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Asia » Indonesia » Timor November 12th 2008

The saga of the Kupang ear. November blog For me this month has been dominated by an ongoing ear infection. For Colin it has been a very productive month working with the suppliers to install the new hospital computer system - all is looking good with the project at the moment. You may chose not to bother reading the rest of this self pitying, whining blog entry which is all about me and my ear The saga began 4 weeks ago when I went for a celebratory swim on the Friday afternoon of the final day of teaching my 5 week ICT course, this was at the pool of Hotel Krystal, by Kupang standards a 4 star hotel by European standards - fairly dire. The next day I swam in the private pool of an Australian ... read more
Camera Shots
left ear normal
Right ear with abscess

Asia » Indonesia » Timor October 30th 2008

3 weeks on from the fire and we are back on track. We have a new computer training room and managed to salvage 5 computers from the fire and have 3 others that have been donated by VSO in Bali. So 8 useful computers - some with burn holes in the cases but they work!!! Immediately after the fire we met with the hospital management who were really keen that we re-establish the training room. So that is what we have done. They still plan to buy the Hospital Computer System in November as the money that has been allocated and will not be diverted to re-building the burnt out building. Buildings come cheap here -land and labour is cheap but technology and expertise is in short supply so they are keen for us to stay ... read more
New training Room
laundery drying outside of training room
New training Room

Asia » Indonesia » Timor September 30th 2008

Sunday 21st September… …….. had been a hot, sticky, lackluster day and we had hid away in our room most of the day. At 6 pm we went out to find somewhere to eat with not a lot of success as our favorite watering holes were shut - as we wandered the noisy broken street of Kupang concentrating in the dark on spotting the broken pavements in order to avoid falling into a storm drain Colin took a whack on his head from a low tree branch. It knocked him to the ground dazing him and causing him a scalp wound. After Rob’s experience with minor wounds last year in Thailand I decided to get him home (that is worrying I’m now calling this room Home!). I bathed his head stemmed the bleeding and as ... read more
Patients breaking out
Admin block before
Admin block ablaze

Asia » Indonesia » Timor September 20th 2008

4 weeks later…… Been here 4 weeks nearly and feeling quite settled - funny how things which were so strange to start with I now don’t notice. In my first week I was terrified of falling down a hole in the pavement into a storm drain -now I’m used to jumping holes, dodging scooters in the road and have abandoned the foreign concept of a safe pavement. Can’t say that about the rubbish strewn everywhere - Kupang is one massive fly tip zone. Folk keep their private patch clean but no one cleans up the public spaces and where locals once tossed banana skins that wrapped their food and rattan baskets they now toss plastic wrappings and bags. Colin and I live in a room in a small compound within the hospital complex. We virtuously reuse ... read more
Compost goat
Goat with waste disposal
Choosing our fish

Asia » Indonesia » Timor August 30th 2008

So here I am in Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia (arrived July 28th) - living in an en suite - no bedroom just an en suite. Can’t complain ‘cause I don’t speak the language. Actually it’s not so bad - it is one large tiled hospital room usually assigned as doctor’s quarters. In the room is the sink and ‘Mandi’ (sluice and toilet) and we have curtained off one end where our beautifully carved teak bed sits in contrast to the rest of our furniture. Not the subtle, muted tones of Laura Ashley here - we are more into lurid lime green nylon curtains, bright vivid red vinyl sofa tastefully offset with yellow plastic cushions. Still no worries about spilling the red wine on the sofa eh??? I arrived in Bali after a great flight (two) ... read more
Keeping up appearances
Shower and wet room
House goat

Asia » Indonesia » Timor July 30th 2008

Blog 0 - July 2008 Our travels in 2008 have brought us to a noisy, busy seemingly chaotic town Kupang on the dry dusty island of West Timor at the eastern end of Indonesia. The nearest town you’ve probably heard of will be Darwin, Australia, approximately 1000 miles SE of us. Colin and I are here, in Indonesia with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) to help install a hospital information system in the town’s public hospital. The project was initiated by the German Overseas Development agency (GTZ) and Colin worked with them last year for 6 month doing the systems analysis and strategic plan. This project is the follow up to that work. It may seem strange to you (it did to me) that money is being spent on ICT Training (my job) and installing hospital information ... read more
Admin block
Village folk
Records 3

Asia » Indonesia » Timor April 2nd 2008

The time came to leave East Timor and head into Indonesia. As it happens, Rita from the backpackers' hostel in Dili has a brother at university in Kupang, so she insisted I should stay with him - and while I was at it could I deliver some coffee and money to him from her. Rita was lovely all the way through my stay - really friendly and chatty. So I set off for the 12 hour trip to Kupang. The road is twisty and half-blocked by rockfalls in places (a hazard of the wet season), so it's a long slow haul, but the bus was comfortable enough and not full, so there was plenty of room to stretch out. I had lunch with a couple of Congolese peacekeepers on the way (they were heading to Kupang ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Timor January 29th 2008 mal wieder einen onlineknotenpunkt erreicht ein kleines update: wir sind am 24.1. von bali nach kupang geflogen und weils es so schoen war ueber den wolken und so sind wir von kupang nach kalabahi mit ner kleinen propellermaschine... die droehn droehn klapper klapper um dann den luxus eines buschtaxis zu geniessen (keine stossdaempfer bei schlechter strassenqualitaet) direkt zum pier vor pulau kepa (kepainsel). naja da waren wir fast am ziel. nur das man uns zu einem unmoeglichen preis die ueberfahrt von ca 300m geben wollte. also wie sooft in indonesien : warten . mittlerweile haben wir uns schnell mit den dorfkindern angefreundet und allerhand interressante geschichten ueber die gegend erfahren ...sie sind dafuer in den genuss meiner unmusikalischen floetenkuenste gekommen (habe eine bambusfloete dabei...und ich sollte mehr ueben) zum dank gabs dann noch ... read more
Andre und meine Freundin
das harte leben

Asia » Indonesia » Timor January 23rd 2008

I've rejoined mainstream backpackers for the time being. The mountain bike and the surfboard are waiting for me half way across Sumbawa Island; in Empang at Pak Am's house. My left knee couldn't continue. Very very frustrated, but with no choice I continued by bus to Bima. I ended up hanging out in that "town" for 3 days on the misinformation that a boat was going to leave for Kupang, Timor. I started to get very grouchy as I had to deal again with bemos, ojeks, tiny buses and all other indecent forms of transportation in a country that started to seem to me to be designed to be inconvenient. ... bus stations are always far from the center, cheap bemos turn into expensive taxis when tourists show up and everyone can tell you when the ... read more
Are Guling
Are Guling
Are Guling

Asia » Indonesia » Timor November 26th 2006

Sumba was the next stop, and with a 36 hour ferry ride ahead of me I felt like I was sailing to the end of the earth. A mix of characters amused me for the duration and with a wooden plank for a bed and an infinite supply of cockroaches and bugs I had to quickly adjust to this change in lifestyle. Luckily I could see it as just ‘being one of those things’. I was offered gifts and food, people just wanted to sit next to me so they could see the only white man on the 2000+ passenger ship and it wasn’t long before I was invited to stay at peoples houses, fortunately it just so happened their houses were in the same direction as where I was going. My arrival in waingapu at ... read more
sumba beach
sumba house
buffalo riding

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