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Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 12th 2019

SC writes....We’re back in Japan. Last time we didn’t blog, but we’ll put that right this time. We arrived yesterday after a trouble free and notably smooth BA flight. We picked up our 3 week Japan Rail Pass (going mad with a “green car” or first class ticket) and hit the tracks. Four hours and 486kms later we were in Kanazawa in time for supper and our first Onzen - wonderfully relaxing. The weather was very good - a great start and augered well... (Cj writes) Although we’ve been to Kenrokuen before, there was much to enjoy on this second visit. The name means “combine” (ken) “six” (roku) “garden” (en): it combines the three classic balanced pairs of attributes that are regarded as essential to a great landscape garden - spaciousness and seclusion, artifice and antiquity, ... read more
Kenro 2
Giant pine.
Babbling brooks.

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa October 27th 2018

Day 7 First, I need to clear something up. One of the readers of my travel blog pointed out that I had a "tone," which I didn't know I had. He or she read the previous posts, and concluded that I'm not really that happy in Japan. That would be very wrong and so I'm adding another picture, one taken at the Golden Temple, you remember, where the crowds of school children had my fight or flee instinct engaged. That place. Well, I wasn't as miserable as I might have sounded. I'm having a great time. Now on to Day 7. This was a travel day with a trip to the train station and a two-hour train ride. But we are old hats now and breezed through the process. Taking our seats in our not high-speed ... read more
Italian Menu
Gary at Olefson.

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 17th 2018

We’ve just about run out of clean clothes, so we put some dirty shirts and pants in a bag and send them off to the hotel laundry. This costs us a small fortune. They come back individually gift wrapped in cellophane, and they’ve also been ironed. Most of my shirts have never experienced ironing before. I think that all hotels should offer a cut price laundry service where you pay by the kilogram, and you give them a bagful of dirty clothes, they chuck them in a washing machine, and they then come back to you in the same bag, only now hopefully slightly less dirty. I’m too stingy to get the hotel to wash our socks and undies, so we wash these ourselves in the hand basin, and then hang them up to dry. We ... read more
Gate, Kanazawa Station
Garden, Nomura Samurai House
Garden, Nomura Samurai House

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 16th 2018

We set off to explore Kanazawa Castle. We read that it was built in the late sixteenth century and was the home of the local shogunate ruler until the start of the Meiji Period in 1868. It seems that it has been burnt down and rebuilt about half a dozen times, including in the Great Kanazawa Fire of 1759. Most of the current buildings are a modern reconstruction of what the castle would have looked like in the 1850s. The exteriors of all the buildings are mainly stone, but the interiors are all wood, so it’s not too surprising that they seem to have had a lot of trouble with fires here over the years. The towers above the outer gates all have small openings in them, and one of the guides takes great pleasure in ... read more
Kanazawa Castle
Kanazawa Castle ga
Kenrokuen Gardens

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 15th 2018

Today we have a day of travelling to the town of Kanazawa, which is on the north coast of Honshu about 400 kilometres north of Tokyo. You can set the second hand on your watch by the public transport here. We get on the bus and it leaves within a second of the clock ticking over to the scheduled departure time, and the same happens with the bullet trains. As we stand on the station platform, we watch as a bullet train comes hurtling through. "Watch" is probably too strong a word. If you blinked you’d miss it. It is going ridiculously fast. If a bullet train isn’t stopping at station, it looks like they make sure that no one is on that particular platform as it goes flying past. We suspect that this is to ... read more
Kanazawa Castle
Kanazawa Castle
Gate, Kanazawa Castle

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa April 10th 2018

The characters of Japan’s colourful history are larger than life, heros and villains, builders and destroyers, hard working people along with the elite and military classes. Understanding just a little has added a lot of richness to the sights we’ve seen. A shogun was the military dictator in Japan from about 1185 onward - akin to a generalissimo. The last 250 years of the shoguns time in power began in 1600 when a general named Tokugawa seized power and established his government in Edo (now Tokyo)....thus began the Edo Period, which seems to be a superstar period as least as far as the towns and historical sights we’ve visited so far. Or perhaps its just the period recent enough to have some artifacts and buildings left standing. The Edo Period had the hallmarks of economic growth, ... read more
Kenrokuen Garden
Kanazawa Castle Gate
Kanazawa Castle Restorations

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa March 6th 2018

We arrived in Kanazawa in the morning and took the bus to our guesthouse, where we left our bags before going for a walk. We went inside the 21st century museum, a modern art museum, where we didn't spend much time. I have to admit we don't really like (nor understand) modern art. One piece consisted of several screens displaying videos of an octopus and sounds of a cow, and there was a yellow t-shirt hanging above the screens... There were also long legs everywhere, with a plug going out of the shoe, and a fake swimming pool from where we could see people on the lower level. We then walked to the Kenrokuen park, which was beautiful. It was a warm and sunny day and we really enjoyed walking around. Kanazawa is known for the ... read more
Kenrokuen Gardens
View from the gardens

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa April 8th 2017

Kanazawa has been such a pleasant surprise. We had a cherry blossom panic back in Brisbane, based on last years dates we looked like missing the blooms in Tokyo and Kyoto and wanted a third option to hedge against missing the blooming things all together. Well we needn't have worried. But I'm so glad we did. We gave Kanazawa a touch-up today and racked up another 12 plus kms. We only have one full day here and we have a few things to check out. Walking to Kanazawa castle the tummies start to grumble. Those Japanese rice bubbles aren't keeping us full. We stop at Mister Donut for a cup full of Donut Pops! The kids put their Windsor State School Japanese to use ordering 24 donut pops and thanking the lady. She seems pretty impressed ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa April 7th 2017

Did I mention that our hotel has a 20 meter tall Godzilla head pertruding from it's 8th floor? And that on the hour it roars, flashes coloured lights and sprays a mist over the balcony? Sooooo Japan! Tourists watch from the street below, but the locals walk by without a blink of the eye. There are so many people here. The city stretches to the horizon with high-rise hotels, skyscrapers and department stores. A panorama from our 26th floor hotel is ALL city! There are 13,000,000 people in Tokyo! That's half the population of Australia in one city! And Shinjuku station has so many JR, metros, suburban and shinkansen lines intersecting beneath it that it blows your mind. There is something like 40 platforms! We got crammed into the train to Harajuku yesterday, and it wasn't ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa July 11th 2016

À environ 250 km à l'heure par le Shinkansen entre Tokyo et la mer du Japon, il faut compter un peu moins de 2 h 30 pour traverser le pays du sud au nord. Nous filons à toute vitesse à travers les Alpes japonaises en direction de Kanazawa, ville de 460,000 âmes reconnue pour la fabrication de la feuille d'or. Kanazawa, qui signifie "le marais d'or", produit à elle seule 99% de toute la feuille d'or utilisée au Japon pour la décoration architecturale ainsi que celle de différents objets précieux . Grâce à son climat plutôt pluvieux et la qualité exceptionnelle de son eau, elle produit une feuille d'or d'une très grande qualité. Il aurait été dommage de ne pas profiter du privilège d'être ici et ne pas déguster ce trésor! En effet, des boutiques spécialisées ... read more
Ancien quartier des geishas
La tour de guet du château
Les petites rues des geishas

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