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Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano July 29th 2018

Povodne sme mali vstavat 5.30 ale jaksi sme sa nezobudili. No ja som bol 5.20 hore ale ked som kukol na ruri jak pokojne spi, pokracoval som aj ja v spanku. Neskor som sa opat zobudil a zas ju skontroloval a furt tak isto. Ranajky kupene v 711, zjedene na ubytku, nalozenie sa do auta a smer furano. Ruri mi donisla ciste veci, tak paradicka. Cesta najskor cez hory, ruri opat velmi opatrne manevrovala s vozidlom, bo skusenosti s takymto terenom jej chybaju. Po horacha nasledovala rovinka. Zastavka u santa clausa. Tu prehodena jedna veta s motogangom. Normalne jak v usa mali svoj vlastny nazov skupiny, firemne tricka. Jeden motogang co sme stretli bol tvoreny komplet z celej rodiny, dedko, mama, tato a dve deti. Ruri je dnes uz normalna, chvalabohu. Opat nesmeli chybat tanecky a ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano July 12th 2018

Thursday, 12th July 2018 We took a Lavender Express Train bounded for Furano this morning. We were half-expecting that there would perhaps be some lavender scent or even decorations onboard this Special Train Service (which there were none unfortunately). Arrival at Furano station some 80 minutes later, we transferred to another local train that would bring us to the Nakafurano Station where the lavender fields are located. We chose to visit Farm Tomita due to its proximity to public transportation. This was an easy 25 minutes walk from the station. Along the way, we passed by the Town Lavender Fields which gave us a preview of what was to be expected at Tomita later. We paused for a short lavender-flavoured ice-cream break before continuing our walk along the main road. This was a warm and sunny ... read more
Beautiful Asahikawa Station
Sapporo Beer Museum

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano May 2nd 2016

Takikawa – Furano 41 miles I awoke to the sound of a natural cuckoo clock, the skylark’s reeling also soon following suit from where he had left off the previous night. I was surprised by how well I’d slept on my first night back under the stars. Being broad daylight already the night had quite simply flown by. I yawned raucously and felt for my watch, 3:30am. ‘What!!!’ I exclaimed to myself. Summer had truly arrived in the north. I decided not to be hasty, the air around me was still cool as I lay motionless in a reptilian state for at least another hour or so as to allow my being to warm up. And it wouldn’t take long, today would rise to a sweltering 34.7°C. Just a mere few miles out of Takikawa and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano January 15th 2016

Hiroshima 10 to 13 January 2016 Tom and I were looking forward to seeing how the Japanese present WW2 events, compared to what we saw in Pearl Harbour. We learned of the Japanese sensitivities, their yearning to ensure the “evil of war” was never repeated and their sorrow that so many people were killed. 140,000 people were killed from the A-bomb which the Americans dropped and loss of life continued for many years after, from various cancers. The great difference between the battle of Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima was the targets and the bomb substances used. Many civilians were killed in Hiroshima but mainly members of the armed forces were killed in Hawaii. I don’t intend to lessen the horrors of the treatment the Japanese authorities applied to their captives in so many parts of the ... read more
Gemma found a pet shop which let her cuddle a puppy
Shukkein Garden construction started in 1620 (15)
Adam on the Ferry to Miyajima Island

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano July 4th 2013

Japan Experience Furano to Shintoku Here we are in Sapporro, on Hokkaido, 28 hours after leaving home. 11.30 pm and straight to our room and a shower and bed in this warm, windy, humid climate after getting lost on the way from the railway station. Am I glad I had wheels on my luggage. Our Japanese guide, Ken, was waiting for us at the airport and it took us an hour to get our bikes to his van having to go up and down lifts, across bridges and then pass our bagged bikes over an iron railing to him. Eventually we were off and onto the express train into the city. Japan, so far, has been a busy place and full of quiet, respectful people who are almost all quite short in stature compared to the ... read more
Lady workers
Lake Kanayama

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano September 7th 2009

Left Obihiro for Furano. Checked it out, took train the naka-furano. Found location via map with phone number. ... read more

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