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Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling November 4th 2009

This entry will start with the details of our first Indian train journey experience... Varanasi to NJP (somewhere outside Darjeeling.... West Bengal!) After a auto-rickshaw journey to the station we hurried to find what platform we needed with 10 mins to spare. No one seemed to know what platform we needed, nor did they know what train we were after. We managed to find the ticket office where 4/5 men sat about answering phones (simultaneously) and chatting in a relaxed style amongst themselves. We stood eagerly behind, our ticket in our hands, one eye on them the other on the clock watching our departure time creep closer. We need not of panicked... our train, in true Indian style, was delayed by half hour! They told us that if we sat in the waiting room they would ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling October 17th 2009

A quick plane trip away brought us from the hustle and bustle, heat and humidity of Delhi to the beautiful Makaibari tea plantation in the Darjeeling area. ... read more
Momo mammas
Even men can make momos
Peace out Rohan

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling October 15th 2009

So almost all over being sick. Almost. Yesterday, I went out for my prescribed (by the doctor) lunch of Plain rice and plain Dahl at the Lunar Hotel, which has stunning views. Everywhere in Darjeeling has an amazing view. It was the first clear day so far. Beautiful. I saw some Westerners at the next table and I said hello. Their names were Rob and Hannah and they were from Bristol, England. They were taking a year to travel. Lovely. They said they'd been thinking of going to Tiger Hill the next morning and I said I'd been thinking the same. We agreed to go together. Tiger Hill is a very popular lookout point for the major mountain here, Kanchenjunga, which the German, Herbert, left several days ago to trek around. Everyone goes to Tiger Hill ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling October 10th 2009

Here goes the real attempt. I will be very annoyed if this doesn't work. Today is my first day in Darjeeling, I arrived here yesterday with my two present travel buddies: Sandy and Herbert. Herbert is from Germany and Sandy is from Portage La Prairie, Canada, but he lives in Australia. We were on the bus and in a jeep for nearly 10 hours yesterday. These buses make Greyhound look luxury. Seriously, bathrooms in the bus? insane luxury. Darjeeling is gorgeous. So much better than the insanity that is Kolkata (officially my least favourite city in the world). It's floating in the clouds here. It's above a gorgeous and deep green valley. Today, I took my first hot shower since arriving in India. In places like Kolkata, it doesn't matter that there's no hot water: it's ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling October 10th 2009

So, I am testing my travel blog. Testing 1,2.... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling October 3rd 2009

It was a long slow train trip from Varanasi to Siliguri (the starting point for the trip up the mountain to Darjeeling) - from 11am to 7am the next morning! We arrived feeling very tired and were immediately surrounded by touts, all trying to pull us towards their jeep for the 5 hour trip to Darjeeling. I lost my cool and ended up shouting at them all to go away (after 5 months in India it was only the second time I've done this - a pretty good record I think). They all retreated hastily but over the next half an hour gradually circled us again. We negotiated a price to share a jeep with another couple for the trip. The jeeps are used as buses - 10 people each pay 120 rupees - and they ... read more
Buddhist monks attending a  conference at the local hall in Darjeeling
Buddhist flags and Hindu bells
Mountaintops above the clouds

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling June 2nd 2009

bueno. hace como 5 dias llegue a darjeeling, q es una ciudad preciosa colgando de las montagnas. aca no estamos tan alto, a 2000 algo metros, entonces hay arboles... y hay muchos!!!!!! ene de vegetacion, precioso. y es a los pies de los himalayas, entonces se pueden ver cumbres altas pero ha estado medio nublando siempre asi q no he visto eso. pero es tan rico todo. estoy en un hotel limpio (lo cual es un lujo), aca no hay bichos xq hace mucho frio (son un tema q megenera un stress importante durante elviaje) y aparte el ambiente en donde estoy es bacan. en el hotel de al frente de donde estoy, en el ultimo piso hay un restoran con una vista preciosa y ventanales grandes y una bilioteca, entonces paso alla leyendo un libro ... read more
Observatory Hill, Darjeeling
Plantaciones de te

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 11th 2009

Laitan nyt tahan tekstin,jonka kirjoittelin toissa paivana. Silloin blogini ei toiminut. Darjeelingia mainostetaan paljolti luontokohteena, sellaisen kuvan saa postikorteista ja esitteista, joiden kuvat ovat taynna lumihuippuisia vuoria ja vehreita metsia. Meille tuo kaupunki oli kuitenkin pienoinen pettymys! Vuoria sai turhan tiirailla paksun pilviverhon,tai olisiko olut sasteverho,lavitse ja puita ei nakynyt keskikaupungila kuin hotelien pihoissa isoissa ruukuissa. Darjeeling oli aika urbaani kaupunki: sielta loytyi "Big bazaar" ostoskeskus ja meidan hotellimme vieressa oli Benettonin vaateliike. Myos autojen maara kertoi kaupunkimaisuudesta, isoa maasturia ja jeeppia kulki tiiviissa letkassa paakatuja. Mistaan luonnonrauhasta siella ei ollut tietoakaan, kun sai koko ajan kuunnella torvien toitotusta. Se oli sen verran laajalle levittaytynyt kaupunki, ettei siella ihan heti paassyt ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 7th 2009

Nyt olemme Darjeelingissa, missa kadun ihmisilla on lahes kaikilla villapipot ja hanskat. Paivalla ei kuitenkaan ole kovin kylma. Lampo nousee paivisin 20 asteen tuntumaan, mutta nain illaksi kylmenee reippaasti. Olemme nyt taas vaihteeksi Kallen kanssa kummatkin ripuloineet. No, jospa taalla kylmassa olisi vahemman bakteereja ja tauti menisi akkia ohitse. Tietty jos meilla on jo jokin popo, ei siihen ilmasto enaa vaikuta, mutta eipahan tule niin helposti uusia tauteja. Onneksi tama nettipaikka on lahella Polynia hotelliamme, joten paasee akkia juoksemaan vessaan. Meilla on taas aivan viihtyisa huone, vaikkakaan ei niin kodinomainen kuin Grown lodge Kalinpongissa. Olemme taas viime aikoina vahingossa menneet naihin kirjan hotelleihin. Emme ole edes vilkaisseetkaan lonelypalanettiamme etsiessamme kotia, silla nama kirjan paikat ovat usein taynna ja hinta laatusuhde ei ole kohdallaan. ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 1st 2009

Hello From India.... Im not sure where I left off... Our arrival in India was rough, to stay the least. For the second time, my first day in India made me cry. We flew from Kunming to Kolkata on Sunday night (our flights were given to us, we didn't have the choice of what time to arrive). Arriving to Kolkata at midnight is a really bad idea as a tourist, so don't anyone try it. We visited three different hotels in the middle of the night. The place I had planned for us to stay in, which according to lonely planet offered a "home away from home atmosphere", was in actuality a hotel that resembled a jail/brothel. We climbed up 3 flights of stairs with our backpacks in the 100 degree heat and were presented with ... read more

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