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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran October 11th 2019

Left Melbourne on the 5pm flight to Bali with Jetstar, had a cheap upgrade to business and it was a perfect flight getting in at around 9.15pm. Took a Grab to Jimbaran and were there in no time to Del Cielo Villas sitting high up on the hills of Jimbaran...perfect spot for a cold beer after our flight. In all the years we have been coming to Bali this is our first time in stay that is....have been to restaurants here. I think it has been perfect for a week just to do nothing but relax and do a few walks. Though there are a lot of high end hotels here and their restaurants are rather xxxxy we found plenty of lovely places to eat at reasonable prices.....but not where near the quality or choice ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran December 10th 2018

Today we have planned to spend the day with our very good friend Yvonne and her daughter Brigitte who are coincidentally here in Bali from Melbourne at the same time as us. They’re staying over in Seminyak. We spend the morning lazing by the Sofitel pool. A Chinese couple who look like they are both about thirty take up residence on the sun lounges next to us. The man is carrying a very large blow up floatation device in the shape of a unicorn. It‘s mostly white, but with a gold horn, and brightly multicoloured mane and seat. We look for the child that will be using this device, but it soon becomes evident that the couple are here by themselves. They both get into the pool, and the man then climbs onto the unicorn. I ... read more
Brigitte jet skiing
Issy and Brigitte preparing to parasail
Issy and Brigitte  parasailing

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran June 29th 2017

Today grab and myself crossed the toll road, connecting the South tip of the island to Kuta and airport area green and blue sea was on both sides, toll is 1100 IDR I went like Moses !. and learned some useful bahasa along the way..; Bali sangat indah ! Bali very beautiful !... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran September 19th 2014

Jour 1 en Indonésie fût plutôt bref : j'étais brûlée à mon arrivée. C'est environ 5 heures de vol entre Taipei et Bali. C'était plutôt festif : plein de japonais en route pour les vacances. On aurait dit un vol Montréal-Cuba ! Une fois arrivée à l'aéroport, c'était autre chose : teeeeellllllleeeemmmmeeeennntt de monde ! Je n'ai pas attendu longtemps pour acheter mon visa mais j'ai attendu un peu plus de 2h00 pour passer aux douanes. Après, ça s'est bien déroulé. Ah oui ... à part que ma Desjardins semble ne pas fonctionner dans aucun guichet ! Je dois m'occuper de ça aujourd'hui. J'ai donc changé l'argent que j'avais sur moi, faites changer la carte SIM de mon vieux cell (Merci Catherine Blais pour l'info!) et j'ai pris un taxi jusqu'à mon hôtel. Mon hôtel ! ... read more
Mon bain en or !
Justine ... tu capoterais!
Mon beau gros lit relaxant

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran May 26th 2013

Geo: -8.74665, 115.17It was very humid and still this morning, and Paul still wasn't feeling well, so we spent the morning swimming, reading, and just chilling. Keegan left at 7am to go to Jakarta to visit a friend for the day (really; our jet-set kids), and Pas came over around 10am after brekkies. (For brekkies, we ordered our meals last night, and two chefs arrived this morning to cook it for us.) The power was out for 30-45 minutes, but the pool still worked, so I was fine. I went skinny-dipping, as we seemed to have perfect privacy. And, as we all know, bathing suits are the product of the devil. I visited Pas' hotel, which has a lovely garden but the rooms are less interesting for hanging out. Beautiful doors, though. In the late morning, ... read more
Our pool fountain
Our pool fountain
Our pool fountain

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran May 25th 2013

Geo: -8.74665, 115.17Paul woke with a cold (actually he went to bed with a cold but when he woke, it was no better), so we opted to do nothing all day again. In fact, it is about 1pm right now, and I think I'm the only one who is awake. In any case, I am the only one in the living room. We had a late lunch, then were met by Anwar's friend who drove us to the cliff-side temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu for the Kecak fire dance. The traffic for most of the drive was terrible and the part from Jimbaran beach south was almost impossible. Several times, we noticed that other cars turned around, and we were close to doing the same thing … except that the traffic going the other direction was ... read more
Pura Luhur Uluwatu
Pura Luhur Uluwatu
Kecak Dance

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran October 16th 2012

After a shocking 12 months which saw us NOT get to Lake Eyre and a couple of other hiccups, I surprised Peter with a quick week getaway in Bali. HAving been to Bali December 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed Seminyak, I thought we should try some other part of Bali to even the balance. We headed off from Brisbane - Denpasar on board a small Virgin plane, it was a long flight to say the least. A bit on the cramped sided and the 6 hours went past very slowly. On arrival into tropical Bali, despite being quite exhaused at midnight, we were met by our driver and headed off to Pat Mase Villas in Jimbaran Beach. The trip from the airport to the Villas took about 30 mins. We engaged the driver and guide for a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran June 12th 2012

After 2 months of travelling we had become a little tired, especially mentally; what's next, where to go now, how etc... The planning was always being pushed forward due to time lack but at a certain point you have to get going, again. Sometimes you wished it had all been planned ahead, but it wasn't !!! So, only thing to do was to find some hidden energy and move on. We still wanted to see some parts in the South of Bali, so we rented ourselves the ground floor of a private house (with pool) in Jimbaran. Here we were welcomed by Maddie ( Indonesian) and Paul (French) and their dogs! Here we could laze the days away by the pool; we had a kitchen to use, seperate bedrooms, equipped living room (televison etc, wifi). The ... read more
restaurants on the beach
another sunset
a little prince ...

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran March 18th 2012

Interesting to say the least...... Started out from Ubud at 730am with my driver, Kadek. I have met him on the street outside my hotel and am happy to see that he is the driver. Air conditioned vehicle, but oddly enough we don't really need it. The trip is about 2 hours and although it's really not far mileage wise it always is busy because the roads aren't really designed for the amount of traffic that there is....the pollution is deadly.......funny that all the pictures that you see of Bali are beautiful but the truth is, they have a huge garbage and pollution problem...I'll keep the mystical side of Bali to your imagination and not burst any bubbles with the "real" pictures....... After quite an interesting ride, as it always is, we arrive at the surf ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran February 12th 2012

Today we decided just to relax and go shopping before heading off to Jimbaran Bay for our sunset dinner. It is, of course, our 35th wedding anniversary today, the reason for our trip. We had breakfast at the hotel and then went for a swim in the pool to occupy a few hours. After this we went to Carrefour for a bit of a look around the store. There are a lot of small shops in the complex so we looked at them before heading into the hypermarket itself. As usual we forgot to eat lunch so by the time late afternoon came around we were starving and ready to head down to Jimbaran. The afternoon was just sensational and the bay is beautiful, with the exception of all the rubbish on the beach, mainly plastic. ... read more
01 View from our room
02 The hotel pool
03 Statue of Hindu God

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