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November 18th 2008
Published: November 20th 2008
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Bali - ear therapyBali - ear therapyBali - ear therapy

Luckily for me the cost of going to Bali for treatment is covered by VSO medical insurance. For others in Kupang going to Bali is not an option and when there are no facilities in Kupang then locals have to depend upon rudimentary facilities avaialble in local hopsitals .
Its official - Colin is married to an old fossil

The thing they removed from my ear was a deposit of calcium!!!

(if this is the first time for you of reading this blog you need to track down the entries for the ear saga as this is a follow up report)

The theory is that a chronic infection in the outer ear that went on for so long caused the body to lay down cells to surround the infected area but it misread the cell coding master sheet and lay down calcium cells instead of soft tissue - if left unchecked it would have kept growing and turned to bone eventually.

I can’t make sense of it but I know nothing of cell biology or any biology for that matter.

So the good news is the source of the infection and hence the infection seems to have gone - just left with a mangled ear that needs to heal which is not straightforward in a damp ear canal - so here is hoping all will be OK now. But after 2 false starts I'm being a bit cautious

So I flew back to Kupang
The entertainersThe entertainersThe entertainers

By teh end of teh eevning teh entertainers had grown to over 15 -they love to sing and dance and they dont need alcohol to liven them up
on Saturday afternoon for our farewell party - we leave Kupang at the end of the week and go traveling in Indonesia for a bit before heading home.

The party was terrific.

We hired a restaurant and paid for a meal because entertaining folk in our en suite was not an option. The restaurant came with its own cabaret artists so the entertainment was exuberant, camp to the extreme and much fun.

Indonesians love to Karaoke and to dance - they don’t tend to drink much other than water at parties - for no other reason than alcohol is very expensive relative to income here but they don’t need the booze to create a lot of laughter ands fun.

Additional photos below
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Line DancingLine Dancing
Line Dancing

They just love to dance and spontaneoulsy do the most complicated line dances
Not in a line dancingNot in a line dancing
Not in a line dancing

..more like chaoctic bopping
They love to singThey love to sing
They love to sing

Our farewell song
Champagne in a beer bottle!!!Champagne in a beer bottle!!!
Champagne in a beer bottle!!!

Graeme an aussie married to local lady brews his own wines - but struggles to find suitable bottles. Alcohol relative to income is hugely expensive here. One bottle of poor wine cost the equivalent of 25% of our monthly allowance for living.
The new ICT TeamThe new ICT Team
The new ICT Team

Colin looks to have developed some devotees
Power womenPower women
Power women

Some of my trainees - so shy when we met now they are the Wonder Women of teh Web (WWW team) - fabulous
The BFG saying good byeThe BFG saying good bye
The BFG saying good bye

You can see why he keeps hitting his head on low lying branches, doors, canopies etc - he has permanent concussion here

20th November 2008

Glad to hear the ear is on the mend mum, sounded really horrible. (probably not as bad as a tropical knee infection though, reakon that would be much worse).
20th November 2008

Ear versus knee
I had tropical knee infection of the ear - got to be more painful - you had lovely Thai nurses caring for you - I had your Dad-nuff said.
20th November 2008

Great to see you happy
Dear Rosie, Brilliant happy photos for the end of a tough few months! Just for number two son, ear ache is excriciating and went on for 5 weeks! So must be at least equal in the Smith drama stakes!1 Looking forward to travelling bloggs and orang-u- tangs x Penny
20th November 2008

It's the way you say it! Seriously though much relieved for you (not arf as much as you must be) let's hope that's the end of it, has it left you with any hearing difficulties? Thanks so much for all your recent v fascinating texts and pics - wot an adventure you've had - really looking forward to seeing you both around Christmastime or early in the new year. Stay well and better keep your head above water! Love Judy
22nd November 2008

Thanks Penny - it is now that i feel well that I realise just how much I missed by being ill. We are having a wonderful sedn off and I so regret I couldn't have done mnore but Colin on teh other hand has achieved incredible things here. He has been fantastic - will keep you up dated with travels love Rosie
22nd November 2008

Cant wait
Thanks Judy cant wait to catch up and see Dad Clive as well - I still have another 234,546 pics as yet unpublished so don't be too ready with the invites!!!!
23rd November 2008

hello rose glad to hear your ear is better now and that u and colin have had a great time i see u and colin still have great moves on the dance floor bye for now and see u soon danny

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