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Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki May 18th 2019

My father wasn’t very keen on walking slopes and steps; so my mother suggested joining the bus tour on 19 April. She paid fees for this bus tour for us. This bus tour would start at 10 o’clock. As lunch wasn’t included in this bus tour, we bought snacks at the convenience store before getting on the bus. Like Hiroshima, Nagasaki is known as the place where an atomic bomb dropped on 9th August 1945. Our first stop was Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. This museum was built for the anniversary of 50th year of the disasters of the atomic bomb and was opened in 1996. My mother and I went to the old one in 1989, admittedly, I didn’t remember much of the exhibitions at that time but thought exhibition rooms had been enlarged since the ... read more
One of the statues in the Peace Park
Fountain in the Peace Park
one of the statues in the Peace Park

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki May 18th 2019

It was another bright and sunny day on 20 April. As we had planned travelling with trams, we bought one-day tickets. Momument of the Twenty-Six Martyrs and Museum My mother suggested that we should visit the site of the Martyrdom of the 26 Saints on the Nishizaka Park, which was just behind the bus terminal. Nagasaki is known as the city of Slope: we would have to walk uphill a bit to go to the destination. We remembered seeing the monument of Twenty-Six Martyrs shown on the NHK World’s programme. It was also interesting to see very ornate church spires of St John the Baptist Church behind the monument. There spires looked like spires of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. We found the Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum behind the monument and visited there. We found a number of ... read more
Dejima Museum
Dutch House in Nagasaki
Trading scene in Nagasaki

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki April 7th 2018

Spring blossoms can be mercurial..blink and you might miss them. In 2015 we arrived in Tokyo on April 1 with Probus friends on the peak cherry blossom day when you couldn't see the sky in Ueno Park for blossoms. This year we arrived on the same date but were 10 days too late for the blossoms. Given the Zen view that perfection is transitory and that once past their peak blossoms will gently disappear, we should have accepted our lot. However, that first afternoon, after a short flight to Osaka and a coach to Shigasan Onsen in the mountains near Oji we saw blossoms at their best in a cooler climate. They hung outside every room at the onsen and were right through the mountains and the valley. Two nights were not nearly enough to take ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki September 29th 2016

Hashima, czyli Gunkajima to wyspa, która została elementem scenografii przedostatniej części przygód agenta Daniela Craiga, Skyfall. Gdy widzi się ją z bliska, nietrudno się domyślić dlaczego. Sama idea utworzenia betonowej wyspy 20 km od lądu i wybudowania na niej mieszkań, szpitali, szkół etc. Dla ok 5 tysięcy ludzi, po to, aby mogli oni wydobywać węgiel na środku morza wydaje się irracjonalna. Taka idea jednak zaistaniała w XIX w. a pracujący tu do 1974 roku górnicy wydobywali największą ilość węgla w czasie roboczogodziny na świecie, pracując na 3 zmiany przez ponad 100 lat. W 1974 roku rząd Japonii zaprzestał wykorzystywania obecnych tam złóż a wszyscy mieszkańcy zostali wysiedleni. Dopiero w 2009 ktoś wpadł na pomysł aby zniszczone przez tajfuny i morską wodę betonowe budynki zacząć pokazywać turystom. Hashima jest tak ciekawym miejscem, że nie wybaczylibyśmy sobie, gdybyśmy ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki June 30th 2016

One of our last stops in Nagasaki (we are now in Fukouka) was at a museum dedicated to Dr. Nagai Takashi (and heard from his grandson)--an atomic bomb survivor and a doctor who treated people effected by radiation. His story is heart wrenching and compelling. But his message was so simple....yet so hard...Dr Takashi saw so much human suffering and had a deep desire for peace....while dying he would write his thoughts from his bed (he died due to radiation exposure), his writing in his dying days was described as....he would write a thought....and then rest to get his next breath (if that isn't mindfulness....) and so on. He said that peace isn't a today, tomorrow and the next day kind of's a lifelong pursuit that is never over, and that if you can't be ... read more
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Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.32.36 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.32.25 PM

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki June 29th 2016

So many pictures to share from today...and I will...but another Facebook novel about a bigger lesson is due....I think I have said before feel free to scroll or block. :) it goes... Blessed are those with the COURAGE to tell their stories. We each have powerful stories that we silence due to fear of not thinking they are 'enough' or that they're 'too much' least that's the truth for me anyway. I posted in March about the awesome event we had at RMS due to Annelee Woodstrom speaking about her experience of being a c... read more
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.08.20 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.08.11 PM

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki April 10th 2015

Der südlichste Punkt unserer Reise.... read more
Spaziergang in einem Friedhof

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki November 19th 2014

Nagasaki, Japan-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ship Manufacturing Facility Can you imagine, we are back in Nagasaki, Japan? Since we already visited Ground Zero and the Peace Park, we are going to do something totally different and go on a tour of the shipbuilding plant where the ship we are on now, the Sapphire Princess was built. We turn in our names at the tour desk so the Mitsubishi can run security checks on each person taking the tour. Later in the day we get our tickets, so I guess we passed ;-) Our tour will take us to two Mitsubishi plants; one across the harbor from where our ship is docked and the other a few miles away at another harbor. We first were told, “No pictures” in any of the areas except the museum. We started ... read more
Wind turbines from Tehachapi, California
Hillside suburb of Nagasaki, Japan

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki October 9th 2014

Atomic Bombs, Peace and a Lunar Eclipse over Nagasaki Nagasaki, Japan Today was an emotional day as we headed off to the Nagasaki Peace Park and the WWII Atomic Bomb Museum at Ground Zero. Our bus took us through the city of Nagasaki and over the hills to the Peace Park developed after WWII as a place to study and commemorate peace between all peoples on the earth. Countries from all over the world have contributed monuments to the park and signed agreements to help promote peace around the world. The Park was an emotional and educating experience. There was a monument commemorating peace and highlighting the dire need for water by the survivors immediately after the blast. We could not believe it when a well dressed Japanese gentleman who was standing at the monument point ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki June 8th 2014

We woke up, slightly groggy from the night before. I think it was around nine when we got up. We showered, dressed, and finished packing up all our stuff. We left our stuff at the reception and asked them about what temples we should visit. No visit to Japan is complete without a visit to some kind of temple or shrine. We got the lovely blokes at reception to write out in Japanese what charms we needed. They were stars! Then we headed off to follow their recommendations. We walked for about ten to fifteen minutes following the river. We found the shrine, but since we were starving, we headed to the nearest Lawson's for breakfast. There was only one salami and cheese set, so we had to shared it. We sat outside on the steps, ... read more
Suwa Shrine
Suwa Shrine
Suwa Shrine

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