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Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa April 8th 2017

Kanazawa has been such a pleasant surprise. We had a cherry blossom panic back in Brisbane, based on last years dates we looked like missing the blooms in Tokyo and Kyoto and wanted a third option to hedge against missing the blooming things all together. Well we needn't have worried. But I'm so glad we did. We gave Kanazawa a touch-up today and racked up another 12 plus kms. We only have one full day here and we have a few things to check out. Walking to Kanazawa castle the tummies start to grumble. Those Japanese rice bubbles aren't keeping us full. We stop at Mister Donut for a cup full of Donut Pops! The kids put their Windsor State School Japanese to use ordering 24 donut pops and thanking the lady. She seems pretty impressed ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa April 7th 2017

Did I mention that our hotel has a 20 meter tall Godzilla head pertruding from it's 8th floor? And that on the hour it roars, flashes coloured lights and sprays a mist over the balcony? Sooooo Japan! Tourists watch from the street below, but the locals walk by without a blink of the eye. There are so many people here. The city stretches to the horizon with high-rise hotels, skyscrapers and department stores. A panorama from our 26th floor hotel is ALL city! There are 13,000,000 people in Tokyo! That's half the population of Australia in one city! And Shinjuku station has so many JR, metros, suburban and shinkansen lines intersecting beneath it that it blows your mind. There is something like 40 platforms! We got crammed into the train to Harajuku yesterday, and it wasn't ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa July 11th 2016

À environ 250 km à l'heure par le Shinkansen entre Tokyo et la mer du Japon, il faut compter un peu moins de 2 h 30 pour traverser le pays du sud au nord. Nous filons à toute vitesse à travers les Alpes japonaises en direction de Kanazawa, ville de 460,000 âmes reconnue pour la fabrication de la feuille d'or. Kanazawa, qui signifie "le marais d'or", produit à elle seule 99% de toute la feuille d'or utilisée au Japon pour la décoration architecturale ainsi que celle de différents objets précieux . Grâce à son climat plutôt pluvieux et la qualité exceptionnelle de son eau, elle produit une feuille d'or d'une très grande qualité. Il aurait été dommage de ne pas profiter du privilège d'être ici et ne pas déguster ce trésor! En effet, des boutiques spécialisées ... read more
Ancien quartier des geishas
La tour de guet du château
Les petites rues des geishas

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 10th 2016

Kanazawa Monday 9 May 16 24 hours after leaving home we arrived in Osaka without hitch, apart from the plane being 20 minutes late due to a strong headwind. This caused a bit of a panic when we had to buy the train tickets to Kanazawa in an office with a big queue and four clerks who made a sloth look quick. We just got our tickets with no time to spare and rushed onto the train to Shin Osaka. Fortunately the train was late , although my previous faith in Japanese railways has now been irretrievably ruined as it was also late into Shin Osaka. Luckily again the connection to Kanazawa waited for us and we set off almost 10 minutes late. The plane landed through a misty grey sky with falling rain. Welcome to ... read more
Sushi time
Helen coming to terms with her stick things.
Traditional house

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa May 7th 2016

Off on another adventure tomorrow to Honshu, Japan, for two weeks. Flying to Frankfurt on Lufthansa and then onto Osaka before taking the train to Kanazawa. Then sixteen of us cycling across from west to east from Cape to Cape. Noto Peninsua to Izu peninsula. I love Japan. Attached a few photos taken on Kyushu last year.... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa June 14th 2015

So an early breakfast and off to the train we go to have a day in Kanazawa. It seems we are really lucky as the train station only opened in March this year, previously you had to take a bus for over an hour after you had been on the train for a couple of hours. Thank goodness for progress. So we arrive in Kanazawa and find the information desk where for once we find a lady who spoke really good English and she told me how to get to the garden and the castle plus the Samurai area. We purchase a bus ticket and off we trot to the Kenrokuen Garden. They say that this garden in spring is amazing all I can say is they are amazing in summer so I wish I could ... read more
Kanazawa Castle
Samurai Tranquil Garden

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa September 16th 2014

We arrived in Kanazawa a little over an hour after we left Shirakawa-go. We recognised the name of a bank on the map we had from our guest house so set off for our home for the next few nights. Although the walk was only about 5 minutes we were a little confused by one of the intersections – there aren’t a whole lot of street signs in Japan. Fortunately a lovely Japanese woman took pity on us and ended up walking us to our hostel (which was in the opposite direction to where she was headed). When we arrived at the front door we found that it was closed for the next hour so found a nearby 7-11 where we could get a snack and use their wifi. While standing around out the front with ... read more
Our room
Our room
Jazz festival

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa September 7th 2014

We were up bright and early and made our way to the bus station. I had definitely slept well on the futon, it was really comfortable. Luckily the bus station is right next door to the train station, so it was really easy to find. We bought our tickets and boarded the bus. It left bang on time, 7:50 am, I love Japanese efficiency. The drive through the countryside was beautiful, and we went through about a million tunnels, it's the only way to get through all the mountains. We made a brief stop at Shirkawago, it looked great, I can't wait to go back there on Tuesday. The journey took just over two hours. at 10 am we were deposited at Kanazawa bus terminal. We found the bus stop for our journey back and also ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa November 16th 2013

The train travel from place to place seems to be just as much an event as the places themselves. Our journey from Takayama to Kanazawa took us through the heart of the Ryohaku Sanchi mountain range. There is no Shinkansen here. A rickety little diesel train wound it's way alongside a fast moving river all the way to the sea. Almost no one was on the train so we were able to jump from one side to the other to get a good view of the landscape as the train crossed bridges and popped in and out of tunnels. The views were really beautiful and the autumn colors spectacular. The landscape reminded me a lot of the Appalachian mountains in Virginia. Rugged and hilly but covered in trees. The train stations along the way were tiny ... read more

Asia » Japan » Ishikawa » Kanazawa November 16th 2013

Heel vroeg opgestaan. De reden is dat we maar een dag in Kanazawa blijven en we daar toch veel willen zien. I'n de trein waren we een beetje onzeker over een van de overstappen. De overstaptijd was kort en het leek alsof we vertraging zouden krijgen. Onze medepassagier (we zaten met z'n drieën in de wagon) vroeg waar we naar toe wilden en na ons antwoord legde hij uit waar de aansluitende trein op ons zou wachten. Binnengekomen op het station, voordat ik kon opstaan had deze hele aardige Japanner mijn koffer gepakt en rende ermee vandoor. ik stond even raar te kijken totdat het langzaam tot mij doordrong dat deze mijnheer mijn koffer voor mij aan het dragen was naar de andere trein. wat een heerlijk land! En ja, mijn eerste typisch Nederlandse gedachte was ... read more

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