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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa January 30th 2017

February and I just don't see eye-to-eye! It's been a long time coming but we just don't get on. She insists on throwing everything at me – dark nights, cold days, rain, frozen fingers and soggy feet. We, having just enjoyed a wonderful Festive Season with our wonderful kids and grandkids, now look into the long dark tunnel which will lead to a breaking Spring. February agrees with me that she has little to offer except the gradual lengthening of days and the distant promise of a beautiful Spring. So, its time to pack the backpacks and head off to warmer climes dragging ourselves away from our loved ones. South East Asia should fit the bill! After a mammoth journey, offset by the fact that we were travelling on the A380-800 super jumbo all the way ... read more
Genggong Hotel front lawn
Meet the Balinese Gang!!
Prayer Time at the Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa November 1st 2016

Suzanne here... We arrived in plenty of time for our 11 am boat from Gili Trawangen to Bali only to discover that the real departure time was 11.30... which then turned into 12 pm. Can't say we were too surprised but it was a bit of a long hot wait. The boat (Ganggari) itself was at least more comfortable than the one on the way over. Unfortunately I got the obligatory cockwomble in front of me that had to immediately throw her seat back, although everyone else seemed quite capable of sitting upright for an hour and a half. The crossing was uneventful but we had to wait a little while to dock, then a little while longer for our onward shuttle van as it seemed we were the only ones continuing to Candi Dasa. We ... read more
Candi Dasa - Hotel Puri Oka
Candi Dasa - Hotel Puri Oka
Candi Dasa - Hotel Puri Oka

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa May 14th 2015

We made our way from the Ubud countryside east to the seaside town of Candi Dasa. I must say, from the moment we got there it was such a relaxing place! We stayed at Aquaria Resort at the north end of town, farthest from Padang Bai. The owner is from New Zealand (we had heard from locals) and so there were plenty of Aussies - our neighbours were from Victoria Point! We stayed in ‘Ocean View Aquaria 2’ beachfront room - it was so peaceful in fact that the wifi password was "peaceful". I could have easily have lounged on a sun bed and watched the world go by all day (whilst sipping their delicious $4.50 cocktails) but we had exploring to do. That first night we ate at the Crazy Kangarooon the main strip - ... read more
View from the Road
Handy Amed Map
Jemaluk Beach, Amed

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa February 12th 2013

We had beautiful weather as we cruised up the Timor Sea to Indonesia. I had forgotten the idyllic setting that is the home of the Komodo Dragons. A calm bay dotted with islands and surrounded by steep verdant mountains. The Voyager was going to be at anchor off Komodo Island for just three hours. The tour staff did a terrific job of getting 400+ passengers tendered ashore, toured around the island to see the dragons and back to the ship on schedule. A real smooth operation! It was hot as an Indian curry on shore and we hiked for about a mile through a tamarind forest to get to the dragons. There were four of these giant lizards hanging around a water hole. Usually during mid-day they are quite lethargic but this time they seemed very ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa June 26th 2012

We met a retired couple - Anton and Joke (pronounced Yoka) on the ferry back from Lembar (Lombok) to Padang Bai (Bali). Originally from Holland they moved to Papua New Guinea then Australia at the beginning of the 60's and never looked back! They were renting a nice villa in Candidasa and invited us for a drink... So after enjoying our chat on the ferry with Anton and Joke we thought it would be nice to spend some more time with them so we decided to go with the flow and alter our plan and check out the east coast of Bali before going to Ubud. . On arrival in Padang Bai we decided to try traveling local style in a mini bus/bemo to Candidasa (we waited/roasted for 30 mins prior to leaving Padang Bai then ... read more
Bemo style
in the bemo
our stay for 3 nights.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa June 15th 2012

We took two hikes up the "big hill" in Candidasa, actually the first hike I thought it was a big hill, the second hike was after the really big hill- Gunung Agung, so Gumang Hill then became the "not so big hill"- follow me? Anyway, we asked the guys at the hotel if it would take long to climb, they said- nope, not so long so off we went (which we believed because usually anything longer than 5 minutes and "you need transport?taxi?where you going?" is being offered!). The definition of ill prepared springs to mind. I wore my crocs (dumb move), we both had sunscreen on from earlier in the morning (worn off for sure!), did wear a hat (smart). However, it would have been very smart to take more sunscreen, water (yes, water!), more ... read more
Pura Segara, Candidasa
Pura Segara, Candidasa
Looking out to the ocean

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa June 10th 2012

We have 6 nights in Candi Dasa and have booked to stay at Aquaria. We stayed at Aquaria about 18 months ago and really enjoyed the feel of the place so we have decided to give it another go. Picked up at 12 and off we go. The drive out is pretty busy through Ubud but then it eases up considerably. I can't believe how busy Bali has become. It takes an hour and a half via the new road which starts on the outskirts of Sanur. It is nice to see the coast again and as we near CD the fishermans huts and black sand beaches appear. Turn into the lane that leads into Aquaria and are greeted by the bright turqu... read more
Our room
Our room
Our room

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa February 2nd 2012

Hello friends and family, I recently spent a very relaxing week on my own at the Gandhi Ashram in Candi Dasa (East Bali). I really like their vision statement: To translate Gandhian ideals of living into action and to promote a life of simplicity (which also implies sustainability and care for our environment), self-sufficiency and service to the community. Thus while ahimsa (nonviolence), satya (truth) and karuna(compassion and, by extension, universal brotherhood) are its guiding principles, in practice it isswadeshi (self-sufficiency) that shapes the Ashram's economic and productive activities. The Ashram is located on the sea and doing yoga outside to the sound of the waves is very amazing. The Ashram runs a small kindergarten, so we all enjoyed the sound of children's laughter in the mornings. The guests and members of the Ashram all ate ... read more
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 4

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa January 22nd 2012

We have been very lucky to have a wonderful location in which to spend Chinese New Year this year. We have spent the past 3 in Shanghai, trying, in vain, to sleep through the all-night firework marathon. This year, we decided to try something new and are here in Candi Dasa, Bali. Just a bit of advertising here, we found our amazing villa through the website and it is just great! Although it is actually the rainy season at the moment, it just means that everywhere is a bit quieter and we don't have guaranteed sun all day every day. Our villa is just what we needed though, as the children have their own rooms, and we have a place to chill out and play games together and cook if we so wish - rather ... read more
Cows in the paddy fields!
Ujung, the floating palace
Having fun in the rain!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa February 21st 2010

I was just playing on the net and decided to see if there was an ashram in Bali and lo and behold, I found one. The Gendong Gandhi Ashram sounded just the place for me. Away from it all, peaceful and right on the beach. Simple food, vegetarian with sea food - perfect, shared together as per usual ashram life with a few yoga lessons thrown in. So that is where I have been these last four days. The people and the place is wonderful, simple (like me) and good for the soul. They have a really extensive library with all sorts of yoga, philosophy, Hindu and scripture books and I managed to read three. I purposely didn’t take my laptop so that I would truly be away from it all. They also house a few ... read more
My home for 4 nights, right by the beach.
My delightful little bale.
A small lotus bowl in my garden then through the doors to the water.

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