infinity pool I planned to be in once we checked into our accommodation would go.. Half an hour of waiting, talking to staff and waiting an additional three quarters of a hour for our lost luggage and we were finally on our way in an uber... in peak hour traffic.. sigh

Overcast and muggy I was thinking I was probably looking like the wife of Ronald McDonald in the hair department but meh I was on holiday so seriously who cares if I'm Mrs McFrizzy.

The ride to our accommodation was along the way of electricity poles inbetween palm trees and greenery, a total oxymoron. Closer to the city the buildings were noticeable stained with mould and I wondered what life was like for the locals. In the distance we could see the famous Petronas towers surrounded in a cloudy haze and ten minutes from arriving at our accommodation those clouds that hung like a miserable old man released their torrent and water rained down making the humid weather even more muggy.

A couple of money changing issues and we checked in. The room was spacious with all the basic needs. We were high up and looking out the window gave you a slight bit of vertigo.

Starving and thirsty we ventured to Sunway Putra Mall, a quick 5 minute walk.

The restaurant PappaRich was ok. The food was a bit bland but it definately hit the spot in satisfying the hunger and thirst issue.

The night was warm so we packed our bathers and went up to the infinity pool which overlooked the Petronas towers and KL in general and the view at night with all the city lights was spectacular. The pool was refreshing and a great way to end the first night on our trip. I think we will all sleep well tonight.


20th April 2018

Keep is posted sweetheart enjoy x
21st April 2018

Wonderful blog!

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