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Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa September 16th 2014

We arrived in Kanazawa a little over an hour after we left Shirakawa-go. We recognised the name of a bank on the map we had from our guest house so set off for our home for the next few nights. Although the walk was only about 5 minutes we were a little confused by one of the intersections – there aren’t a whole lot of street signs in Japan. Fortunately a lovely Japanese woman took pity on us and ended up walking us to our hostel (which was in the opposite direction to where she was headed). When we arrived at the front door we found that it was closed for the next hour so found a nearby 7-11 where we could get a snack and use their wifi. While standing around out the front with ... read more
Our room
Our room
Jazz festival

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa September 7th 2014

We were up bright and early and made our way to the bus station. I had definitely slept well on the futon, it was really comfortable. Luckily the bus station is right next door to the train station, so it was really easy to find. We bought our tickets and boarded the bus. It left bang on time, 7:50 am, I love Japanese efficiency. The drive through the countryside was beautiful, and we went through about a million tunnels, it's the only way to get through all the mountains. We made a brief stop at Shirkawago, it looked great, I can't wait to go back there on Tuesday. The journey took just over two hours. at 10 am we were deposited at Kanazawa bus terminal. We found the bus stop for our journey back and also ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa November 16th 2013

The train travel from place to place seems to be just as much an event as the places themselves. Our journey from Takayama to Kanazawa took us through the heart of the Ryohaku Sanchi mountain range. There is no Shinkansen here. A rickety little diesel train wound it's way alongside a fast moving river all the way to the sea. Almost no one was on the train so we were able to jump from one side to the other to get a good view of the landscape as the train crossed bridges and popped in and out of tunnels. The views were really beautiful and the autumn colors spectacular. The landscape reminded me a lot of the Appalachian mountains in Virginia. Rugged and hilly but covered in trees. The train stations along the way were tiny ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa November 16th 2013

Heel vroeg opgestaan. De reden is dat we maar een dag in Kanazawa blijven en we daar toch veel willen zien. I'n de trein waren we een beetje onzeker over een van de overstappen. De overstaptijd was kort en het leek alsof we vertraging zouden krijgen. Onze medepassagier (we zaten met z'n drieën in de wagon) vroeg waar we naar toe wilden en na ons antwoord legde hij uit waar de aansluitende trein op ons zou wachten. Binnengekomen op het station, voordat ik kon opstaan had deze hele aardige Japanner mijn koffer gepakt en rende ermee vandoor. ik stond even raar te kijken totdat het langzaam tot mij doordrong dat deze mijnheer mijn koffer voor mij aan het dragen was naar de andere trein. wat een heerlijk land! En ja, mijn eerste typisch Nederlandse gedachte was ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa June 4th 2013

On 4 June I was all set up with my return ticket on the jetfoil place from Ryotso to return to Niigata for onward transport. I had changed it from 11.20 to 9.25am to give myself a longer buffer to get to the station, exchange my JR rail voucher and get my actual 7 day pass. This ended giving me 2 hrs but as I had not had breakfast it was time to get something to eat as well. Which I did at 11.45am at a place on the 2ndfloor of a building (as they often are) with a sign board downstairs at street level. Pictographic menus work for me! Then the train for the 3h40m trip to Kanazawa for my next 2 nights. The English speaking staff at the info centre were really excellent, so ... read more
La Plage - the raw fish bits
panfried rockfish & squid
La Plage - the fugu roe creation

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa November 27th 2012

Korean Air to Seoul and a good night's rest at a transit hotel meant we arrived full of beans at 11am at Komatsu airport – ready to explore. Hide-san, our guide, met us and we headed to Kanazawa after a Sushi Train lunch along the way. It was amazing how hunger forced so many to become expert with chopsticks. Pam and the rest watched in awe as Mike wielded them like an expert! Ian and Brian were bitterly disappointed there were no tourist souvenir shops on the first day – not even at the Gold Leaf Museum - not sure Ros and Gail agreed. The Utatsuyama Craft Workshop, a post graduate centre for 31 Japanese and international students, was Lyn's special treat for the day. They live and study there for up to 3 years with ... read more
Utatsuyama craftsman
Yakata haiku
Three geishas in training

