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June 21st 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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The magnetic powers of Perhentian Kecil draw me back once again, a brief holiday is extended into a two month stay. A life of sand, sea, sun and scuba. I confess - I do not know why I am here again - I do enjoy it here. I'm "working" part-time as a divemaster, part-time as web geek. But - I've been here, I've done here, I've worn the T-shirt till it's faded down to a vague suggestion of it's orig... Read Full Entry

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21st June 2007

hey, i thought the internet connection sucks on perhentian. where are you staying this time?
21st June 2007

Sucky Internet...
It's better than last year - but yes - it sucks! - Wifi at Bubu's longbeach makes it a little easier - but it costs more than my room :)
21st June 2007

Ali, I'm planning a few days in the Perhentians end of july. I don't suppose you'd still be there ? Shame, could use a dive buddy :-) Love the photos. Keep it up xx
21st June 2007

very colourful
Your photos are AMAZING to say the least!! You definitely have an eye for underwater photography. I've been to the Perhentian Islands twice before, and dived there, and I must say it is one of my favourite places I have ever visited. I only have an advanced certificate, so I certainly cannot match your 300 dives, but I still enjoy diving (even if London doesn't really offer much of it, hehe!). I have attampted underwater photography, mainly as part of my advanced open water course, but also on my own, but I find it extremely hard to take good pics (the light, having a steady hand, predicting if/when the object is going to move, etc). Is it your own camera, and if so, what sort do you use? Good luck finding another place like the Perhentians, I've searched and still haven't found it...... Eva
21st June 2007

I'm very jealous!!!
Fantastic seahorse photos. Have you thought about Khao Lak, Thailand - since the Tsunami there has ben a huge effort to rebuild the tourist industry and you'll have the Semilian islands just a boat trip away.
21st June 2007

Thought you were dead...
Thanks for the update. I was wondering when your next travelblog post was coming. Glad to hear that you're alive and well diving in SE Asia (no surprise there). Keep posting pics. As I sit here bored to death at work, it's nice to know that people are actually out living their lives - even though it makes me think, "This time last year I was doing.... in instead of sitting at my computer in Toronto." Safe travels.
22nd June 2007

Finally a long awaited post by the king of travelblog! And what a post it is... juicy, colorful and spectacular shots of the life aquatic. Im going to the Channel Islands of California for a live aboard trip again this July 4. Have you dove there? Poor Knights? Puerto Rico? Red Sea? ha ha you are the worldwide dive expert I dont know where you should go next. Just go and post the pics for us please! :)
22nd June 2007

i love all your photos!
22nd June 2007

Hey Alistair. Fantastic photos! have you been to Sipadan island?
22nd June 2007

Hempstead in the wet
Hi Ali you sound quite world and fun weary just think about Hempstead in the wet and IJ'm sure it will give you ideas about where you don't want to go! Mum
26th June 2007

I dived with you in the Perhentians
Hi Ali, not sure if u remember me, but I did two dives with you in June. I was looking on the seadragon website, seeing if you put up those pics of that massive turtle we saw when i found this page. Awesome pics. Perhentians were awesome.
28th June 2007

To Renee
Send a message - (through contact) or if you have my mail - I'll send the rest of the photos from the dive your way - hope you are enjoying Europe :)
28th June 2007

Nice Pics
Hey Ali, Fab pics! I was just at work and stumbled across your page. Hope you and Liam are still having a good time. keep posting your pics, they're fab. Natalie (Julie's friend) x
1st July 2007

great pix ali, good luck on the search for the perfect place
9th August 2007

Glad to see you're doing good
Glad the site's back up as well! Getting ready for my next trip and was worried you might not be back up! I'm Bolivia bound! Happy travels!
15th August 2007

Your Photos are Beautiful.
27th September 2007

Hey Ali, What type of camera are you using for your underwater shots? I'm looking at getting one and would love some advise
27th February 2008

Hey mate, Just looked through your blog and learnt the story behind travelblog. Just wanted to say thanks for the site, I appreciate it and the work u must put into it to keep it going. Thanks!!! Leon
25th October 2010
Crown of Thorns Starfish

i cant believe that they have such sharp points on them

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