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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 10th 2011

Current Mood: Ooohh its Warm. Okey Dokey... the fun has now begun. Will my bum cheeks take another hiding from the bike seat as i cruise through the Mountains of Bali? Will the Bintang get the better of me? Will the good old Nasi Goerang Ayam be the cure? read on and find out. So Casey and i are out. We have finally escaped the Shaking city of Christchurch, unfortunately leaving some great friends behind. I would like to say a big thank you and great buzz to Ciaran, and the very super Kate (Panda Girl) we wish you guys the best and its a shame you couldnt come with us. For all of those Lads at Allied i met especially Ramon aka Prince and the almighty Gerry thanks for all of the help and the ... read more
My lisence. Bali style
hahaha crazy ladies cant enter. Sebel sebel

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 8th 2011

We arrived into Bali quite late in the evening and had arranged to meet with Wiebke and Meike (some of the Goa gang). We caught a taxi to Kuta which is only about 20 minutes from the airport. There was no air con in the taxi so it was the hottest and stickiest ride ever. It was such a treat to arrive and find the girls waiting for us with an ice cold beer each. We found some accommodation and then stayed up all night drinking and catching up. We had a lovely couple of days with the girls although we were really unimpressed with Kuta beach. It was horribly dirty and there was a lot of rubbish floating around your feet in the sea. That would never be allowed in Singapore! Dima did try surfing ... read more
Surf dude

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 7th 2011

After an amazing few days on the Gili islands we boarded a boat back to Padangbai where we would then get a minibus back to Kuta for the last couple of days of this holiday. The boat took about 2 1/2 hours and the seas were quite rough so even though we were inside, we and our bags got soaked! When we got back to Kuta we were dropped near the main street so walked back to where we had stayed for the first few days and got a standard room there for about £30 a night for 2 nights. It was late afternoon when we got back so we went for a walk in search of a bite to eat, and ran into the taxi driver who had taken us to Ubud a few days ... read more
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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta April 26th 2011

We arrived in Singapore airport, spent the night there and then flew to Bali the next day! I was very excited for Bali. It was a beautiful island. PARADISE!! Bali was the cheapest country we had visited, with cups of beer on offer on a friday for less than 10p a cup, a main meal of vegetable curry for 80p and a banana juice for 50p. We were so shocked at the cheapness! We eventually found a nice hotel after walking up and down the street named Poppies 1 which was full of budget hotels and street vendors, and bars and restaurants. Our hotel had a pool, we had air con and sky tv and we paid 5 pounds a night! Although we did have the pleasure of bed bugs to keep us company!! We mainly ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta April 24th 2011

After just a few months back in London we were sick of the cold weather and daily grind, so booked oursleves a trip to Bali - backpacker style! We got the backpacks out and planned a rough 2 week itinerary around Bali and the Gili Islands. First stop - Kuta... After a really long (but good) 16 hour flight with Singapore Air to Bali via Singapore, we arrived at Kuta airport around 11pm and immediately noticed how crazy it was - welcome back to Asia, how we'd missed you! We got a taxi to a small hotel that we had pre-booked online, but soon hit traffic on a one way street - it was a Friday night and so Kuta was heaving with so many people and cars that our taxi driver said we'd be better ... read more
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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta April 24th 2011

18th April 2011. Finally pinned Joey down to come to a monkey and temple tour with me and thank God it didn't start til 3pm as we were both hung over and eager to sleep in. We had so much to drink and didn't realise and in the morning we both had patches of last night missing. We had collected a brochure when we arrived in the airport on tours in Bali. The brochure looked professional was very reasonably priced (half the price of other tours) and said our tour included an air conditioned car, guide who speaks English and included a seafood dinner by the beach at sunset. When we found our guide he was very lovely, hardworking and gentle. He didn't speak much English and the air con was blowing warm air on us ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta April 17th 2011

So we arrive at the airport next to Kuta and begin making our way through customs. We find our bags first and two guys in uniform run up to us and take our bags. I almost told them to STOP and back off but hesitated due to their appearance. Joey hesitated too and then seemed relaxed about the whole thing. I had a feeling these guys were just after a tip but decided to go along with it as they got us through customs really fast - almost too easily. Then they took up around the corner near the exit and demanded money from us - the kind of 'happy' ending I was expecting but was bit expecting them to hold out a large note and say "you must pay this one". We paid it to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta April 17th 2011

First day of sleeping in for a while so decided not to do any tours today. Instead we decided to find our barings, work out where we are, where everything is and make plans and organise for tomorrow. After all, we both were told our plane would arrive in Danpasar, not near Kuta, at a totally different airport! We've laughed this off but it's made us a little worried for when we have to travel from Bali to Paris on the 27th. Sometimes it feels like nothing here is what it seems to be. The people here are very kind, friendly and I am warming up to them quickly. but they make up their own rules as they go. Bartering is just expected and I don't feel guilty about refusing a sale because they just smile ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 25th 2011

Hi, its us again and its been a while! We have been really busy and also either had no internet connection or just sunbathing so not worth reporting on! :-) You'll be pleased to know we were not affected by the tsunami but thanks for those of you to ask. Malaysia was ok and unaffected although I believe in the UK you were told we were. Anyway just a quick run down on what we have been doing and hopefully we will be able to have internet connection frequently from now on. Since our last blog we have been back to Singapore, where we met Nicole and experienced our first night in a shared room for 5 people! It was ok actually and we need to get used to it as I think we will be ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 20th 2011

Hello, and welcome to my first real blog! On Thursday evening, at around 3 30pm, I left my friend and, up to that point, constant traveling companion Simon Botley in the departures lounge at Singapore Airport. The first two months of our trip had ended and we were heading in (slightly) different directions - Simon flew to Cairns, Australia, to spend a month traveling down the East coast to Sydney before spending the same amount of time in New Zealand. I flew to Bali, to spend two months in Indonesia. Exactly where, I'm not sure, but for the moment I am in a place called Kuta. More to follow on that later... Since this is my first blog, I feel that a summary of the last two months, from the time we left Heathrow on January ... read more

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