Photos from Sarawak, Malaysia, Asia - page 2

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Pitcher plant
Kuching buildings
In the trees
Hungry Monkey
Mom and Baby, Closeup
04. Canopy walk
Photo 23
Beach stroll
Macaque on the plank walk near park HQ
Backpack on, where the monkeys can't get it
From the Cezch Republic: BraAgas
This longhouse has seats and I took full advantage!
Exploring the Sarawak Cultural Village
Just a bit of moss coverage
Bat exodus
View from Kota Kinabalu over the South China Sea
Photo 7
Chillies, Miri market
The Bat Swarm
Macaques voleurs du parc de Bako
Vipère parc de Bako
Bibitte  parc de Bako
Tarzan parc de Bako
Plante carnivore parc de Bako
Mosqué de Kuching
Bateaux de pêche à Kuching
Petite Bornéaise
Kuala Lumpur de nuit
Tours jumelles Pétronas
Tours Pétronas Kuala Lumpur
Incredible green colours at Deer cave
Deer cave
Deer cave zoomed in
The Deer cave; see that big hole in the rock?
Macaque: Bob
Peter up close
Anyone for chicken feet soup?
Orang Utan
Kinabatangan river
proboscis monkey
male proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)
Hornbill carving
Farewell to our host
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