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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta September 23rd 2011

For years now I have been dreaming about Bali. Literally dreaming. Ive had several dreams where I was in Bali and it was time to go home but I didn’t want to leave and I would wake up feeling really sad. Now, I'm here for real and like in my dreams, I don’t want to leave. Bali is a million things rolled into one – stunning beaches, traditional villages, pot holed streets, stone carvings, terraced fields, raging night clubs, stray dogs, Hindu temples, and smiling people. It smells of the sea, incense, and occasionally – sewage. It is both traditional and modern. Both peaceful and frenetic. I love it. Getting into Bali was an adventure in and of itself. From Tokyo we flew to Hong Kong for a one night layover. We had absolutely no idea ... read more
Yummy Balinese dish
Don't Ask!
Small Hindu shrine/offering

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 30th 2011

Partey.. Endelig nok energi til en fest.. :) Planen for dagen var ganske enkel. Fortsette på det nye rushet vi prøvde igår. Nemlig surfing. Tidlig opp for å dra til stranda. Ved vår faste bod/surfebrett utleie. Leide vi noen brett og bare hev oss ut i vannet. Denne dagen også med instruktør den første timen, og så leide vi videre alene for å prøve selv. Og heldigvis så var det like morro alene, men det er vanskelig. Det er mer vitenskap enn flaks. Skal vite mye om hvordan bølgen oppfører seg Resten av dagen tilbrakte vi på stranda ved surfeboden, og ble kjent med nye mennesker. Idag ble vi kjent med danskene og slovaken. Danskene Phillip og Mattias + slovaken Nate. Danskene skal backpacke i 6 mnd! (og vi syns 1 mnd er lenge!) Det beste ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 29th 2011

Hei alle sammen, endelig en oppdatering. :) Sorry, men det er vanskelig å finne god Wi-fi. Jeg har heldigvis skrevet en liten dagbok på macbooken, slik at jeg kan klippe og lime inn idet jeg finner wi-fi. Så her har du litt :) Da har vi fått vår første dag i Bali... og sorry Boracay.. Du VAR paradis og antakeligvis er paradis i høysesongen. Men nå er vi i Bali og det er høysesong. Og her slipper vi en million japanere/kinesere som ikke kan engelsk. Her er det fullpakket med aussies (australiere), engelskmenn :P, svensker, tyskere og andre folk, og alle har en ting til felles. De er her kun for chille´n, surfe, møte nye mennesker og så feste på kveldstid. Feire en chill dag. Og det var akkurat det vi trengte ;) Vi ankom Bali ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 24th 2011

Thursday 11th August - Thursday 18th August A lovely week in Oz!! Friday 19th August Arrive back into Bali. Enjoyed a lovely nasi campur! Chilled at the hotel before heading out to the beach for a beautiful seafood dinner. Saturday 20th August Meet up with Michelle to get over ourselves. We did. We were offered all sorts on our way to lunch; taxi, motorbike, viagara, batteries (unbeknownst to naive us these batteries were actually drugs - don't think our travel stereo would enjoy speed!) Chilled by the pool and then went out for dinner, of what I can remember it was delicious! Don't remember too much but vividly remember being mesmerised by girls posing as dolls in shop windows...very odd. Jason also whipped out a rather hilarious robot impression. Great night at Sky bar. Sunday 21st ... read more
The elusive Bintang "Singlet"

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 21st 2011

I've realised we only have one overseas tripped book for the future...eeeekkkk! I cant survive on that! :) So.... read in the paper that Garuda has a sale on and in 1/2hr with a nod from the hubby we are now off to Bali for a long weekend in January. I would have preferred earlier but we're going to Phuket in Sept then a camping holiday in November and kids birthdays and xmas etc etc over January it is. Now to find a kid friendly hotel with a seperate room for the kids and within walking distance of cheap local restarants.... time to go a-googling :)) ps. since having kids we have been going to bali quite a 4 times in 2 years...but still havent found a hotel (or area) that we 'love'. So ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 21st 2011

After a drunken flight from Bangkok and a night of no sleep we arrived in Bali to the lovely area of Sanur and promptly crashed. It took about 2 days to recover but luckily we were in the nicest hotel we'd stayed in so far... HBO, comfy beds and a lovely swimming pool occupied us. Once we were fully recovered we moved on to Ubud, with everywhere being so close in Bali the 1 hr taxi ride was a welcome relief from all the 12 hr journeys in Vietnam/Cambodia. Ubud was a lovely quaint town, occupied mostly by monkeys and tourists looking for something a little different. Up in the mountains it was a refreshing change from seasides and cities. We soon realised we were going to love Bali, the national dishes were satay chicken and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 18th 2011

Sunday 31st July Woken about 8ish by the prayer call from the worlds 3rd largest mosque. Went by train Jokartakota and wondered around Kota-once the hub of Dutch colonial Indonesia, there are even lines of bicycles around the square. At Taman Fatahillah I became surrounded by a group of Muslim girls who asked for several group photographs. So cute! A little bit further around the square I have some more group photographs with different kids and also catch a couple of fellas taking pictures of me. I believe it is my height as I definitely wasn't as pasty as in China. We walked down to the chicken bridge, shouldn't have bothered and walked back to the square again where the children were waiting. Their guide asked if we'd help them with a school homework project. Of ... read more
Do the Dutch have the bonnets as well?
With another bunch
After all the interviews

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 15th 2011

CJ and I were picked up at hotel and Sanur and taken to Pro-surf's school at Kuta beach. Both the route and the traffic were highly 'interesting'. Squeezing down tiny streets, and back alleys, etc. The surf school is big and well-appointed and at one level is quite professional, however they always seem to be in a state of near-chaos! I joined a 'begginers 3' class of about 8 people, and after a very informative theory talk my owner Frank, and a few exercises in the pool, we paddled out into excellent clean Kuta surf. This was a really great experience, there was one instructor per 2 students. My instructor told me which waves to go for and for the first few waves paddled behind me and gave me a push. First couple of waves were ... read more
Ari putri hotel Sanur
Surf lesson

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta July 31st 2011

We made it to Bali!!! On our last day in Penang (and Malaysia for the time being...) we visited the Kek Lok Si Temple - the most renowned in Malaysia for it's HUMONGOUS statue of Kuan Yin, and just the sheer size of the Temple itself. It was incredible. Probably the best we've seen so far. Snake Temple on the other hand... not so great. It was on the way to the airport so we popped in, carrying all our things with us. We expected it to be slithering with snakes all over. We were disappointed to see just a couple of pythons and what seemed to be a lot of fake plastic snakes. We even laughed at the signs which read "All snakes are live snakes but visitors are requested not to prod or harm ... read more
Steamboat dismay
TekSen Chinese
Temple, Georgetown

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta July 24th 2011

I've been in Australia for over a year now. That means I haven't seen Beata this long. I headed off to Perth, Australia to finish my degree. She went back to Ireland. I was about to finish my 3rd semester and had a six weeks of vacation ahead of me. We both decided it was a perfect time to finally meet up. Afterall, we haven't seen eachother for 13 months! Since we shared such fond memories of Bali, we decided we going to meet there. It was only a three hour flight for me...for Beata it was a loooot more than than. On top of that the airline managed to misplace her luggage...overall, we were happy to see eagain! The funny thing is we both felt like we hadn't seen each other for not more that ... read more

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