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July 6th 2012
Published: July 6th 2012
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It was the most fantastic thing.

Tyler and I had to take two flights to get from Singapore to Yogyakarta. The first flight was from Singapore to Jakarta, then we had what was supposed to be an hour and a half layover before our next flight. The first flight to Jakarta was delayed by about 40 minutes. Rebecca got stressed. Tyler stayed cool and calm. With less than an hour between flights we were running around like crazy and then found out we needed to get our Indo visa's before getting our connecting flight. Customs was telling us we needed a flight booked to exit the country before we could get a Visa, but luckily with us running short on time all we needed to provide was a fake place we were staying in the country (later on we ended up staying at the guesthouse we provided haha).

Running very short on time, and worrying we would miss our flight we were pretty much running to our gate. Through all of this, I was frantic, Tyler was Tyler and the Jakarta airport staff was absolutely amazing. I'm not sure if it was because we were running around an airport, or if we stood out like a sore thumb but they made everything okay. At one point, a dude saw us looking confused, asked where we were going, pointed us in the right direction and then walkie talkied his dude at the other end to tell him that we were on our way. It was beyond helpful!

We finally made it to our gate, and got a chance to sit and breathe, only to hear a voice on the intercom saying our departure gate had been changed , AHHH!

However, we made it with a few minutes to spare, and then all was right in the world. When we finally got a second to sit and check out our surroundings, this airport is beautiful. They have created an atmosphere that seems like we are already in the tropics/jungle. So many windows, so many palm trees and other greenery. The next thing that caught my attention, were the people. I was suddenly surrounded by dozens of beautiful people. Beautiful faces. I say faces because Indo is very religious; the women are extremely conservative and most of them wear a hijab or head dress.

Suddenly I felt really disrespectful. Luckily I chose to wear a t-shirt today, but I still had shorts on. The last thing I wanted was my first impression in this new country to be that I didn't respect their religion or ideals. From now on, I will be sure to cover up!

Both Tyler and I learned a lot today and I think the most important thing is, “Terima Kasih” which is how to say Thank You in Indonesian. Thanks for tuning in 😊 I'll get you another update in a few days

xoxo Ty+Becs


6th July 2012

This visa thing scares me
I guess this won't be the last time you run for a gate in an airport. Good thing you're in shape. Glad you had time to check out the view and "smell the roses". I love palm trees and the tropical foliage. Can't wait to hear about the jungle.

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