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April 22nd 2018
Published: April 22nd 2018
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Day 2
Today's adventure started at the KL Bird Park. We arrived in time for Hornbill feeding and we all got a turn to feed them. They are really gentle and the one we fed was quite big. For those that don't know Zazu from the Lion King is a Hornbill but a lot smaller than the Rhinoceros Hornbill, Malaysia's national bird, that we fed. I was already pretty happy with this highlight and my day got better. A quick bite to eat, Kym chose Nasi Goreng and I went with Char kway teow, Star nibbled on some satays. The bird show was held in an amphitheatre and we watched parrots including macaws perform. I put my hand up to help in one part and had a macaw fly to my arm, rewarding him with a few sunflower seeds.. another highlight.

The park is 90% covered in netting and many of the birds roam free around us. There are waterfalls, ponds and lots of greenery with plenty of feeding points presenting multiple photo opportunities to get up close to the 200 different species that were spread around 8.5 hectares. We walked amongst egrets, milky storks, yellow billed storks, crested pigeons,
The other Rhinoceros Hornbill The other Rhinoceros Hornbill The other Rhinoceros Hornbill

This one could go just about anywhere in the park
peacocks and hens, guinea fowls, sacred ibis (bin chickens for those in Australia 🤣) a scarlet ibis and even flamingos, although they preferred to be a little away from the crowds of people who flocked there (you see what I did there 😂).
I sat amongst a flock of yellow billed storks making a friend of one who decided he liked me, giving me kisses..pulling my eyelids, hair, earings, clothing.. also a highlight (well maybe not the eyelid pulling , that was weird)
We moved to the enclosure of the Grey Crowned Crane, a majestic looking bird who had a go at Kym, pecking him on the arm and attacking him with its feet, similar to an emu attack. I tried to get a photo close to him too but he had a go at me and pecked my bum.

Next was the Flamingos, a highlight just in the fact that they are Flamingos 😍 They were not interested in the bird park food or people but were happy to pose for a photo. I was in lurve and happy.

We finished off the afternoon chasing after a good photo of the only scarlet ibis (A really small flamingo kinda looking bird) and watching the eagles get fed.

Highly highly recommend the KL Bird Park.

Our next adventure was to the famous Petronas Towers and we had booked into the skywalk tour. We had a bit of time to kill before our tour so had a quick look around KLCC Mall but I'm really not a shopper of high-end products. Feeling like an ice cream I chose Durian flavour. Now for those that don't know Durian is a stinky fruit. When I say stinky I mean it smells like a toilet. Well actually I have heard it described as smelling like rotting meat combined with turpentine , onions and gym socks 😱 It is banned in many places like public transport and even the hotel we are staying at has it as a "rule" to not have in the apartment.

A good one is meant to taste amazing and it is known as the King of Fruit. So how bad could a Durian Ice Cream be? Well, hmmm this one..was .. awful. Not that I've licked toilet bowls or anything but it smelled like sewage and didn't taste much better. Kym wouldn't come near me for a good couple of hours as my breath smelled like something from the Creature of the Black Latrine. Not sexy.

I had to eat dinner just to get the taste out of my mouth. Kym and Star went safe with burgers and I chose grilled Stingray. Working around the cartlige bits it had a seafood cross pork flavour but I enjoyed it. It temporarily fixed the Durian aftertaste I had.

It was time for our tour of the towers. It was good, expensive for the time you are allowed up there though. I picked the 6.15pm time slot thinking we would have an hour for our viewings which included the 86th out of 88 floors and the 83rd floor (souvenir shop, of course) as well as the skydeck but sadly missed sunset by 10 minutes. For anyone going, choose the tour 30 mins before sunset. Still the views were great. Just a note that the skybridge is not quite attached to the two buildings but I only felt it move once, minimally but could imagine on a strong wind it would move more.

We got back to the apartment, exhausted, our feet sore, so another quick swim in the infinity pool before we retired back in the room for a couple of bevvy's.

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That Crowned HeronThat Crowned Heron
That Crowned Heron

So I was standing with my arms folded cause he was having a go at my fingers. He ended up pecking my bum. Cheeky bugger.

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