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November 28th 2017
Published: November 28th 2017
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In the afternoon after arriving in the Cameron Highlands, we went to a nice little place to have tea and strawberry scones (the region being famous for tea and strawberries). On the next day, we had planned to go for a walk in the tea plantations before going to Penang but I had been sick all night and when Shaun woke up, he was sick too. It was probably food poisoning and it kept us inside the hotel all morning. After that, I felt too weak to walk for long so we didn't see much of the Cameron Highlands apart from what we saw from the bus. In Penang, we were a bit disappointed to see that the Penang Hill was closed. Floods had destroyed some of the cable car equipment and trees had fallen on the tracks and paths. We were very tired so we stayed at the hostel for most of the day, going out only to eat! We had read that Penang was home to the best food in Malaysia but we didn't get the chance to eat anything nice. I tried a Malaysian specialty called Teow Keow and it was so spicy I didn't finish it. It just felt like biting in a chilly pepper: I don't see the point of making food so spicy because it takes the taste of the food away!
We stayed in Penang for two nights and then took a ferry to Langkawi. Shaun is ill and we are both quite tired! Food has often been a big help in making us feel better but I have found food appallingly bad since we've been here! And the only time it was nice, we had food poisoning!
(Yes, I am ranting, sorry! A French woman can get very unhappy if she doesn't get decent food!!).
We stayed in all day on our first day in Langkawi and got out only to eat. Shaun had fever and needed to rest. On the second day, it rained a lot and we didn't do much either although Shaun started feeling better.

On the day of our flight back to Kuala Lumpur, we get to the airport, board the plane and as the plane is ready to depart, Shaun and I are asked to leave the aircraft: our flight is on the next day...
So we go back to the place we just checked out of and sleep for most of the day, before finding out that Mount Agung, in Bali, where we are heading tomorrow from Kuala Lumpur is erupting. Even if there is nothing to worry about (please do not read the news, they make it sound a lot worse than it actually is - the actual official reports and updates for example from Indonesia.travel are more reliable!), the ashes in the sky aren't really a good thing for planes! So we are waiting for updates and for now, trying to hop on the right plane to get to Kuala Lumpur!


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