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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang March 19th 2019

Ranajky opat vedla. Dnes som chcel dat turu na sopku talang ale nakonec od toho upustam, bo este stale mam na nohe chrasty a nechcem si to strhnut. Prioritu tu ma trek za orangutanmi, takze sa radsej setrim a nie ako na mindanao kde som na liecenie sral co sa mi vypomstilo. Berem motorku, vcera jeden poskok vravel, ze treba nechat zalohu pas ale dnes ho nik nechcel. Prvy problem najst pumpu v spleti uliciek. Jednu som nasiel avsak samoobsluzna, tak na to prdim a idem na vypadovku smer solok. Cestou vela zastavok na kontrolu smeru. Konecne kupujem aj prvu vodu, doteraz som fical len na free z ubytka. Jl dr soetemo je hlavny tah a je tam aj pumpa. Tam kopa aut a motoriek. Nasledoval som motorky a predbehol som sa. Naucil som sa nove ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang March 18th 2019

Este ma napadol jeden zazitok z kl letiska. Maly chalan (3) tam cural do pohara, to ako fakt nechapem preco ho mama nezobrala na zachod ale podstrcila mu pohar. Na ranajky som behol hned vedla do Warkop Nipah. Oproti stankarom samozrejme trosku vyssie ceny. Obsluha velmi pekne male indonezanky. Ukazal som na jedlo vedla stola a pochvili mi donisli nudlovu polievku s masom. Nudli fakt vela, prakticky to bolo bez stavy. Riadne napraskany nazad na ubytko. Indonezsky guide dnes odchadzal, takze na izbe budem len s ang babou. Ti sli spolu na ranajky aj s fra parom (cestuju spolu). Ja som sa vybral na spoznavanie mesta. Prva zastavka na miestnej plazi. Sice plaz by som to ani nenazval. Taky spinavsi piesok, natlcene pahule (alebo zeby tam vysadili stromy, to by ale nedavalo logiku) a same smeti. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang March 17th 2019

Este k vcerajsku. Vyuzil som pracovnu oproti ubytku. Bol tam akurat jeden chalan tak mi to ukazal ako to funguje. Inak je tam aj navod. Nuz najskor som si v automate rozmenil papierove peniaze na 0.5rm. Ked to zacalo padat, myslel som, ze som vyhral v automate. Potom som do pracky nalozil pradlo, tu zavrel. Zmackol program hot, dalo sa aj cold (lacnejsie), nahadzal mince a uz to islo. Prasok sa tam pridal automaticky. Pranie trvalo 25.min, cas som travil na izbe. Oblecena bunda a dlhe nohavice, bo som dal opat oprat vsetko co som mal. Len na klobuk som zabudol. Po dokonceni prania som prehadzal veci do susicky. Opat 25min. Ono keby bolo na ubytku miesto na susenie poriesil by som to tam. V takomto teple a slnku by to bolo vyschnute hned. Ok a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang September 22nd 2014

Je červen 2015 a já konečně dopisuju blog. Proč jsem to neudělal hned po příjezdu do Česka? Snad únava z cesty, snad únava ze psaní, snad zaneprázdněnost jinými věcmi, kdoví... A proč jsem se opět k blogu dostal? Snad chuť cestu symbolicky uzavřít, snad snaha zachytit zbytky vzpomínek, než se rozplynou, snad chuť se na ta místa zase aspoň v duchu podívat... Padang, Jakarta, Singapur, Bangkok a pak celá Barma jsou tedy psány s víc než půlročním odstupem. Texty asi budou chudší a kratší, ale přece i to je lepší než nic. Tak jdeme na to. Když jsem v Bukittingi nasedal do minibusu ve směru Padang, zrovna pršelo. Bohužel i v autobuse - čůrky se ve střeše nějak slévaly a celé to ústilo přímo na mou hlavu. Na chvíli jsem to vyřešil deštníkem, ale bylo jasné, ... read more
Džus vymačkaný ze stonku bambusu
Modernistická krajská drive-in mešita Sumbar
Krásná a kulturně významná mešita v Gantingu

