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Asia » Indonesia » Timor August 5th 2019

A lot of the people reading this blog know we love islands. We love island life and island time. We adopt the often simple living that comes with islands and we easily make ourselves at home in a basic bamboo cabin. Islands are kind of our natural habitat ;-) Island hopping, flying and ferrying have occupied us the past month. From Tioman (Malaysia) we hopped to Singapore (which is an island), from Singapore via Bali to Sumbawa, and then Flores, Lembata and finally Alor where we are now and from where we will hop over to Timor tomorrow. We left Malaysia via the huge and efficient border post at Johor Bahru in a local bus crossing the river into Singapore. We both had not been in Singapore for a very long time and it was both ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Timor » Kupang March 22nd 2018

Vcera Este pred spankom mi dala vcera cs neaky krem proti komarom, vyzeralo to ako pletove mlieko (sacik johnson&johnson) V noci som sa par krat zobudil na zvoniaci mobil resp na ofuky zo stropneho ventilatora. Postupne vsetci zacali odchadzat az som tu ostal sam s otcom ale ten furt spal. Po nasi goreng smer gps suradnice co mi poslala dnesna cs. Poslala aj fotku domu ale to bolo fotene za tmy tak nepouzitelne. Cestou si este fotim stvrt kde byvam, vsetko zelene domceky. Zbadal ma miestny, nech fotky zmazem, tak dve fotky teda zmazane. Neskor sa dozvedam, ze to tu je armadna stvrt. Prichadzam na suradnice, tam skola. Zacina porovnavanie domov, ani jeden sa nepodoba. Obieham cely blok, nic. Pred policajnu stanicu kopa uniformovanych, ukazujem fotku domu, hovorim meno. Posielaju ma za skolu. Tu mam stastie, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Timor » Soe November 9th 2017

Once most of Timor was animist. Then came the Portuguese and they brought a Catholic Jesus, followed by the Dutch who brought a Protestant Jesus. The interior, for long remained animist, but the onslaught of Jesus from the coast could not be stopped indefinitely. And now just one village remains. Notwithstanding that, most of their fellow Timorese are only nominally Christians. Boti, however, is not even nominally Christian. The Chief of Boti decided to stand by the religion and traditions of his ancestors, followed by an ever shrinking population. There are now just 360 of them, and sooner rather than later none will be left, as it is becoming ever harder to find suitable wives within this narrow pool. With suitable, I mean wives which are not closely related to their future spouses. Most of the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Timor » Kupang November 5th 2017

Indonesians, I have concluded, must be big fans of Einstein, whose theory of relativity is put into practice here on a daily basis. Yes, time is relative in Indonesia. And the further you travel from the centre, the more relative it becomes. In Indonesian they call this phenomenon, jam karet, which literally means rubber time, as in indicating the elasticity of time in these parts. Now I have had some experience with the elasticity of time, as it is a phenomenon not exclusive to Indonesia alone. It is only in the western world where the rubber of time has petrified, elsewhere it has retained some of its pliability, to a lesser or greater degree. In Banda my PELNI boat, which is the national shipping line of Indonesia, was only one hour late in leaving, corresponding to ... read more
Banda to Saumlaki

Asia » Indonesia » Timor May 21st 2016

Yep I live in Kupang and I just had a road trip in Timor Island in my 22 years of age! Cheers to that. Well when I was still in college - you know, those days when you can only dream of travelling -, and I did dream of travelling when I have enough money. So this trip was sort of selfproofing stuff. Besides, I get to see the Island. This trip took 6 days and 5 nights, 3 regencies, 2 motorbikes, several places to visits, and plenty of relatives to be contacted for free meal and free place to stay. So let me begin with I did not travel alone with my boyfriend, there were 3 of us. So throw away your negative thoughts. First Stop : Soe So, which places in Soe that i ... read more
Oehala Waterfall
Oehala Waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Timor May 2nd 2015

Our time in Indonesia was running out. We had one day left in West Timor before heading to Darwin, Australia via Bali. We had not forgotten Sister Henrita. We had met her at the lakes in Kelimutu, Flores when she had said we could stay in her convent. When I called her from Kefa she reconfirmed it was fine for us to stay our last night in West Timor. It help that it was right by the airport. We got the bus to Kupang having bought a few items at Kefa market, including avocados as a gift to the sisters. It was a short motorbike ride to the Fioretti convent. As Henrita said, 'Everyone in Kupang knows where Fioretti is'. We had no idea what to expect. We had never stayed at a convent before. The ... read more
Outside the Fioretti convent with the ambulance ready to go to the airport

Asia » Indonesia » Timor May 1st 2015

In Indonesia it is as if everyone smiles...and in West Timor laughs and waves. If you are in a car it is like being the Queen. As you drive pass everyone, yes literally everyone, who sees you are a Westerner, smile and wave and shout 'How are you, mister'. 'Leko-leko' I learnt to reply in the local Dawan ('I'm fine') as I smiled and waved back. A smile goes a long way when there is no common language. The Timor smile. Think Batman's Joker on a good day. To travel Timor you have to have to accept that most locals will chew the ubiquitous betel nut. This leaves their teeth, lips and gums stained red (black in places) and the streets sprayed with red spit. It is completely a way of life in Central West Timor ... read more
The room with a view at Lavalon, Kapang
Jemri buying betel for the village chief
Hand weaving at Boti

Asia » Indonesia » Timor August 5th 2014

We made it!…. we are in Indonesia! After quick trips to the shops for last fresh food provisions and a few things from the chandlery we waited for the horns marking the 11am start of the rally. Didn’t really hear the horns but got our selves together, only to be delayed by Naomi needing to visit the toilet, and then we were second from last across the start line. We sailed slowly passed the tourist motor catamaran filled with rally organisers and interested onlookers as Naomi insisted we don’t have the engine running for this. Being almost last did have the advantage of not being being overtaken by the other boats and we pretty much stuck near the back all the way. Light winds carried us pleasantly westward along the coast. As night set in and ... read more
Dolphin watching with Alex
flying fish found aboard
another sunrise at sea

Asia » Indonesia » Timor July 11th 2013

Hadn’t it for my friend Nina’s persistence, I would not have set my foot in this tiny, idilic island of Alor. This was my second dive in a year after Raja Ampat early this year and I have not gone diving frequently in the past few years. It is also my first time taking underwater photos using my brand new Canon Powershot S110 camera, and I must say the result was not so bad for a beginner! When people asked me where Alor was, I had no idea where it was located exactly until I got into the plane and saw the map. It is actually located on the north of Timor island. I did my liveaboard trip in 2003 around this area but didn’t reach Alor (it went all the way to Maumere and Ende ... read more
Trans Nusa - propeller plane
It's so peaceful
The fisherman

Asia » Indonesia » Timor June 28th 2012

Hallo again from Bali!! So after another night near the airport Anne and me went first to Kupang on West-Timor then we went to Kalabahi on Alor Island by plane. From there a local bemo (minibus) broght us to Alor Kecil, from there we took a small traditional wooden boat to cross the channel to La-Petite-Kepa island - puhhhhhh a long way to get there. But the warm welcome of Anne and Cedric, the cosy bungalows with view to the blue ocean and the hospitality of the homestay made us forget all the effort tio reach that place. My days where almost always pretty the same - sleeping - breakfast - diving 2 times - lunch - relaxing/sometimes snokling - sometimes a night dive - dinner and sleeping again. It was wonderful, I enjoyed every second ... read more
What an island - La Petite  Kepa - Alor
Nice - Alor
Traditional boat in Alor

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