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March 26th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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Today we got a car/driver and headed south to the Uluwatu temple and then on the way back we stopped in Jimbaran Beach for dinner on the beach, literally. There are a couple dozen seafood restaurants in a row, and though they have indoor seating, everyone sits at the tables that are in the backyard - in the sand. Makes scooting up to the table a little tricky, but the views are ok =)

Uluwatu temple is the southern most temple in Bali, it sits (as you can see) on the cliffs. Its a really small temple compared to the others I went to, and the monkeys here were obviously brought in for the tourists, they were all crazy-fat from all the bananas and peanuts that they sell to the tourists to feed them. They are also really mischievous and love to steal whatever you have in your purse, on your head, or on your person. I thought I had taken everything off that could be taken (remember my silver earring that even I couldn't get out but a monkey stole) well another one ripped the hair clip out of my head to get to the fake frangipani that was
b - they like Ravb - they like Ravb - they like Rav

So cute, they tug on you to ask for more. Except my sari typing skills aren't so great, yikes!
glued to the side of it. he wasn't very happy to discover it wasn't a real flower, and I wasn't very happy to have the hair clip torn out. Who cares about the clip, I care about the hairs that came with it - Ouch!

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e - Ravi & Shae - Ravi & Sha
e - Ravi & Sha

Because this is a religious site everyone needs to be dressed properly. That means saris and sashes for all. Apparently Ravi's shirt was long enough to pass for a sari. =)
i - you can hike over to the other sidei - you can hike over to the other side
i - you can hike over to the other side

This is Uluwatu from the north-west, the path approaching the temple is from the south. We weren't allowed inside, it's only for services.
j - Looking northj - Looking north
j - Looking north

The cliff walk continues past the temple to the north
l - Monkey on a pillar!l - Monkey on a pillar!
l - Monkey on a pillar!

These little guys will steal whatever you have on you, a scrunchie, bandana, camera, look out!
n - Group Photon - Group Photo
n - Group Photo

Mike, Naiomi, Ravi, Shoshanna, and me
s - Jimbarens - Jimbaren
s - Jimbaren

Jimbaren is a little fishing town that has become a little restaurant town. There are 24 restaurants in a row on the beach. Best part is you eat with your feet in the sand.
u - My Dinneru - My Dinner
u - My Dinner

You pick your fish from the tank, and tell them how you want it. Can you say GARLIC! Yum!
v - He loves these coconuts!v - He loves these coconuts!
v - He loves these coconuts!

This one was mostly rum though, don't let the natural exterior fool ya.
w - Entertainmentw - Entertainment
w - Entertainment

These guys took requests, and were really quite good! We asked for an encore!
x - Next day back at Eny'sx - Next day back at Eny's
x - Next day back at Eny's

You have to pre-order the 'sucking pig' a day in advance. This is Eny with her masterpiece.
y - And the fish too!y - And the fish too!
y - And the fish too!

Can you say GARLIC again?

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