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Asia » Indonesia » Timor September 19th 2011

So Flores is over and done with for the second time. I had a rough start, couldn't find any birds at all it seemed, but it picked up marvelously and I not only found a Giant Rat but also "cleaned up" most of the birds I still "needed" (I dislike that word "need" but its a birders term, so when in Rome...). The only ones now missing are that pesky hanging parrot, Weber's lorikeet, Flores scops owl, Flores hawk-eagle and variable goshawk. The tally of "new" birds was still low -- only 21 for the whole month to date in Sulawesi and Flores -- but that is what I was expecting because I've only been covering ground I already covered in 2009. I took the bus from Riung at about seven in the morning, getting to ... read more
toilet on the ferry.....don't even ask
Nephila in the Bipolo forest
in case you were wondering how big Nephila are.....

Asia » Indonesia » Timor October 7th 2010

Project Sperm Eric and I went down to the harbor in Larantuka for the 8 o'clock ferry to embark on what in my head had been called "Project Sperm" for quite a while. I think it was in Yogyakarta that one of us had been leafing through Lonely Planet and had stumbled on our destination and said "We have to go there". That we were now finally on our way there felt absolutely fantastic. The ferry was of the kind you picture yourself when you from time to time hear about an Indonesian ferry sinking. Wooden, old and poorly maintained and people everywhere. As we sat down (yup, we actually found some available seats) I started to realize how far away from home we were. No other whities around. No-one spoke more than a few words ... read more
We bridge the nation
Truck Convoy
Jungle stop

Asia » Indonesia » Timor October 5th 2010

After a long but pretty comfortable 20 hour ferry ride I was in Kupang, Timor, just north West Austrailia. Another 5 hours on a ferry and bemo and I was on the east side of Rote, just off the coast of Timor. Nembrala, Rote is the home of T-Land another one of Indonesia's epic surf breaks. T-Land is billed as the easier G-Land (*surfer knowledge*). It is a long long left point with a few other breaks nearby. I have finally found paradise. Ive been told that Nembrala is like Hawaii in the 60's. A single paved road runs through town lined with stacked coral fences. The town sits beneath the swaying shadows of coconut trees. The 4 hotels in town are scattered throughout thatched huts and concrete block houses. Goats, pigs and dogs roam the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Timor June 17th 2009

I arranged my flight onwards to Ruteng in Flores (home of the giant rat....hopefully) for Thursday, at the unusual hour for Indonesia of 6am. With three days to utilise I chose to go to Bipolo on the first and third days and back to Camplong on the second, to attempt to try and find the remaining endemic birds of the island. Bipolo was remarkably easy to get to, simply bus to the whistle-stop town of Oelmasi and then take a motorbike to the forest at Bipolo about 15km further on up a sideroad. I was going to just bird along the road, which runs right through the middle, but I found a dirt trail heading into the trees so I took that instead and in a couple of minutes came across a fruiting fig tree. These ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Timor June 14th 2009

Gunung Mutis is FANTASTIC!!! Getting there was a bit of a laugh though. First was a three hour bus trip from Kupang to Soe which wasn't bad because the bus was only half-full (the buses aren't really buses either, they're like bigger versions of mini-vans). Then a quick motorbike ride to where the bemos to Kapan leave from. I had been given to understand that I had to take a bemo half-an-hour to Kapan and then another bemo another half-an-hour to Fatumenasi where I would be trying to track down what was described on the internet as a "basic losmen" owned by Mateos Anin (yes the same internet source that called the delightful Mamariwu House a basic losmen too, so I wasn't worried). A bemo is a small mini-van in which instead of having rows of ... read more
Gunung Mutis
some scenery
big katydid

Asia » Indonesia » Timor June 11th 2009

Between the Merpati and Transnusa airline companies, planes leave Waingapu (Sumba) for Kupang (West Timor) every day of the week. But as I found out, they're all fully-booked days in advance which was a bit of a surprise. I went on the waiting list for the next day but there wasn't much hope of getting to Kupang before the end of the week. I had inadvertently found myself staying at the Hotel Elvin which was 275,000 rupiah per night (the cheaper fan rooms all being already occupied) so I was going to have to move to a much much cheaper place if I was in Waingapu for more than one night. However there was a surprise cancellation about quarter of an hour after going on the Transnusa waiting list and by a fluke I got on ... read more
strangler fig at Camplong
another fig at Camplong

Asia » Indonesia » Timor February 25th 2009

The first paragraph is for computer people only. Non-nerds can safely skip to the next paragraph. OK. There seems to be only one public Internet connection in this whole city, and that’s at what passes for the tourist hang-out place. The only way to get on is to use their one computer, or unplug their one Ethernet cable and hardcode your IP address to his 10. address and set your DNS servers. He doesn’t seem to have a switch or a router or anything, just an Ethernet cable which as far as he knows magically comes from his ISP. It gives very intermittent connectivity to the Internet, slowing right down often, so that lots of webpages don’t even load for me. So I haven’t been doing much in Kupang, but I thought I should write a ... read more
Kupang - election posters
Kupang - motorbike
Kupang - He Man

Asia » Indonesia » Timor February 23rd 2009

As I woke up this morning, having eaten very little for over 24 hours, with no more drinking water, no local currency, and a vague idea of where I was, my life had become concerned with the lower of Maslow’s needs hierarchy. Just like the original cavemen, my primary concerns were then finding water, finding food, nursing my injured leg, and finding a place to get on the Internet. I’m in Kupang, in a hotel room with a nice firm bed with a clean sheet, a fan, and an “asianised” Western-style toilet - no seat, no toilet paper and no flush. It’s got the cistern at the top, but that’s not even connected. I’m paying 100,000 Rupiah a night for it, which is a lot of money - over $AUS 13. I think I’ll stay here ... read more
Bus - East Timor
Bus - East Timor
pig pen

Asia » Indonesia » Timor November 23rd 2008

Today we are leaving Kupang to travel in Indonesia before returning home to the UK on Decemeber 12th. It is with mixed feelings we leave - so sad to say farewell to some great people, relieved to get away from the heat and noise, satisfied (even smug) about what we have achieved , amazed at what people can and will achieve when given the opportunities, intrigued by the resourcefullness of people when there are no 'health and safety regs' to inhibit enterprise. We will miss the smiles and endless greetings of 'Hello Mister', the friendly interchanges (assumed) , being stroked by strangers who just want to feel the skin, Any way a few photos gives a better impression than my ramblings. Just a small selction form my collection of 265,765. This is the last blog from ... read more
Colin's team
Connect 4

Asia » Indonesia » Timor November 18th 2008

Its official - Colin is married to an old fossil The thing they removed from my ear was a deposit of calcium!!! (if this is the first time for you of reading this blog you need to track down the entries for the ear saga as this is a follow up report) The theory is that a chronic infection in the outer ear that went on for so long caused the body to lay down cells to surround the infected area but it misread the cell coding master sheet and lay down calcium cells instead of soft tissue - if left unchecked it would have kept growing and turned to bone eventually. I can’t make sense of it but I know nothing of cell biology or any biology for that matter. So the good news is ... read more
The entertainers
Line Dancing
Not in a line dancing

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