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December 16th 2015
Published: December 17th 2015
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LAX to Haneda

Tokyo StationTokyo StationTokyo Station

20 hours, finally made it!
20 hours later, I finally made it to the Royal Park Hotel in Tokyo. The 12.5 hour plane ride was pretty rough as I sat in the middle seat of the middle row between my friend and this spawn Satan of a child that couldn't sit still, kicked and punched everything that moved. No wonder her mother was nowhere to be found, she probably was like "Allison, you sit right here, but Mommy is in First Class cabin if you need me."

It was about 11:30PM after getting out of the airport and we still had about a 30 minute train ride to get to the hotel. First thing that I noticed about Japan is how clean it is. There is absolutely zero trash on the streets, no overfilled trash cans, let alone gum stains on the sidewalks. We get out of the famous Tokyo Station (the oldest train station) and hail a taxi to go to our hotel.

After dropping our luggage off in the hotel, we head out exploring the city of Tokyo. Every street has multiple vending machines, sometimes conjoined vending machines will sell the same sodas. I had my first meal
Royal Park HotelRoyal Park HotelRoyal Park Hotel

Our hotel, not too shabby.
in Japan and it was some good ole fashioned Ramen with Gyoza. Kind of a boring night, but tomorrow will be more packed.

I have a mobile internet reader so I can get Facebook messages, I am also 17 hours ahead. With that said, I am from the future and I am here to tell you that the New Star Wars film has a good side and a dark side. The movie also sets itself up for a sequel. There's this guy named Han Solo. Sorry to spoil it for you guys.

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I haven't seen one of these in a while.
Vending MachinesVending Machines
Vending Machines

Japan loves its vending machines.
Pay PhonePay Phone
Pay Phone

I found a random pay phone.
2AM Streets 2AM Streets
2AM Streets

Middle of the road, not a single car in the distance.

A copycat store of Wal-Mart, but 1/4 the size only.

17th December 2015

shutup Yang. Dont spoil Star Wars for us.
17th December 2015

C'mon man, where are the pics of the sake bombs!

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