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November 23rd 2008
Published: November 26th 2008
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Today we are leaving Kupang to travel in Indonesia before returning home to the UK on Decemeber 12th.

It is with mixed feelings we leave - so sad to say farewell to some great people, relieved to get away from the heat and noise, satisfied (even smug) about what we have achieved , amazed at what people can and will achieve when given the opportunities, intrigued by the resourcefullness of people when there are no 'health and safety regs' to inhibit enterprise.

We will miss the smiles and endless greetings of 'Hello Mister', the friendly interchanges (assumed) , being stroked by strangers who just want to feel the skin,

Any way a few photos gives a better impression than my ramblings. Just a small selction form my collection of 265,765.

This is the last blog from Kupang as we are off on our travels tomorrow - first stop National Park in Kalimantan (Borneo) to see the wildlife in the rainforest , involves a boat trip up river to a reserve in teh national park where we will stay in a lodge (???) - the highlight for me will be to see the Orang Utans

Bye for now

Additional photos below
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Connect 4Connect 4
Connect 4

The son of our housekeeper learning how to play connect 4 - as they are so uncompetitiveit is quite difficult. He preferred nice patterns to winning

We were given many lovely local gifts this tribal hat is tricky to bring hoem
Family transportFamily transport
Family transport

Tonny - who was invaluabel in helping Colin make teh training room, we hope he will eventually become the IT manager. Here he is with his family on teh family scoooter visiting us to say farewell.
Enterprising 1Enterprising 1
Enterprising 1

Specsavers on the move
Enterprising 2Enterprising 2
Enterprising 2

Mobile lunch wagon - called 3 legged donkies. These are all over Kupnag wherever there might be office staff wanting lunch someone will turn up with a mobile kitchen
Enterprising 3Enterprising 3
Enterprising 3

All around the hospital are food sellers - in this case it is boiled peanuts but there ar emany such ladies selling food to teh families who come to teh hospital with their sick relative and camp outside the ward until the relative is ready to take home.
Enterprising 4Enterprising 4
Enterprising 4

No-one goes to a shop to buy a paper because teh paper boys come to you.
Enterprising 5Enterprising 5
Enterprising 5

Love this one - get whistle and you set your self up as traffic police. The whistler will constantly blow his whistle and is supposed to stop the traffic so you can ease out....
Enterprising 5bEnterprising 5b
Enterprising 5b

...for that we are obliged to pay him 1000 rp (5p) so how can you object even if there was absolutely no traffic to be seen. Actually at night they are quite useful to prevent you driving into a hole
Enterprising 5Enterprising 5
Enterprising 5

Some days we ended up buying a heap of papers - none of which we could read but it helps the local economy
Enterprising 6Enterprising 6
Enterprising 6

Coconut seller just outside hospital

A family who make their living picking up teh rubbish around the hospital , sorting it and taking it to a place that buys it form them - solves tehrubbish probelm and provides a living.
Rubbish boyRubbish boy
Rubbish boy

One of my favourite kids - helping dad sort rubbish - wish he were in school as he now stands no chance of getting a better job - his smile it up my every day. I undersatnd now why people adopt kids abroad.
Spot teh mistakeSpot teh mistake
Spot teh mistake

Colin climbing steps to new Computer Training Room - sadly they forgot to put in a door. The temporary one below is designed for hobbits.
patient with relativespatient with relatives
patient with relatives

They have decided to bring uncle outside so they can keep him company
cute kidscute kids
cute kids

..endless picture I have of cute kids these were intrigued when we visited teh house of a nurse - they had to come see the boolays
another cute kidanother cute kid
another cute kid

outside ward waiting for mum to give birth to a brother or siater
Rubbish boyRubbish boy
Rubbish boy

wish he were in school!!!
Good one to end onGood one to end on
Good one to end on

These are the newly trained hospital staff with teh IT guys figuring out how to update a patient record - this is what we came here to do is to make ourselves redundant and leave the staff self-sufficient- job done!!!!! Smug factor high!!!

26th November 2008

Great Blog
Great blog mum, all in all it sounds like it was a success. Now you can enjoy the traveling home. Can't wait to see you guys at xmas.
3rd December 2008

Coming Home
Thanks Rob , we too are really looking forward to coming home and catching up with you all but just a bit more of Indonesia to see first.
3rd December 2008

Blenheim Lane Brigade
be good to see the BL gang - thanks for all your encouraging emails Jane love Rosie

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