Kym n Nik's Hawaiian Honeymoon Day 15

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October 16th 2017
Published: October 16th 2017
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Day 15

We had originally planned to go to Pearl Harbour but the hour and a half journey there and then back again plus that neither of us had it high on our priority list we decided against it. Today was going to be a chill day.

We started with a beach walk down to the marina. Off the shore at one of the beaches we were hoping to snorkel at was a boat that looked like it was sinking. The coast guard was out and they were going to clear the beach soon. We walked nabbed towards our hotel with a quick swim but the beach had lots of rocks but not ones that attracted cool fish and it was wavy and not much to be seen so we headed back to the hotel.

We decided to grab a drink and a book and head to our hotel pool instead to chill. The pool was shut, it was being resurfaced. Not cool hotel, not cool.

Now the day that we first arrived in Waikiki we had walked through the Hilton swimming area and noticed there were people in the pool as one sees at a hotel.. but from our perspective we could swim there.. there were no signs saying hotel guests only... sooo yeah that was our plan B.

There are bikes for hire all around Waikiki and Kym did want to ride and I thought I did too.. We hired bikes just for half hour ($3.50 for 30 mins) but found we couldn't ride on the sidewalk which we hoped to do to catch the view of the coastline and the flow of traffic was only one way... the opposite way we wanted to go so cutting down side streets we rode our bikes in the general direction looking for a place to offload them. It seemed that on the main strip you could pick up a bike every couple of hundred metres but where we went nada (apparently 100 places to pick up and drop off bikes.. 🤔) so our half hour ride turned into an hour bike ride in the sun. My butt was hurting from the seat (even though I have way more padding in that department than Kym, he was fine 😒), I was hot, my thighs and knees were hurting.. yeah ok I guess I'm a little unfit but it was hot and by the end of it I was cursing and swearing and ready to run into the closest body of water we could find.

We finally found a bike drop off, I finished off half a bottle of water and we walked to find that damn swimming pool. We saw one, it wasn't the one we had seen but all I saw was water. Cool, refreshing water. There were screaming kids everywhere but it was heavenly. We floated for a blissful hour, got out of the that hotel's pool and caught the bus back to our hotel 🤣 Plan B worked well!!

A shower and a change into pirate inspired outfits and we jumped on the bus again (yes wearing pirate outfits.. I kept hearing Kym being called Captain Jack Sparrow) we were off to Hooters for dinner first. We've been to a few Hooters (just love that tangy sauce) but this one was a bit on the dumpy side, disappointing. Our waitress wasn't the normal friendly kind of girl we were used to. Oh well, the wings were good.

Taking a Lyft to our next destination we boarded a wooden pirate ship for a Pirate Cruise of Honululu. The staff were dressed as pirates and a group of ladies had a pirate accessory... Kym wore his pirate bandana with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tshirt (American NFL Team) and waist coat (and eyeliner.. you HAVE to have Eyeliner of you're a real pirate ☠) and I wore my pirate outfit. It was BYOG (Bring Your Own Grog) so as pirates do we brought Rum.

Our pirate adventure on the seas had bad dance music (but we had rum so who cares) and views of the Honululu city lights at night including fireworks. We met and chatted with some awesome people and the cruise finished far too soon. It was so much fun though. Kym bought a couple more t-shirts and the pirate behind the bar happened to be in a Sammy Hagar tribute band that was playing the next day.. well now we have something cool to do on our last night..

We finished the rum back at the hostel before bed. A bottle between us.. hmmm.. I hope there won't be any repercussions 🤔☠

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