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Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 4th 2010

4/5/10: We woke up with extremely sore calves and front legs muscles. The trek down really took its toll and I could hardly move. We wanted to go shopping for some Tibetan antiques so we had some veg momos for breakfast followed by some cake, hot chocolate for me and coffee for Jacinta, if you couldn't already tell we had a craving for sweets. We waddled down the hill as it hurt so much to walk properly. We visited a dozen stores that day and ended up buying a rare stone book more than 100 years old (paid 8000rs), a big timber prayer flag blank that is used to print out prayer flags (paid 7200rs); this was a nice rare piece with amazing craftsmanship as everything had to be carved in reverse, a singing prayer bowl ... read more
Carrying loads
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Stone book

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 1st 2010

SANDAKPHU TREK 3636 meters high 1/5/10: Late last night Jacinta threw up after trying to hold it in for a few hours, after she finally did, she felt so much better and was able to sleep. I was also not well, after rushing to the toilet It reveal that I had bad diarrhoea, once again I had to take some antibiotics. We met Rambo at the top of the Darjeeling hill around 8:00 so we could catch a jamb packed jeep to a town over an hours away called Maneybhanjyang (elevation 2134m) right on the border of Nepal. By the time we got signed in and ready to walk it was around 10:00. Rambo got a porter to carry things because he said it was compulsory. At first he sneakily tried to say we need one ... read more
morning sunrise
ghostly tree
School boy

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling April 28th 2010

We interupt this regular blog entry with some urgent news from the northern state of Western Bengal. Our truck was stopped at a road block as part of a national strike yestarday and one of the windows was smashed out. This led to a flurry of activity and eventually the press arrived. See the attachment or search Indian newspapers for details on tourists stranded in Siliguri. Note that not all tourists are Austraulian and all of us are ok. I will send more details as soon as possible but this internet cafe keeps crashing so must keep it short. Special note, please thank Dave Morgan for me as I was nominated to speak to the media after mentioning my extensive training. LOL Must learn to keep my mouth shut. As you can see I am now ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling April 26th 2010

26/4/10: We slept but not that well; it was noticeably cooler making it more comfortable. We actually arrive on time as the train didn’t even stop through the night. The train stopped at New Jalpurgari, we were told that it was nice to get the Toy Train up to Darjeeling and hopped that we weren’t too late to buy a ticket. We got hassled by jeep and taxi drivers to take us to Darjeeling but we wanted to go on the Toy Train. The Toy Train is a train with very narrow tracks and only around 5-8 carriages long. They are wide another to accommodate four people side by side, it also takes eight hours to climb up the steep mountain range. The Toy train was not running due to some striking so we were force ... read more
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Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling April 1st 2010

Hey guys, We made it to Darjeeling after all those worries about not being able to get back into India because of this 2 month rule. I advise anyone who is thinking of going in and out of India within 2 months to go to the FFRO in India it will probably make life a little easier. The journey from Kathmandu was an effort to say the least, we set off at 4:30am on a bus that was anticipated to take 17 hrs to get to the border (Kakavita). The journey started off with a 2 hour traffic and to top it off as soon as we got out of the jam a tyre blew out, but to be fair they sorted it pretty quickly. We stopped for toilet breaks and lunch every 3 hrs ish, ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling April 1st 2010

This will be a hasty post. I've reached Varanasi, sitting in a dark, cavernous room using an internet connection powered by a diesel engine, and the Ganges is sparking with sunlight outside. I spent 5 nights in Darjeeling. I booked a good room in Hotel Dekeling, and was pleased when I arrived. The process of arriving, however, was an ordeal. I took the night train from Kokata to New Jalpuriguiri Station, in 2 AC class (I couldn't book 1st class). Mine was the lower berth (lower bunk) and when I entered I met a Darjeeling family on the two across from me. I left my copy of Hannah Arendt's 'The Life of the Mind' on the table with other things, and a face from the upper berth glanced down at it. Above me was another Australian, ... read more
Hotel lounge room

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling January 17th 2010

Jitters about India My husband and I are not really seasoned travelers and I am pretty sure that this fact makes us an oddity on a website like this. I was the one who wanted to travel to India. Like many big trips, there is something that a person can't quite describe that pulls them to start the journey, and this was the case with me. In South Africa we have an annual Cape Town book fair which supports writers from all over the world, who are invited to come to Cape Town to meet their readers. One particular year, the writer was Kiran Desai, an author, originally from India, who wrote so beautifully about the Himalayas. I had the opportunity to attend one of her book readings and was immediately spellbound. It is a funny ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling December 14th 2009

After a mammoth 24 hour journey of bumps and little sleep on bus and then jeep we arrived in the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling. The windy, slow ascent meant we were going to stay here for a while whether we liked it or not. Sitting at 2000m above sea level its hillside remoteness and mountainous beauty was a heady combination and a nice continuation from Nepal. Our Hotel was, predictably, at the top of the town and even our previous trekking experience didn’t help much as we lugged our heavy backpacks up. It was all worth it though as Hotel Aliment was a great spot with a big library, friendly owner and great views. Darjeeling was an India we hadn’t experienced yet. It was relaxed, the people weren’t out to get your money and it ... read more
Lewi pouring the tea
mystical clouds

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling November 4th 2009

This entry will start with the details of our first Indian train journey experience... Varanasi to NJP (somewhere outside Darjeeling.... West Bengal!) After a auto-rickshaw journey to the station we hurried to find what platform we needed with 10 mins to spare. No one seemed to know what platform we needed, nor did they know what train we were after. We managed to find the ticket office where 4/5 men sat about answering phones (simultaneously) and chatting in a relaxed style amongst themselves. We stood eagerly behind, our ticket in our hands, one eye on them the other on the clock watching our departure time creep closer. We need not of panicked... our train, in true Indian style, was delayed by half hour! They told us that if we sat in the waiting room they would ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling October 17th 2009

A quick plane trip away brought us from the hustle and bustle, heat and humidity of Delhi to the beautiful Makaibari tea plantation in the Darjeeling area. ... read more
Momo mammas
Even men can make momos
Peace out Rohan

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