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa November 8th 2012

Op donderdag 8 november ging het van Mt. Fuji naar Kanazawa. In vogelvlucht zou dat nog meevallen maar er is geen directe verbinding met de trein. Ik moest eerst een bus nemen naar Mishima station, dat duurde ongeveer een 2 tal uur en ging voornamelijk over kronkelige wegen. Vanuit mishima moest ik een Shinkanzen nemen (aka 'bullettrain") naar Tokio. Vandaar ging het opnieuw met een Shinkanzen naar Echigo-Yuzawa en nadien ging het met een boemeltrein naar Kanazawa. Ik was vertrokken om 10.45 uit het hostel in Mt. Fuji en arriveerde in het guesthouse omstreeks 20.30. Een snelle rekensom leert mij dat ik die dag in totaal 9 uur en 45 min onderweg was. Het guesthouse, waar ik verbleef, was een beetje zoals een hostel maar dan nog kleiner. Het ging hem eigenlijk om een oud huis ... read more
Kenroku-en 4
Kenroku-en 2
Kenroku-en 3

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 21st 2012

Taytyy sanoa, etta Kinosaki oli ihanan rentouttava paikka. Vai milta kuulostaa pieni japanilainen kaupunki, jossa taysihoidossa majoittuvat turistit lapyttelevat kaupungin halki yukatoissa (kevyt kimono) ja getoissa (puusandaalit) onsenista toiseen? Majoituimme siis perinteissessa japanilaisessa majoituksessa ryokanissa. Aamupala ja illallinen tuotiin suoraan huoneeseen ja majoitukseen hintaan kuului rajoittamaton paasy Kinosakin seitsemaan kylpylaan. Aluksi tuntui oudolta vaeltaa ympariinsa kylpytakissa ja puusandaaleissa, mutta pian siihenkin tottui. Ihan joka paikassa ei ole arkipaivaista, etta kaupassa voi kayda kylpytakki paalla :) Kaikissa kylpyloissa oli erikseen miesten ja naisten puolet, kylpyloissa ei kaytetty uimapukuja, vaan kaikki kylpevat alasti. Huomaa kylla, etta monet oppaat on tehty anglo-amerikkalaisesta nakokulmasta, koska niissa jaksetaan ihmetella sita, mite... read more
Petra myos
Kinosakin keskustaa

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa September 20th 2010

The train journey was relatively short in comparison to our previous ones which was a pleasant change …but in true travelling style, well, I should say mine and James travelling style, we still did not get to the Kanazawa till late afternoon. We had heard of a good hotel that was recommended on the typical backpackers grape vine called Pongi’s. We turned up during Pongi’s siesta time (but we did however persuade another backpacker to let us in to drop our stuff off so that we could explore and check in later on. So off to explore, the best thing about travelling is the exploring, being put in a new town walking down a new street, with wide eyes and taking it all in with the desire not to take out the lonely planet book to ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa August 28th 2010

28.08.10 Kanazawa The hotel was a short walk from the station. Outside the station, the water fountain was like a billboard switching from the "time" to "Welcome to Kanazawa" in both English and Japanese. After we checked in, we all visit the Myoryuji (Ninja Temple). The guide explained the history and showed us some of the rooms and secret exits from them. Outside as we waited for the rest of the gang, Kay and I decided to have a green tea ice cream; again an acquired taste. From here we walked to the Normura Samurai house. From here some of us walked to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. The main attraction (expalined by Ian) was to see the swimming pool which from above you could observe the people looking up from below. We ... read more
Kanazawa - Ninja Temple
Kanazawa - Ninja Temple
Kanazawa - Samural house

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