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Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano July 15th 2018

An early start so we could bring our trains forward. We wanted to spend more time in Nagano for Marcus’ sake since he was here for the Nagano Winter Olympics. The train was smooth, no hiccups or dramas. We arrived early in Nagano but unfortunately everything was closed being a Sunday and things did not open until at least 10a.m. We had our bags, so we did not go far except around the local ate breakfast and, whilst cooler than Matsumoto, it was warming up. It was a nice city, much smaller than the ones we had visited, or perhaps it felt that way. Marcus was able to reminisce and we wandered around only an hour, then had to return for our next train. The next leg was great and very quick. The trains in Japan ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano October 12th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Today I was off to an early start as I left together with Trung when he went work, actually even a little bit earlier than needed because he doesn't want the others in his apartment building to know that he houses guests there because the apartment is provided by his employer. He spent the morning, before we left, cramming pretty hard because in a couple of days he will have an important exam in Tokyo and if he passes it he will get a nice salary increase! It was raining really heavily though so I knew I would find good use for the umbrella he lent me. He was kind enough to drive me the whole way to the train station in Nagano even though he was originally going to drop me ... read more
Enjoying the View of the Zuishinmon (Zuishin Gate)
Amongst the Japanese Red Cedars
Me in Front of the Kuzuryû Shrine

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano September 19th 2017

Tuesday, 19th September 2017 Kurobe-Unazaki Onsen >> Nagano (135.7km, 54 minutes, 6,350 Yen) Nagano >> Shin-Takaoka (188.4km, 68 minutes, 7,430 Yen) Shin-Takaoka >> Toyama (18.9km, 9 minutes, 2,680 Yen) After my visit at the Kurobe Gorge, I continued my journey via the Shinkansen Hakutaka train to the city of Nagano in the afternoon. The main reason for this visit is not so much on the Zenkoji temple that the city is famous for. Rather, I was heading towards the M-Wave Arena where the Olympic Museum is located. The city last played host to the Winter Olympic Games in 1998 and there is a display of the memorabilia at the museum. As soon as I passed by the concourse of the JR Nagano Station, I was greeted by the huge Olympic Banner that stood proudly at one ... read more
Arrival @ JR Nagano Station
@ the M-Wave Arena

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano September 18th 2016

Convincing wild animals to sit in hot springs and pose for photos is not as easy as I'd hoped, despite all I'd seen on the TV. However naked men in outdoor hot springs with hand towels for hats seems to be rather common around Yamanouchi, but not as common as heated toilet seats. It's been an interesting day.... It's getting towards the end of typhoon season which means there's a lot of rain, I'm hoping it's worse here because we're in the mountains and it will get better in Kyoto. I woke a few times in the night to hear the constant downpour, wishing it would ease off but according to my weather app, there's no chance of that. This isn't the type of rain that merely trashes hair. No. It's it's the rain that has ... read more
The forest nearby
Glyn meets his new friend

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano September 17th 2016

I've never liked Roy Keane so when he was in the security queue at the airport and he refused to have a selfie with someone all my hatred felt justified. I started my post on facebook with my usual bile despite Roy being in the normal queue rather than the priority lane and then....horror of horrors.....he went back to the guy and said he'd pose for a selfie one they were through security....noooo!!!! Don't ruin my lifelong despisement of you you git!! Ah well, it livened up the longest security queue I've ever been in and at least he didn't have that horrendous beard. Still a git though. And so we were off, flyng with Lufthansa to Munich first and then on to Haneda airport, Tokyo, JAPAN!! I've been wanting to visit Japan for many a ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano September 17th 2016

Glyn's just asked me if I wore the toilet slippers. We're at a Ryokan (old Japanese style inn) in Yagamouchi / Yudanaka and I can't even get going to the toilet right. I saw two pairs of slipper in the toilet doorway and assumed that some lazy sod had left them lying about. Japan is the only country where I've read about the customs before arriving and when I got there, found it it was all true. Fortunately the Japanese are too polite to be angry, but we have been corrected, more than once. And we've been here about half a day. We started by flying to from Manchester to Munich to Tokyo. Towards the end of the 11 hour flight from Munich, I finally got to see Japan through the clouds: a view of dark ... read more
Airport loo

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano January 8th 2016

Yudanaka Tuesday 5-7 January 2016 After having lunch at a traditional restaurant first before picking our bags up and catching the Bullet Train to Nagano. It was a fantastic trip. We even tried a couple of more Japanese beers along the way. Once at Nagano, we caught a private rail to Yudanaka. It was a bit ‘hairy’ at the Nagano railway station. We hopped off the bullet train and with our 5 suitcases and several pieces of hand luggage between us, we walked across the platform to get onto another train. Then we saw that Kerrie had gone. The train driver said he was leaving in 1 minute. We were watching hopefully for Kerrie to return in time. We actually held the train up for a minute. The driver was so good. Once spotting Kerrie, we ... read more
Biyuno yado Yadanaka ryokan - our traditional Japanese hotel (4)
Biyuno yado Yadanaka ryokan - our traditional Japanese hotel having traditional breakfast (3)
Foot Onsen in Yadanaka (4)

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano January 7th 2016

Nagano Japan 7 January 2016 We caught the train to Nagano which was only a 45-minute ride. We were on our way to Kyoto but we decided to stop in Nagano for a short time. This was the town where the 1998 Winter Olympics was held. We wanted to go and see the Zenkoji Temple which was written up as being pretty special. We caught the bus from the train station in Nagano up to the temple and saw the spot where the medals were presented during the Olympic Games. It was a really interesting street leading up to the temple. All the different foods, including green tea ice-cream, green tea custard cream puffs, dried fish, lots of fans, lots of small shrines, and the list goes on. Very interesting, At the Temple there were many ... read more
Map of Nagano town
Zenkoji Temple gates in Nagano
The 1998 Olympics in Nagano

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano June 12th 2015

So we get the train to Nagano and I am really looking forward to it as it is in the mountains as it used to be where the winter olympics took place in 1998. Now should I have thought the last time I went to somewhere that had the winter olympics (Whistler) I was so disappointed as it seemed really manufactured YES. Did I NO. Should I have YES. Well we arrived at Nagano station and yes it looked as manufactured as Whistler and was I disappointed YES as I had just left a great place in Tokyo for this. Anyway you have to make the most of everything and that is what I did there was a Zenkoji Temple which was only around 2km from the hotel so I said off we go lets have ... read more
Zenkoji Temple

Asia » Japan » Nagano » Nagano February 14th 2015

Let's go back, way back to the early 90s at my local video hire. Blazing out from the wall-mounted TV was footage of a guy carving up knee deep Virgin powder. Mr Video Hire's hushed tones, winking and elbow nudging hinted that he was letting me in on his closet winter Nirvana. "That's Hokkaido in Japan, the next big thing in the skiing world". That whisper soon became a rumble and quicker than beer turns to piss the cat was out of the bag. Within a few short years the trickle of Australians had swelled into mobs. Containment lines have long since been broken. Japan, particularly Niseko on Hokkaido, reaches critical mass come the northern winter. Reports have been filtering back for seasons now that Niseko has become a veritable Kuta on snow. One saying doing ... read more
Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen
Pre powder day.

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