Liz and Jahan

Liz Jahan

Liz and Jahan

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando November 4th 2011

Our final week on vacation (as the American’s say it) found us back in Florida. We spent the night after the cruise in Miami Beach. As we had already had the chance to look around there a little earlier in the week, we knew what we wanted to see. We picked up our rental car; a 2012 Mustang and drove to the zoo. It was extremely hot – they even have ‘cool down’ stations around the zoo for visitors to stand under and have a cold mist of water sprayed on them. We spent the evening back at Lincoln Road Mall, having our first taste of Japanese for the trip.. Note to self, do not order an appetizer in the US – meals are HUGE! The following day, we drove to Orlando via Gator Park. Gator ... read more
Our rental car
Eggs in a carton!
An Alligator

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau October 30th 2011

Our first stop after Houston was Miami..the rigmarole you have to go through that the airport is crazy! – We were glad we had gone there 2 ½ hours early. Our first impressions of Miami were great. It’s not exactly as I had imagined in my head – roller skating bikini-clad women on a beach… it’s more like Surfer’s Paradise. Our hotel was on the beach, with a balcony and view right over the water. There is really good public transport less than a block away which took us to Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road really blew us away. It’s an open-air mall packed full of retails stores selling camera gear, souvenirs and clothes – both bargains and labels. But, the mall is mostly restaurants and bars. The mall is five blocks long, which you can imagine ... read more
Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach
Our ship
Our first afternoon on the ship

North America » United States » Texas » Houston October 25th 2011

The second half of our stay in Houston seems to have gone so quickly, we can’t believe it’s over already! We are backtracking a little with this blog to go over what Jahan has been up to. During the weekend, Jahan had a friend; who lives in San Antonio, drive down to Houston to visit. They arranged for him to stay at the Crowne Plaza, so that made things nice and easy. On Saturday, the boys went to the NASA Centre which is about a 30 minute drive away. They saw the space control centre that was used for the Appollo missions, and the V5 Saturn rocket that was used to launch these missions including the Appollo 13 mission that landed on the moon. Check out the photos. Monday was a free day for the chorus, ... read more
Trying on boots
The Toyota Centre

North America » United States » Texas » Houston October 17th 2011

25 hours after getting on a plane in Christchurch, we finally made it to Houston, Texas. Im not a great flyer, but somehow this trip wasn't so bad... The only problem was being extremely bored! The chorus are staying at the Crowne Plaza, complete with free internet, a pool, onsite bar and restaurant and home to our rehearsals for the next ten days. As our shuttle pulled up to the hotel, we had a singing welcome from all the other chorus members who had checked in the day before, which was heartfelt and really lovely. Day two started with an early wake up to find breakfast and then some shopping. Half the chorus had the same idea, as we found many of them at Macys. In fact, at one point, about a third of the baritone ... read more
The tunnels
The view out our hotel room window
The Steakhouse

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch October 8th 2011

It's been a very interesting year and a half since we found out we were heading to Houston for the International Sweet Adelines Competitions. There was no way were could have guessed we would go through what we have, but Houston has been a great goal to work towards and it's almost here! We have been rehearsing a lot recently, in fact I feel like I have seen my chorus buddies more than my family in the last few months! We have two more rehearsals before we all jet off, then it will be a whirlwind of international coaches, two shows, the semi's and hopefully the finals! We will be writing blog entries throughout our trip; Houston, Miami, The Bahamas and Orlando. If you would like to view our semi finals performance live; go to: ... read more
Chch City Chorus

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City February 27th 2009

We had planned to go directly from Montreal to Quebec after the bus trip from NYC. However the weather conditions were not ideal for driving (25 cm of snow falling), so great so we decided to stay the night in Montreal and to drive to Quebec on Friday morning. Thursday was really a day of catch up, liz and I had been fairly tired from all of the non stop things that we have been doing so far so it was good to just have a bit of a rest day. We stayed at the Best Western near Montreal airport and had our room upgraded for free to a suite. We decided to have Italian for dinner and found an inexpensive restaurant near the hotel that delivered for free. - We were not keen to brave ... read more
The old town
Jahan and Liz at the frozen waterfall
The castle over the frozen river

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 26th 2009

After Carnegie, (it seems so long ago already) we had a couple of days extra in NYC before heading up to Canada. We began the 17th of February with a brunch at a sort of salad bar - I hope this phenomenon comes to Christchurch, basically, you choose which type of lettuce you want and the bowl size, then you choose the ingredients you want in the salad. Each one is priced depending on what it is, so meat would be more expensive than tomato for example. Then you choose your dressing and pay for the salad. I guess it’s sort of like Subway, but there is much more choice. We headed off to the Museum of Natural History. I’m not a big fan of museums, so I was a little skeptical. We had a good ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 23rd 2009

Yes this is the annual boy’s day report. This time I was accompanied by John (one of the chorus member’s husbands) and young James her son (10y/o). We started the day with a visit to a café, Liz already woke me up way too early to go have breakfast with her before she went to her dress rehearsal. So I just chilled with them while they ate and had an OJ. Then we decided to take the 4/5 line subway to the upper east side of Manhattan to call on our first stop, the Guggenheim museum. When I studied in high school in America I took an American history class and we studied Frank Lloyd Wright. He is a great American architect and I was told in that class that his best work was the Guggenheim ... read more
Photo 1
Photo 4

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 22nd 2009

There are two pages of photos, be sure to click page two at the bottom of the text. For those of you who don’t know all of the details of why we are here, the Christchurch City Chorus was one of 12 chorus’s to be chosen from the 34 who competed in Calgary in 2007 to participate in a show in Carnegie Hall. Seven of the 12 chosen decided to participate. Christchurch is the only non American chorus to have been chosen, so we feel extremely privileged to have received the invitation. On the 14th of February we began our rehearsals for the show at Carnegie Hall. Mid afternoon the chorus got together for the first time in New York in a conference room at the hotel. It went well, but we decided to call an ... read more
At rehearsal
Waiting for the bus at the Hotel
On the bus to Carnegie Hall

North America » United States » New York » New York February 14th 2009

There is a second page to this blog, be sure to click page 2 at the end of the first page to see the other photos. As we left San Fran, I couldn’t help thinking that this may be the last time we come here. I had mixed feelings to whether I liked the city any more; however the guy I sat next to on the plane said that if we had gone out of the tourist areas we would have felt differently. (No homeless people, no scalpers, etc.) It was a long and bumpy flight to NYC, we finally arrived and I was a little disappointed at JFK, I’m not entirely sure what I expected, but I thought it would be more ‘Grand’ - perhaps it is in the international terminal. The shuttle from the ... read more
The view from the top of the Empire State Building
The view from the top of the Empire State Building
The Statue of Liberty

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