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April 17th 2007
Published: November 7th 2007
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Turtle Heaven,

Red is Sipadan - zoom to see how much reef it has - we are sorry, but we don't have imagery at the zoom level for this region - doh :) Soon though!

There must have been some mistake, I've died and gone to Turtle heaven. Floating around 20m down I start to count the turtles, I count and count - 55 turtle sightings on this dive. Photoblog memories from Sipadan 2007... when I die, I want to go to turtle heaven.

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Cuttlefish EggsCuttlefish Eggs
Cuttlefish Eggs

Embedded in Staghorn Coral

7th November 2007

Upping the Ante?
Wow Ali, you've really outdone yourself this time! Seemingly every picture on the first page is a 5/5 for me. I LOVE those cuttlefish!!! It must be hard to spend so long down there taking pictures... I mean hard to come back up! You're obviously in the zone underwater, becoming one with egg laying cuttlefish.. :)
7th November 2007

Love your photos!
Hi Ali. I just love your photos. They seem to be getting better and better. Keep up the good work on this site. How long are you going to be in Rio? Stay safe.
7th November 2007

It's like another world down there!
Mate your photos are sooooo cool! You've single handedly made me want to learn scuba diving. Is it hard to learn? It seems totally worth it :)
7th November 2007

So envious!
Sipadan was the most amazing place i've ever been diving! I've just been to the Great Barrier reef, and it doesn't even compare! Is there anywhere as beautiful as Sipadan or is everything after Sipadan bound to be a bit of a disappointment?
8th November 2007

I do so love your underwater photos. Seems all I do is rate them with 5s!
8th November 2007

Your photos are really amazing. If you are heading to the peninsular, the diving at the Perenthian islands is also amazing, the best place that I have dived. Keep taking great photos and enjoy your travels. X
8th November 2007

dive the philippines!
Anywhere as beautiful or better than Sipadan? Go to the Philippines jut near Sipadan. Spectacular Tubattaha Reefs!
8th November 2007

Wow Ali!
Absolutely unbelievable... I love how you share your stuff with us... seriously amazing :)
9th November 2007

Underwater Camera
Firstly WOW I am in awe of your turtles pics, just out of interest I was wondering what underwater camera/housing you use. Only ever used a Canon Ixus with housing and the new olympus which I know arent really gonna produce pictures like yours. Do you have a dead expensive professional camera? Let me know thanks Vicky
9th November 2007

Thanks for all the great comments - I use a Canon Ixus 800IS - more here: http://www.travelblog.org/Forum/Threads/7022-1.html
11th November 2007

Your photos are absolutely spectacular! The colours and textures that you've managed to capture are amazing! Keep it up!!! :)
19th November 2007

I get chills everytime I look at your pictures! They are amazing. You have a gift!!
2nd December 2007

Quite good photos!
Your photos are coming along nicely Alistair! Dad
2nd December 2007

P.S. They really are utterly amazing !! Just love the turtle and the cuttlefish!
24th March 2008

WOW! Turtle and batfish is unbelievable! You should be winning awards for photography...as well as web site designing! Very, very impressive Ali!
16th June 2008

Absolutely amazing photos! Must have been a surreal experience.
8th September 2008

oh wow, your underwater photography is off the richter:)
26th November 2009

Your photos are amazing, I recently chose to go to Perentian over Sipadan and have been kicking myself since making that choice - your pics have just confirmed it! You've made me very jealous, albeit determinded to get there very soon!
16th April 2010

I Lovely it.
Because of .I like see and nature Mabul , I think ,At the scubra under sea at mabul so beautifully.it uaseen and amazing verry verry so much.
24th July 2010
Turtle and Batfish

This is my favourite photo of the whole site!
15th September 2010

Nemo fish! - We managed to see them for real, when we were snorkling on the Perhentian islands.
24th September 2010
Nudibranch and Squirt

nudibranch add squirt
how beautiful!!!!
26th September 2010
Chevron Baracuda

i like it...
2nd January 2011

Amazing clarity in this photograph!
6th April 2011

briliant ;-)
4th November 2011

Oh, my!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is one of the best pictures I have ever seen. Love from Argentina. Graciela.
19th June 2012
Pygmy Seahorse (1cm)

They are so beautiful
Is there anywhere in the world i could purchease these? I have no limit on my funds.
19th June 2012
Pygmy Seahorse (1cm)

I don't think so!
Dependent on the coral, incredibly fragile... but yes beautiful. Apparently there is a Dwarf Seahorse that is kept in aquariums successfully - a ton more info here http://www.fusedjaw.com/biology/pygmy-seahorses/

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