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December 18th 2015
Published: December 18th 2015
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Tokyo Day 2

Our day started at 10:30AM today and I was excited to see what the city has to offer. Our first destination was a place called The Tokyo SkyTree, not only is this a must place to go see for the view, but Japan is Star Wars crazy. I thought the U.S. was ready for the movie, but Japan will transform their tallest structure into a lightsaber. (Step it up, guys)

Some fun facts that I learned about the Tokyo Skytree:

• I'm scared of heights.
• I'm really scared of heights.
• Why are my pants warm?

The Skytree Tower is the tallest in the world and the tallest in Japan. When we stepped in the elevator, we were moving at 10 m/s or 32.8 feet/second. Our ears popped and the cold air would hit your face and before you knew it, we were 1500 feet in the air.

For lunch, I had a Japanese lunch called Monja, which is a soggy pancake with various vegetables and seafood. We had Cod Eggs mixed with Rice Cakes and Cheese. The other dish was Okonomiyaki, which is grilled pancake with seafood. (see photo) Both dishes are hard to

Yea, you need Sherlock Holmes to solve this.
find in the states, but apparently its really big over here.

After some shopping, we headed over the Electronic District, Akihabara or the "Otaku (Nerd) District". I have yet to go clubbing in Japan, but I am pretty sure I lived the experience on the subway today. I never been so packed like a sardine can into a confined space with another person breathing on you. Just my luck, I got an old man breathing down on me, I gave my friend that girl code look "help me", but he didn't know what it meant. Thanks Ralph. As for the district, this place has everything here. They have maid cafes, cosplay cafes, camera stores, video game stores, etc. Japan is really big on gaming, and you had plenty of arcade stores that can win prizes. I didn't win anything. Just frustration because I think the machines are rigged against me.

From there, we headed to dinner to meet up with some of Ralph's friends, and the place we picked was a Chinese restaurant because you know, they wanted to see if I was the real deal. Its kinda like when your friend is from Mexico, and you tell him, "hey I know this great Mexican restaurant, lets go there." You want that person to approve so when you meet his friends or family, he can vouch for you, "he's cool, he knows what Mexican food is all about."

Lights out, and I have some cool stuff planned tomorrow, stay tuned!

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Tokyo SkytreeTokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree

Crap, you're really tall.

Packed like a sardine!
Monja + OkonomiyakiMonja + Okonomiyaki
Monja + Okonomiyaki

Grilled pancake (left) Soggy pancake (right)

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