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March 23rd 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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I haven't uploaded pics in 2 weeks, sorry about that. I have some great shots from Lovina Beach, the sunsets there are unreal, and also some cools pics from the EIGHT scuba dives I did there. I even got the disposable underwater camera developed here in Kuta (1 hour shop, who knew!). So the next day it rains, or one night when there is nothing going on I'll spend some time and augment the last few weeks posts with their accompanying pics.

I've been having a great time in Kuta, it's like a break from traveling really. Just like a vacation from my vacation. Everything here is Western and easy, Starbucks, McDonald's, beach town shops selling sarongs and sunscreen. The nightlife is great, tons of great restaurants and bars, and the best bit is - it's all still at Bali prices. Not nearly as cheap as Ubud and Lovina, but you can still get a nice dinner in a nice restaurant for $30.

Sha and Ravi and I have been hanging out every day. Last night we went to this swank joint off the beaten path that her sister knew about. There was a wedding reception on the other side of the restaurant, and we got to see all the lovely folks chilling by the pool. It was a nice backdrop to our dinner. I have a pic of the table to upload.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the warnings about the violence in Tibet. I've got CNN in my hotel room here (I haven't watched TV in a month and it's weird having one again) so I'm keeping tabs on it as well. If it's not safe I won't go. But I haven't made the call yet, there is still time.

I bought a cell phone 2 days ago, and a SIM card that'll work in any country (so they said) so I should have this number for the rest of the trip. Texting is only $.03 per so it'll be much easier to keep in touch daily if anything comes up. Mom, I've sent you a few texts, so check your cell phone. You are the only one who hasn't replied to me! =)

Until next time, all is well here, and I hope the same is for you. Thanks for reading!


23rd March 2008

From Mom Just checked my cell phone. Only texts are from Marc. Try again. Love, Mom

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