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July 6th 2012
Published: July 6th 2012
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Well, we made it to Yogyakarta. What a trip it has been: at least 21 hours of plane rides, about 55 hours of total travel time (however we did stay in Singapore for a night so take away 15 hours there and you've got 40 hours of travel time).

4 planes, 3 countries (ish), 2 rapid transit rides, 1 crammed ass public bus... and we still survived.

We are writing this while enojoying a large (and I mean large) Bintang beer on the patio of our guesthouse. We are staying at Bladok Losmen, so far so good. I mean it has a fricken pool. Pictures to come.

Anywho, the point of this blog was not to ramble, but do the opposite - explain our new blog style. Up to this point I've been all sappy sap, but now that we are here, Tyler wants to be more involved and I want to write less often so I can enjoy more. We are in Yogyakarta now and will be here for a few days, once we get to our next destination or maybe even en route, we will get back to you with our travels. When I sign just Becs, it's just me; if we sign Ty+Becs we have collaborated.

To wrap it up, we are going to write every few days (maybe a couple a week) instead of one or two a day. Please feel free to continue with comments or private messages and remember you can always email me at if you would prefer.

Thanks for getting it, love you

xoxo Ty+Becs


6th July 2012

Glad you can relax
I googled the place and it looks amazing! Now you can relax and enjoy. Absorb the culture and atmosphere and take your time with the blog. So far you've been doing an excellent job. Terima Kasih. I love technology. Love to you both, Mom XO
6th July 2012

Where The flippen heck is Yogykarta LOL
Wow sounds awesome. Will think of you both often great to follow your travels. Loads of love & cuddles The Blankes
7th July 2012

hey there
Sounds like everything is going great so far. However, I think you forgot to take the weather with you. Since you've left we have had nothing but low-mid 30's with humidity making it feel like it's in the 40's and my understanding was that was what the weather should be like where you're going, not where you left!! HAHA Anyways, thanks for the updates - love reading them all!! Have fun, stay safe. See ya in 7.9 months!!! :) (by the way - still no Lisa baby news. Today was her last day, but baby still staying put for now!!)
8th July 2012

After meandering my way thru facebook, I finally found your blog. Even though I am in Florida and don't get back to Canada very often, I still like to keep up on the adventures of my first born nephew. Sounds like the trip of a life time. Stay safe, and Becs...I get it!!!

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