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang August 28th 2014

Ja, vollgedröhnt nicht zugedröhnt - Tuak, den lokalen selbstgebrannten Reisschnaps mussten wir noch nicht trinken - mit Musikbeschallung, wie Gewehrsalven knatternden Motorrädern und jetzt wohnen wir auch noch direkt neben einer Moschee. Normalerweise erträglich, aber heute ist Sonntag, da lief der Lautsprecher von vier Uhr bis acht Uhr früh. Anscheinend darf da jeder mal was aus dem Koran vorlesen, denn viele Stimmen klangen noch sehr jung. Als wir um halb Acht beim Frühstück waren hat dann die laute Musik im Frühstücksraum, die mit dem großen Fernseher (5% Nachrichten, 95% Werbung) konkurrieren musste, die Stimmen von der Moschee übertönt. Auch beim Besuch des Sianok Canyons, im alten Königspalast der Minangkabau und am Fort de Kock, einer übriggebliebenen Befestigungsanlage der ehemaligen holländischen Kolonialherren, erklang aus den auf dem jeweiligen Gelände verteilt... read more
Unsere Hütte am Strand
Reward for picking coconuts
Traditional Minangkabau House

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang June 13th 2013

Flying out from KL's massive warehouse-like LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), it was just a short 1h ride to Padang, the largest city on the western coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which is itself the world's sixth largest island. Despite it's proximity to my home country of Singapore (which is probably just an hour or two's boat ride from the closest point of the massive island), this was in fact my first time here. Apart from the occasional earthquakes that ravage the island, and the separatist violence that used to plague the northernmost city of Acheh, the island itself does not seem to generate much global news, and my arrival here would have filled me with more hesitation and anxiety, had I not already spent a month in the neighbouring (and more populous) Indonesian ... read more
Jalan Batang Arau
Sunset over the Indian Ocean
Beachside Fish Vendor

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang November 4th 2012

Our next destination was the Harau Valley, and getting there was the longest, most complicated journey I have ever undertaken. It involved the following: a shared taxi, a ferry, two aeroplanes, two buses, a minibus and a motorbike taxi. We had a small break in the middle of this journey for an emergency trip to the hospital for Zena. She had a high fever, aching muscles, headache, fatigue and vomiting. Classic symptoms of malaria. If untreated, some cases of malaria can be fatal. So we headed to Medan hospital with the greatest of speed. The hospital was clean and surprisingly efficient. We were attended to immediately, assigned a bed and blood samples were taken faster than you can say "antiprophylaxis". Within two hours Zena was diagnosed with a "miscellaneous viral infection", thankfully not malaria. The fever ... read more
The view from our room
Mother and Baby
The Harau Valley part 1

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang September 13th 2012

The minibus from Pagaralam to Padang takes 18 hours. I'll spare you the finer details of the journey - it's 18 hours on a bus; it's boring, exasperating and atrocious. The poor driver has to stop and ask several times until we finally find the right tiny alley where my hotel is located. In my infinite youthful naïvety, I believe that I might make it on a boat to Mentawai that same day. I should have done my research - the boat leaves twice weekly, which means I'm stuck in Padang for three days. It turns out not to be the worst place to while away a few days. The locals are friendly, smiles and 'Hello, Mister!'s are the norm. The distinctive Padang cuisine can be heavenly, if you find the right place. There's no menu, ... read more
Floating mosque
Street food seller
Vegetarian Padang food

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang April 19th 2012

Mum was lying on a sun lounger reading when the 8.6 quake occurred, apparently a significant enough quakes to make worldwide headlines and generate mass panic..except for mum, who chose to just keep reading. She felt her lounge start shaking and thought..hmm..what's going on here. So she stood up, lifted the lounger to see if there were 'animals' under there moving around. Now think about this. Statistically, what are the chances that a couple of pangolins wandered out of the jungle and thought, yes, just what we need for our romantic interlude, an australian on a sun lounge, right at that moment. Like that would happen! Now statistically, the chances of an earthquake on the Sundra arc is pretty high, up there in the top places likely to make your lounge move. So mum stood up, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang April 18th 2012

On how many levels does a journey exist? Is the journey sometimes a destination unknown or unexpected? Ive spent my adult life watching for the Oh Not Again! Disapproving face my mother would pull every time I would casually mention I was going a couple of papua new guinea. I wanted to show my mum the side of me that comes alive when I am travelling and diving, a new world to explore, where I feel my best. I wanted her to understand why I travelled alone to parts far flung and on the Smart Traveller website as reconsider need to travel. So, I took her to Cubadak. A tiny island off the west coast of Padang in Sumatra. On that ohh so sexy Sundra Arc (You will have to excuse the geomorphologist im ... read more
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